Frozen comes to Shanghai Disney Resort, Aishana sings a new song

“Frozen” comes to Shanghai Disney Resort, Aishana sings a new song
On November 22, the national premiere of “Frozen 2”, Shanghai Disney Resort turned into a “Frozen” fairyland, bringing more surprises and more fun to the winter.Completely themed “ice sculptures” are all over the park. Shanghai ‘s first “snow” this winter, colorful festival goods, exquisite and delicious food drinks and alternative entertainment performances will also light up the whole festival season.The resort launched a new year card upgrade, “Frozen” theme painted airplanes and decorative subway.The newly unveiled “Ice Snow” theme-painted aircraft will become the fifth Disney-themed painted aircraft launched by Shanghai Disney Resort.The “Frozen” theme paintings on the outside of the aircraft are eye-catching, and the figures of Aisha, Anna, Xuebao and others are vivid and vivid, echoing the ice-blue color of the cabin and the rich theme elements.”Ice Snow · Romance” theme painted aircraft.Photography: Sauna, Night Nets Li Yan’s “Frozen” magic will cover all parts of the park, and a series of themed “ice sculptures” will be spread all over Mickey Avenue and Wonderland Garden, providing visitors with an excellent photo spot.The theme photo background wall in the park is also newly upgraded. From one angle, it is the gate of the Arundel Kingdom covered with traditional holiday decorations. From another angle, it becomes a magical scene frozen by Aisha with magic.The paradise experience that fans of “Frozen” ca n’t miss in this season also includes the new hit song in “Frozen” 2 brought by the performance of “Frozen: Singing Gala” in the forest theater, and put on a new outfitAisha and Anna will invite everyone to sing together.Photo courtesy of the organizer.Shanghai local or tourists traveling to Shanghai can enter the “Frozen” theme train of Metro Line 11 and experience the same wonderful alternation on the way to and from the resort.At the same time, the park provides “frozen” themed rooms, gourmet food, and new-style Aisha and Anna plush toys and the same theme costumes in their new films, bringing the audience an immersive experience.Photo courtesy of the organizer.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Chen Diyan