Ten types of women that men can avoid

Ten types of women that men can avoid

As the saying goes: a gentleman does something and does nothing.

Men should do the same when it comes to treating love. Some women can’t touch it. Once they are recruited, they will regret it.

Boys with eyes wide open, take a closer look!

  1. A woman who treats men as playthings. There is no word “unique” in her love dictionary. She knows how to use women’s talents to convince men and obtain different needs from different men.Everyone thinks that she is her favorite.

  2. A woman who worships money will not look at poor people, because her love is based on material satisfaction first. She knows that it is easier to spend men’s money than to work hard to make money, which is the condition for her association with men.

The man she associates with is always the day when Jinshan and Yinshan are dug out.

  3, hysterical woman her expertise is crying, making trouble, hanging up, as long as you live up to her, she will threaten death.

When you find that a woman is full of nerves, she has a tendency to splatter at every turn. You have to beware of her out of control at any time. It also means that your restless days start from here.

  4. No matter how good the woman who turned her face does not recognize is, once she turns her head, she will become another person completely, and openly reveal all the secrets between you, even at the expense of jade.

When you meet such a woman, you need to be mentally prepared, and her revenge will often blast you to pieces after breaking up.

  5. Feminist women In the eyes of feminist supremacy women, men are not things at all. She opens and shuts her mouth to criticize men. Do n’t expect her to be in every possible way. Only you can be a cow and a horse can you please her.

Unless you have the “good points” that come and go, you can run away.

  6, a woman who is ready to overthrow the vinegar jar at any time has a woman’s vinegar strength and power, which is unbearable for ordinary men.

Because she is with you, you don’t want to look at both sides when you walk along the road, you must pass her consent to interact with any female, otherwise, her vinegar jar will drown you alive.

  7, a fragile woman, she is the embodiment of Lin Daiyu, can not listen to swear words, do not do heavy work, and even go out, you have to pick up and go home.

Simply put, she follows you just to take care of her, from mental to physical.

Unless you are dependent, raise her like a child.

  8. It’s not her fault that the water-borne Yanghua’s woman empathizes and doesn’t love, because she was born too emotional.

Her biggest feature is that she does not give up any chance of love, and all men who pursue her are not attractive to her.

In the face of such a woman, you can only be mentally prepared. It is true that she is in love with you, and that she is in love with others.

  9, confused woman, you will always have an endless mess with her, her forgetfulness needs to be cancelled at any time.

A confused woman will increase your mental and physical burden, and make your life disappear.

  10, a strong woman has a strong woman, her achievements in work give her absolute confidence and make her forget how to be gentle in front of her beloved man.

Everything is her center, which is unacceptable to many men, unless she has a completely different mentality about work and life.