Authentication, encourage the development of the masses (on-site reviews)

  Falling new housing property rights in paper, registering into a book, encouraging the development of the masses, and helps to better promote the implementation of the country’s revitalization strategy, in Guanyin Village, Yuejia Town, Pingchang County, Sichuan Province, in the province, Pingchang County, Sichuan Province Easy poverty alleviation and relocation, the housing is not moving the property certificate, it is difficult to cover the emotion: "This red book is written in my name!" Looking at the certificate with steel printing, the old Yellow is smiling, full of heart. At present, nearly 50,000 Pakistani Province has received the renewal of the minimum, the new housing property rights of relocation have been legally guaranteed. Sichuan registered 360,000, and strive to achieve it. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that Easy relocation is a fundamental way to solve one side of water and soil, realizing the across development of poor people.

During the easy-to-place process, Sichuan Province is carefully layout, helping 1.2 million poor people move from ecological harsh, deardes, and move forward, move forward into a new bright new house.

In order to achieve the goal of "moving, stabilize, it can get rich", Sichuan also supports construction of road hydropower, schools and health institutes, while supporting the development of the farm industry, carrying out the employment help, ensuring that the people live and have a runner, development Some hard work.

Today, the origin of the relocation of the new house is sent to the hand, but also to let the masses have ate "Dingxin Pill" in the honest life.

  Authentication is a legal guarantee given to the Easy Relocation.

Establish special funds at all levels, helping the masses to move out of the dark room and move into the brick building.

New room facilities have convenient, nearby industries, reduce the burden on the lives of the masses, and enhance the growth of endogenous motivation to develop. The new house of relocation is the valuable property of the masses, and is a powerful guarantee for this decentralization.

  Authentication is a confidence in the village revitalization. During the process of easy poverty alleviation, all parts are not only invested in large amounts of funds, but also excellence in new homes, planning, construction, etc., do everything possible to improve the happiness index of the masses. Falling new housing property rights on paper, registering into a book, encouraging the development of the masses, and helps better promoting the country’s revitalization strategy. Housing authentication, registration and certification, is a serious legal process. The more efficient, accurately completed the registration, the more help to win the trust of the people, enhance the satisfaction of the masses and the sense of happiness.

In order to clarify, Sichuan has been issued, using the relocation house of state-owned land construction, by the local government, responsible for the local buses; uses collective land construction, incorporating the registration of rural households; the procedure is difficult to improve in the short term, follow "What makes it make, who is responsible for the approval of the" who are responsible ", developed by the city county government and make a commitment.

Practice has proved, seeking truth from facts, division, due to incident, in accordance with operational, in order to complete the authentication work, the masses can truly determine practical rights.

  Authentication, testing the service capabilities of the grassroots sector, also confirming the importance of "embroidered" work.

The property rights confirmation include the registration of cadastral information, the relocation area, and the confirmation of the household registration must be accurate. This is not only proposed high requirements for the professionalism of relevant work, but also inseparable from fine and patience. A staff member of a real estate registration department tells the author to ensure that there is no loss, yourogly and colleagues repeatedly check the planning and land procedures, completion acceptance materials, and relocation of the identity certificate, etc.

This revelation us, the people’s interests are not small, do relevant work, the key is to treat them with careful attitudes to implement.

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