“Also make an alternative。”

“I understand what you mean,Grab Zhang Wenda ahead of them。”Xu Wen nodded,“Also rely on luck,If it’s not true, then be the option。” Next day,The two got up early,All worried‘Homing pigeon’Situation,It’s been past eight o’clock in the morning,Xu Wen can’t hold his breath,Or call it first。 “How about brother?Is it stable??” “It’s settled in the middle […]

I haven’t seen each other for nearly a month,Weibull showed a high dependence on Leo, the only relative。

“brother,Have you been doing well recently?”Leo answered with a smile too。 “well,Teacher treats me well,Eat very full every day!”Weibull is extremely satisfied with his current life。 Leo nodded:“That’s good!” Talking,Leo looked at Zefa:“teacher,Disciple came to see you!” Zefa looks at Leo,This time not like before,But to look carefully at Leo。 “I heard that you have […]

Such a thing,It’s easy to do it by itself。

and so,See here in Zhang Yunfei,Zhang Yunfei said directly:“If our two join hands to resolve Wang Teng。” “Let’s do whatever it takes,Take up more。” When Zhang Yunfei finished speaking,The people around see here,obviously,In fact, in their hearts,Did not expect。 But think about it carefully,These people think,If you do,Actually there are still many benefits。 So now,In […]

Wang Degui, who was cleaning the silt in the yard, saw that Wang Youcai was here again,He couldn’t help but said coldly:“Stop wandering around,Can you help me with some work??“

“dad!Don’t do it,You are going to build a new house in our yard,Come over together, let’s plan well“Wang You who had just walked into the door said loudly。 At this moment,Chen Yueqin just walked out of the West Room,When she saw her elder son Wang Youfa,I couldn’t help but feel angry,The broom in his hand […]

While on the road,Qin Feng also probably learned some basic information。

“it is good。”Old Chen is not nonsense,He slowly walked to Qin Feng’s side。 Qin Feng took out his backpack,Next second,That old man is a little excited,Because he found that he smelled these things,So energetic。 Is this something good? “This is hundreds of years of ginseng,My requirements are not high,I just hope to have some money,5 […]

It’s exactly like this,This material makes people look unnatural,Is also one of the reasons why so many people are not optimistic。And some features originally,Such as Songhua,Also lost。

They have heard of jade rough fake,But turned the real jadeite rough into a fake,I saw it for the first time。 Ok? As soon as everyone hears this explanation,Also a little unbelievable,Does anyone really hurt so much?? Hu Yang doesn’t think someone did this deliberately,Probably unintentional。For example, where is this piece of wool originally placed,Then […]

Tian Lu took the folder back,Wish fulfilled,Do more with less。

“Thank you Mr. Joe for your advice,I know what to do。”Tian Lu raised her arm to the door,Say goodbye politely。 ———— First46chapter Assign Tian Lu took the folder and took the elevator back to the studio on the third floor。 Xu Chang is back from the editing room,Tian Lu took the initiative to say hello:“Mr. […]

“Warm,Don’t you joke with dad?”

“When did i kid you,Didn’t you say it last time??You don’t have my daughter,And I just said to think about it,I didn’t promise you!” I didn’t expect that I would end up with both wealth and wealth.!Wen Guohao looked a little angry! Feel like being tricked,Because Situ Yan is here,Wen Guohao dare not speak。 “Warm,You […]

When was Ming’s Iron Guard so vulnerable??It’s the young man who rushed here too strong,Still have no secrets?

Seeing Zhang Bo so powerful,The face with red sleeves is like seeing a ghost。 A man who is obviously dead,But incomparably powerful, returning from hell,Stood firmly in front of me。 This enemy meet,Extremely jealous,It’s really complicated,Not just anyone can experience it。 Seeing the family iron guard fell so much at once,Ming Shizun’s face changed drastically,He […]