Happily greeted me and asked:“how about it?Anxious”

Xia Jian walked over,Reached out and patted Yao Junli’s shoulder twice and said:“never mind,Don’t worry,We can go back”
“You go!I’ll be with my kids for the last time tonight”Ouyang Hong said sadly。
First1944chapter Fear of marriage
A marriage,I didn’t expect to get to this point,Ended up in this way。This made Xia Jian who didn’t plan to get married,I’m even more afraid of getting married。
Xia Jian has seen something,From the face, there is a very classic,Say“If you love someone, you should love everything about her,Whether it is her strength,Still a disadvantage”At that time he thought this passage was very good,But now he knows,Love and marriage are two different things。
It’s like ideal and reality,A plump,And another skinny。
Yao Junli is for the road of the provincial capital,He is more familiar,Under her guidance,Xia Jian drove back to her convenient hotel in the provincial capital。
Lying on a comfortable sofa,Xia Jian did not want to move。He was thinking about Ouyang Hong’s divorce.。Yao Junli took a bath first,Changed into a soft,And a little sexy pajamas came over。
“Don’t lie down,Driving for so long,Time to wash。See you don’t want to move,I’ll send dinner to the room for us to eat”Yao Junli said,Bend down and gently pulled Xia Jian。
Xia Jian sat up a little helplessly。He is too envious of such a life,If every day,That would be great。But he knew,He has chosen a path that cannot be stopped,He has to rush forward。
In the bathroom,The water in the bathtub is steaming,Roses sprinkled inside,Exudes a fragrant floral fragrance。A new set of men’s pajamas,Hung on the clothes plus。
These things,For a boss,Just a phone call。This is life in a big city。As long as you have money,Everything will become convenient。
Lie in the bathtub,That kind of comfort suddenly hit my heart。Xia Jian really wanted to lie there for two days and two nights。He is tired,He needs a good rest。
When he closed his eyes slightly,A faint footstep came。Yao Junli came in with two glasses of red wine。Such a lens,Xia Jian has only seen it in movies。
Yao Junli’s ass twisted,From the edge of the bathtub,Passed the red wine in his hand and said:“Drink it!Things in the world are like this,Divide and combine,Don’t care too much”
“Ouyang Hong’s career is in full swing,But marriage is already a big failure。Don’t look at her holding up very hard on the surface,But actually it’s not like this”Xia Jian finally said what he was saying。