A shares behind trillion-dollar transactions reveal three major divisions and four industries attracting more than 1.2 billion yuan

A shares behind trillion-dollar transactions reveal three major divisions and four industries attracting more than 1.2 billion yuan

Original title: Dividends behind trillion-dollar turnover reveal three major diversified funds, stock exchanges, and stock swaps in four industries to absorb more than 1.2 billion yuanFirst, there have been polarized markets.

In early trading, the Shanghai Composite Index maintained 武汉桑拿 a slight downward trend, while the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index and the ChiNext Index were on an upward trend.

The final close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2984.

97 points, approaching 3000 points, and rose 0.


The SZSE Component Index and GEM Index rose by 0.

58% and 1.

15%, GEM refers to the highest rush to 2170.

95 points, again a new high in more than three years.

The amount can be enlarged, and the total turnover of the two cities reached 9999.

5 trillion, close to 10 trillion.

  It can be seen that after the general rise of the A-share market on Monday, Tuesday’s differentiation pattern is mainly reflected in three aspects.

  First of all, the A-share market reappears the pattern of differentiation between Shenzhen, Shenzhen and Shanghai.

It can be seen that after the Spring Festival, the GEM took the lead and led the rise strongly.

Since the holiday, the GEM Index has gradually increased by 12.

At the same time, the SZSE Component Index gradually increased by 5.

85%, while the Shanghai Stock Index has gradually increased by only 0.


  In fact, the industry sector trend is increasing.

On Tuesday, of the 28 Shenwan Tier 1 industries, 16 industries grew, with the defense industry, electronics and computer industries rising the most.

The 12 industries including construction materials and real estate are in a downward trend.

From the post-holiday perspective, the three major industries of computer, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery and electronics led the strong growth, gradually increasing by more than 10% during the period.

Mining, banking and other industries have gradually declined by more than 2%.

Technology stocks have undoubtedly become the strongest voice in the market.

  Third, individual stocks have intensified.

On Tuesday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets increased by a total of 2,804 stocks, accounting for 76 of the total number of tradable stocks.

4%, down 864 stocks.

Since the holiday, 1912 stocks have achieved growth.

Among them, Xiuqiang shares, Tianhua Supernet, Fangzhi Technology and other three stocks gradually increased by more than 100%.

In addition, there are 23 strong stocks, which gradually increased by more than 50% during the period.

However, in the market’s “rising” rise, 42 stocks still fell by more than 10%.

  In the polarization of the market, some people have also suggested that at present, due attention is paid to the adjustment of positions and shares.

The stocks are expected to continue to rise sharply. In the short term, it may be considered to continue to attract low-tech stagnation technology replacement stocks. In addition to technology stocks, it is necessary to pay attention to the opportunity to make up for the blue-chip stocks whose prices have risen.

The make-up of blue-chip stocks needs to be considered in advance, followed by additional capacity expansion, interest rate reduction expectations and performance support. The trend of rising market prices is irresistible.

  The earliest point of view is that the market’s large single fund is quietly adjusting positions and changing shares.

A large single fund net inflow of 214 on Monday.

After 600 million, on Tuesday, the net capital of the entire market reached 264.

Of the 28 industries at the level of US $ 100 million, only four industries, including light industry manufacturing, textile and apparel, general and media, showed net inflows, with a total net inflow of funds of 12.300 million yuan.

  Regarding this round of rebound, Haitong Securities said that the market rebound since February 4 has given signals that this round of rebound in TMT and the new energy industry has led the growth rate. Looking back at the computer, media, new energy vehicle and other sectors will continue to perform.

The team further pointed out that in the long run, focusing on the three waves of the bull market, the industry’s rapid profit growth rate will eventually increase. This time the bull market’s leading industry is technology + securities firms, and the technology market is a medium-term trend.

From a policy perspective, industrial policy support, domestic substitution caused by Sino-US friction, and direct financing in the financial sector encourage the development of emerging industries.

From the perspective of the technology cycle, it is currently in a new round of technology cycles led by 5G. With historical experience from 2012 to 2015, the technology stock market often diffuses, from hardware to content to software to application scenarios. The technology industry includes TMT.And new energy vehicles.

  (Editor Bai Baoyu curated Zhao Ziqiang Zhang Ying Wu Shan)