Anhui 歙 歙 县: 火 日 日 红 红 日 日

At the moment, the ripe season of positive persimmons.

In the past few days, in Shangfeng Village, Feng Township in Anhui Province, Ji Pedian, the local villagers were sunny, tightened the matter, planer, tannedane, and the front of the house is golden after the house, everywhere is everywhere.

It has been more than 400 years old for the Older Persimmon Tomato tree in Ji Magia Village.Before and after the winter, every family cooked, tapped, and it became a local tradition.

In recent years, with the promotion of the pace of credit villages, the lanarius persimmmon has set up "Fengqiao" for local tourism. Persimmon farmers not only learn to show the drying process at home, and some are also live broadcast "net red", daysThanks to this red persimmon, red fire.

(Wang Ruihua, Wu Jianping) (Editor: Fan Xiaolin, Palace) Sharing let more people see.