“Also make an alternative。”

“I understand what you mean,Grab Zhang Wenda ahead of them。”Xu Wen nodded,“Also rely on luck,If it’s not true, then be the option。”
Next day,The two got up early,All worried‘Homing pigeon’Situation,It’s been past eight o’clock in the morning,Xu Wen can’t hold his breath,Or call it first。
“How about brother?Is it stable??”
“It’s settled in the middle of the night,These grandsons also have masters,Anti-hacking,I found Lao Tzu’sID,The special thing is careless。”The other party’s voice is very tired,Seems to have not slept all night,“Don’t worry,I just linked three overseas proxy servers,Didn’t go in for the first time,The second time I changed paths。”
“Thanks,brothers。Don’t force it,Safety first。”Xu Wen is very sorry,Although I don’t understand‘Homing pigeon’Said these things,But it is extremely risky,Almost opened his mouth to ask the address,So he can let his old buddies help him,But finally held back,‘Homing pigeon’The instructor’s address and scope of activities are strictly confidential,No one is allowed to inquire privately。
“It’s okay,do not worry about me,Pay attention to yourself,Give me another half an hour。”The other party hung up after speaking。
It didn’t take half an hour,Less than twenty minutes,‘Pigeon’Call again,“That grandson is moving north,It should be near Hongyaozigou Bridge。”
“Go to Baiyin Chagan again?”Xu Wen didn’t react。
“do not know,I’m going to withdraw first,His grandma’s situation is not good,I’m not in touch for now。”‘Pigeon’Hung up the phone in a hurry。
“what happened?Was stared at again?This hacking technique is not so exaggerated, right?”Xu Wen received the call,I’m not at ease,Then I sent another text message。
“Certainly not so exaggerated,Otherwise how terrible this world is。”Shen Yingjie shook his head,Although her computer and communication concepts are only slightly better than Xu Wen,But delicate ideas,Suddenly,“Is there such a possibility,Zhang Wenda’s phone number is a hook hanging outside,‘Pigeon’No matter what means,Just track or hack into this number,Will be noticed by the other party?”
“What do you mean,Their goal is not the two of us,But‘Pigeon’?”Xu Wenyi was shocked,The cold sweat on my forehead has come down,A few days ago, the close-up screen with the tour guide flashed quickly,That’s the look of a naive middle-aged uncle,Is there such a terrible opponent?
“No matter what,confirm‘Pigeon’After safety,Can’t let him track this number anymore,Try to contact as little as possible in the future。”