And this time, Xu Tianfei is open.。

“What is you?,You are also true today.,We all see you this big night from Qin Suya this small widow.,This can not be fake,And that small widow clothes are not like,How do you explain this??”
Looking at Xu Tianci’s priest,Li Hui Feng is also completely laughing.。
soon,His face is straightforward。
“Xu Tianci,Today, you dare to bet with me.?
If I can explain, you dare to guarantee a free hundred acres of land in the west of the village for free for ten years??
If I explain that I can’t tell you about 30 acres of me.,And it is no longer recovered in this life.,You dare?”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Xu Tianci is also a glimpse,At the same time, I am very happy.,I feel that Li Hui is a fool.。
The wilderness of the west is not good.,But I saw Li Hui Feng’s serious look.,He suddenly suddenly became a little。
“Boss,Don’t be fraudulent by this kid,It didn’t explain for such a half day.,If you can explain it, you will explain it.。”
“Correct,Boss,I feel so too.,Furthermore, there is no one in the wild in the west of the village.,It is not lost, and it is not lost.。”
“That’s right,Boss,If you win the thirty acres of his family, you can return you forever.。”
The younger brother around didn’t know what Xu Tianci,The surrounding villagers have always been feeling that Xu Tianci is really happening.。
But what is the situation is only Xu Tianci you know。
Do a thief?
I am afraid that I explain it is what you want to take two-year-old want to bully Xiaoyu and then let you be in the name of the village.?”
Li Hui Feng’s exit,The surrounding villagers are also discussing。
See this scene,Xu Tianci is slightly hatermnish,But there is no panic in the face.,Directly。
“Gamble,But I am gambling with you.,Plus small widow together,After all, you both are together.,And how do you explain that the small widow is standing around you?,It is better to gamble with you.。”
Chapter 6 Optical Pub
Xu Tianci said that it is staring at Qin Su Ya.,For Qin Yaca, he has already sured for a long time.,If Qin Su is acceptable,After winning, he can find a chance to do whatever you want.。
And he even thinks about the conditions.。
Hear Xu Tianci said this,Li Hui’s brow does not help but wrinkle,He is very clear that Xu Tianci is what is the idea?,But for this matter, he has 100% grasp to win.。
After all, monitoring is there.,And just now he also saw the surveillance camera, the infrared light is still bright.。
“How about it?
You dare not dare?”
In the face of Xu Tianci again,Qin Su is bite bites the lips,Nono:“If I promise,What to give you, what I want to give you??”
Qin Su Ya has some fear of gentle sound to make Xu Tianci’s eyes not,I am also excited in my heart.。
“Hey-hey,I don’t need you to give me anything.,Just need you to help me in an acrity,How about it?”
Qin Su Yajuba thought it lost to lose money.,Just plant, she feels completely no problem.,And she can guess the evidence of Li Hui Rong wants to prove.。
“it is good,I promised to gamble with you.,But I have to win, you are not allowed to entangle me.。”
“Depend on,You can talk about yourself,I am not entangled over you.,And you have to win, don’t tell you.,See you in the future,How about it?”
Qin Su Ya was stressed by the fierce look of the other party.,Can’t help but the slight lower。
Li Hui has directly blocked before Qin Su.,Cold-cold road:“how?
Still not yet,I have threatened people with my eyes.?”
Facing Li Hui’s three five times destroyed their own good things,Xu Tianci is also angry。
But when you are around so many townships,He is also not good to do it directly to the other party。
“Lee,Which dog in your eye saw I exchanged with my eyes.?”