And this time, Xu Tianfei is open.。

“What is you?,You are also true today.,We all see you this big night from Qin Suya this small widow.,This can not be fake,And that small widow clothes are not like,How do you explain this??” Looking at Xu Tianci’s priest,Li Hui Feng is also completely laughing.。 soon,His face is straightforward。 “Xu Tianci,Today, you dare to bet […]

Happily greeted me and asked:“how about it?Anxious”

Xia Jian walked over,Reached out and patted Yao Junli’s shoulder twice and said:“never mind,Don’t worry,We can go back” “You go!I’ll be with my kids for the last time tonight”Ouyang Hong said sadly。 ? ———— First1944chapter Fear of marriage A marriage,I didn’t expect to get to this point,Ended up in this way。This made Xia Jian who […]

“Listen to my orders!”The Mechanical Father said directly to the two hundred masters of the universe behind him and the two strongest men beside him。

Although the ancestor of the earthquake demon and the leader of the northern borders naturally cannot really obey the mechanical god,But also understand that this is the current optimal solution。 As the only intelligent being in the original universe who became the strongest,Machine Father’s computing power is the strongest,Under his calculation,In order to effectively integrate […]

“Hi!Drank some wine,So I stayed,Rushed back this morning,Where are you going?Do you want me to send you off?”Xia Jian asked with a smile。

Zhao Hong nodded and said:“I have to go home,Anyway,Where is where i was born”When Zhao Hong said this,A look of joy。 Xia Jian knows,Zhao Hong’s parents left early,The closest person in the home is her brother,But her brother is always thinking about letting Zhao Hong remarry,So brother and sister can’t talk together,Noisy at first meeting。 […]

Wang Youdao took a breath and said:“You must know what is going on in our city。This morning I held an emergency meeting on the post-disaster reconstruction of Pingyang Town。But come down all morning,Few units can come up with money。City finances are also empty,The Civil Affairs Bureau is still waiting for the city to give them funds,What do you say about this?”Wang Youdao spread his helpless hands。

Ouyang Hong sneered and said:“If there is really no money in the city,,The entire project of Xiuxian Agriculture in Pingyang Town is left to the other entrepreneurial group.,This saves trouble” Ouyang Hong finished,Get up and go,Wang Youdao was anxious:“Mayor Ouyang!You can’t get angry,Our Pingdu is such a good project that allows people to talk,You still […]

“Also make an alternative。”

“I understand what you mean,Grab Zhang Wenda ahead of them。”Xu Wen nodded,“Also rely on luck,If it’s not true, then be the option。” Next day,The two got up early,All worried‘Homing pigeon’Situation,It’s been past eight o’clock in the morning,Xu Wen can’t hold his breath,Or call it first。 “How about brother?Is it stable??” “It’s settled in the middle […]

I haven’t seen each other for nearly a month,Weibull showed a high dependence on Leo, the only relative。

“brother,Have you been doing well recently?”Leo answered with a smile too。 “well,Teacher treats me well,Eat very full every day!”Weibull is extremely satisfied with his current life。 Leo nodded:“That’s good!” Talking,Leo looked at Zefa:“teacher,Disciple came to see you!” Zefa looks at Leo,This time not like before,But to look carefully at Leo。 “I heard that you have […]

Such a thing,It’s easy to do it by itself。

and so,See here in Zhang Yunfei,Zhang Yunfei said directly:“If our two join hands to resolve Wang Teng。” “Let’s do whatever it takes,Take up more。” When Zhang Yunfei finished speaking,The people around see here,obviously,In fact, in their hearts,Did not expect。 But think about it carefully,These people think,If you do,Actually there are still many benefits。 So now,In […]

Wang Degui, who was cleaning the silt in the yard, saw that Wang Youcai was here again,He couldn’t help but said coldly:“Stop wandering around,Can you help me with some work??“

“dad!Don’t do it,You are going to build a new house in our yard,Come over together, let’s plan well“Wang You who had just walked into the door said loudly。 At this moment,Chen Yueqin just walked out of the West Room,When she saw her elder son Wang Youfa,I couldn’t help but feel angry,The broom in his hand […]