Such a thing,It’s easy to do it by itself。

and so,See here in Zhang Yunfei,Zhang Yunfei said directly:“If our two join hands to resolve Wang Teng。”
“Let’s do whatever it takes,Take up more。”
When Zhang Yunfei finished speaking,The people around see here,obviously,In fact, in their hearts,Did not expect。
But think about it carefully,These people think,If you do,Actually there are still many benefits。
So now,In fact, it can be solved like this。
Actually just like this,It’s already very good。
slowly,Look around。
place it here,In Zhang Yunfei’s eyes,It even showed a scorching fire。
“Humph,Wang Teng,This time you are dead。”
“I don’t just want to solve all this,I want everyone to know,Offend me,what exactly is it!”
When Zhang Yunfei’s words are finished,The people around nodded repeatedly。
Such a thing,other people,Actually I fully understand。
but,To put it another way,If this thing is changed to let them do it,Actually these people,Will do the same。
at this point,In itself,It’s a very understandable thing。
So next,In the hearts of these people,She nodded her head repeatedly to agree。
“It was arranged by the owner,Actually now,We should be able to do this long ago。”
“Who said no,Now that it’s determined,Then next,We can actually start。”