But no matter how Luo Yi shouted,Grandma Luo’s closed eyes didn’t open again。Xia Jian pulled the silver needle on Grandma Luo’s belly,Gently put back the dart bag。

When Xia Jian goes to give Grandma Luo’s pulse,,I found that her hands were slowly getting cold。Where is the pulse,This is just Xia Jian’s fluke。
“Luo Yi!All right,You come down。Grandma is gone,Don’t bother her anymore,Let her go with peace of mind!”Xia Jian said,Took Luo Yi abruptly from the bed。
Luo Yi cried and didn’t want to leave。Ali did not say anything,But she cried a long time ago and turned into tears。Even Wu Qian, the unwelcome daughter-in-law,It’s also a mess。
After pulling these women away,Xia Jian reached out to hold Grandma Luo and lay flat on the edge of the bed。At this time there is no heat in the old man。
Luo Jun entered the house from outside,As soon as I saw my mother, he was away in less than ten minutes,Has gone silently。
Although he has been mentally prepared,But when this moment comes,He knelt on the ground with a plop。He was crying loudly,Cry so piercingly。
quickly,People from Luo Jun’s company are here。It seems that they have already made a plan,So it didn’t take long,People from the funeral company are here too。
Luo Jun’s living room is very big,Some furniture moved slightly,Set the mourning hall in the living room。Money can make demons grind。Because a professional funeral company came forward,So the family members not only save a lot of trouble,And the scene is not small。
Xia Jian promised Luo Jun to give Grandma Luo a filial piety,So he wears black gauze on his left arm。He and Luo Yi stood together,To greet those who came to mourn。
this era,Has reached the age of information。Grandma Luo just left this morning,In the afternoon, many people came over to express their condolences,Among them is Yang Ying。
She saw Xia Jian also wear filial piety,There was a surprised look on his face。After expressing condolences, Xia Jian sent Yang Ying to the gate specially。
Yang Ying lowered her voice and asked:“You became Luo’s son-in-law?”
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“No,I’m the grandson of Grandma Luo,I’m a thousand miles away from my son-in-law”
“I don’t think it’s possible。Luo Yi’s eyes have always been on his head。Moreover,How long have you known each other,Luo Junken passed on his big family business to you,That’s too cheap for you, right!”Yang Ying said,Actually made a joke。
Xia Jian smiled,She interrupted Yang Ying and said:“All this is impossible,My business is still in Bucheon。Don’t worry,I’m done with things here,I’ll go back to Bucheon,I must do something to show you Mr. Yang”
“OK!I’m waiting for your good news。Before returning to Bucheon,Let’s meet again”Yang Ying turned around and left。