While on the road,Qin Feng also probably learned some basic information。

“it is good。”Old Chen is not nonsense,He slowly walked to Qin Feng’s side。
Qin Feng took out his backpack,Next second,That old man is a little excited,Because he found that he smelled these things,So energetic。
Is this something good?
“This is hundreds of years of ginseng,My requirements are not high,I just hope to have some money,5 million start,If there is no such thing,I don’t want to come here。”
Qin Feng doesn’t know the approximate price,But he doesn’t want to be targeted。
Old Chen took a closer look,This ginseng has a certain age,But to say hundreds of years,That’s definitely not there。
But this thing is considered a rare treasure,There is no way to buy money,He looked at Qin Feng curiously and asked:“Can you ask about the way of this thing?”
“Ha ha。”Qin Feng smiled but said nothing,Some things everyone should know the rules。
If you can tell,Qin Feng wouldn’t come to these places either。
Huang Zhihua’s face changed slightly,He is very clear,Qin Feng is willing to come to this place,For**。
Besides, they also have rules,Can’t ask something,So he also coughed and said:“Chen Lao。”
“Oh,Sorry,I also forgot for a while。”Old Chen also said with a look of guilt,He really forgot about this situation。
But this,Qin Feng has no idea。