Zhu Lei is 30 years old anyway,Be so trained,I can’t hold on to face,Turned around and left。

“stop!Dare you be like Ahua,Don’t come back!”
“What are you calling?I can hear your voice at the foot of the mountain,Are you recovering?,Still abuse oneself?”There was a rough voice outside the door,It is Wei Dahai,More than him,Left and right arms,Carrying one,On the left is Qi Baozhu,You Shilong,Wen Hui followed、Zhang Wen and many others。
“You two go in and admit your uncle’s mistake,It’s not wrong,Is it a face to the masked person?。”
Qi Baozhu and You Shilong were pushed in by Wei Dahai,Duo,But there was an extremely fierce light in the corner of my eyes,This is also bad in front of Uncle Geng,Otherwise, he would have gone up to beat Li Tianzhen。
“Kneel down!”Uncle Geng stopped drinking。
The two looked at each other, but they didn’t move,If there are no outsiders,They are naturally not so stubborn。
“and many more!Kneel down on him?”Wei Dahai stepped into the door,“Brother,That’s you wrong,Give face to this idiot,Need to kneel?Even if the doll is wrong,What does it have to do with him?Even if the instructor comes in person,I can only do this at most,How about other love。”
“What nonsense are you talking about?”Uncle Geng shook his head slightly at Wei Dahai,Turned and said,“Mr. Lee,Both guys are here,What to do?”
“No way,Can’t do what this person says,He was not the only one present。”Peng Weihua did not know when he jumped out again,“Let everyone talk,What was going on。”
“Ahua,If you dare to make trouble,Don’t blame me for being ruthless!”
“I am not an enforcer,Can’t deal with them both。”Li Tianzhen was silent for a long time and finally spoke,“The reason why this matter was specifically mentioned,Just to remind you from the perspective of a friend,There can be no more such things,Yuxing is a very good collection,The road ahead is still long,Don’t be evil,Besides, this is no evil,It’s about human life,Must take warning,Avoid going wrong,As for how to deal with them,Brother Geng should make his own decision。”
Uncle Geng stood in place,I don’t know how to answer this,But my heart is very unhappy,Half of it was pissed off by the guys around,The other half is unhappy with Li Tianzhen’s actions,Picking fault、It’s you who is looking for the problem,solving issues,But you pushed me?Even the instructor will not handle things like this。
“Go to you,who do you think You Are?”Wei Dahai is on fire,He is not a good person,I’ve seen this guy wearing a mask displeased,The most annoying is that someone poses in front of him,Take a few steps and rush up to tear Li Tianzhen’s mask。
But I saw that Li Tianzhen didn’t move,People and chairs pan out in an instant,Under Wei Dahai’s anger,Rushed out,But the other party showed this hand but it surprised him and everyone onlookers,The secret way is so powerful,Was too rush last night,Everyone is busy cutting people、Escape,Most of them didn’t care about his skill,Now it seems,Can break in alone‘Water and sky’,By no means ordinary。
“Relying on some means,Can you do whatever you want?You guy,I have seen a lot!”Wei Dahai almost fell a dog to eat shit,More angry,But he is rough but fine,In fact, at the foot of the mountain, he no longer dare to underestimate Li Tianzhi,I didn’t expect the other party’s methods to feel unfathomable,He’s going to flicker again,But Zhu Lei and Uncle Geng hugged him。