As for waiting for the opponent to be strong enough to trouble him?

Qin Feng is really not worried at all now。The reason is simple,The ancestor Roshir has the dark power through his own exploration.。Didn’t even really master the use of dark energy。How can the other party’s surviving fish really do better than their ancestors??
If you really have such strength and resources,According to the urine sex of this family,Shouldn’t the so-called“world”Unified?
Since that kind of thing didn’t happen,Doesn’t that mean that the Rohir family hasn’t mastered that power yet??
As for finding the child of the family who made the final decision to destroy the Qin family?Qin Feng didn’t have so much thought to investigate。In short,Just solve these people。Anyway, for Qin Feng,He wanted to solve the problem in this way a long time ago。
just,After doing this,Somewhat empty。
And at this moment,Maupassant also brought over the question tied up by the five flowers。
“Qin Feng boss,What to do with this person?”Since Qin Feng didn’t kill Guess before,Maupassant just came here under pressure。
And this time,I was stunned when I guessed the Rohir family who looked at the dead bodies everywhere.。The scariest thing is,He actually knew Patriarch Rohill,Know that this patriarch is stronger than him。
He stayed,I just want to get the guidance of Roshir,Then become so detached“mortal”Super master。
Never thought,This immortal in his eyes is so vulnerable。
“Surrender,Or die?”
Qin Feng didn’t have the energy to waste it,Kill one is kill,Killing a piece is naturally killing。Now for guessing,Qin Feng really doesn’t have much thoughts。I think it doesn’t matter if the other party doesn’t want to follow him,Because Qin Feng is avenged。You don’t need to form your own team and influence。
“I.Ha ha ha,Unexpectedly,The Roshir family disappeared like this。What kind of power is this。Actually, I really want to see。but.The kindness of this family to me does not allow me to betray。just kill me!”Talking,Guess close your eyes。
Qin Feng nodded,Gave each other a good time。
Now even Maupassant is depressed。Because in his opinion,Since Qin Feng left to ask,Maybe it means to recruit。Even if the other party refuses to surrender at first,Shouldn’t the other party’s temperament be wiped out??Maybe you can also show your personality,Let the opponent go。
But this kind of plot did not happen after all。Qin Feng gave Guess a decent ending。
“All right,Let’s go!correct,Set a fire here!”
Qin Feng turned and left。And that sentence,Naturally speaking to Maupassant。