Authentication, encourage the development of the masses (on-site reviews)

  Falling new housing property rights in paper, registering into a book, encouraging the development of the masses, and helps to better promote the implementation of the country’s revitalization strategy, in Guanyin Village, Yuejia Town, Pingchang County, Sichuan Province, in the province, Pingchang County, Sichuan Province Easy poverty alleviation and relocation, the housing is not moving […]

Data Governance Employment Government Service Hotline Development

[] The first digital government and the urban governance development Summit Forum Recently, in Jiangsu Wuxi, the data management of government service hotline development, the political interactive data to help the service government construction, the information perspective 12345 hotline construction and optimization business environment and other issues Forum focus. This forum was jointly hosted by […]

1 case of invoiced infection in Anhui

People’s Network Hefei November 15th (Wang Ruihua) According to the latest notification of the Health and Health Committee of Anhui Province, at 0-24 November 2021, there is no new diagnosis case, no new suspected case, no new increaseSymptom infection, 1 case of non-symptomatic infection (overseas input) was added to eliminate medical observation.As of 14:00 on […]

Billion explosive fund reproduces market hot "solid harvest +"

  On November 16th, "Solid Access +" Products Guangfa Enhanced One-year Holding Fund was established, and the first raised scale was 100 million yuan. In the context of sustainable volatility in the A-share market, the steady income fund is sought after by investors.   Up to now, the newly established "solid harvest +" fund raised in this […]

Self-reliance – Perspective 2020 National Science and Technology Award

  Xinhua News Agency, November 3th, Self-supporting: Self-supporting 2020 National Science and Technology Award Xinhua News Agency reporter November 3, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council held the National Science and Technology Award Conference in Beijing. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yue Yuewei took the morning of November 3rd, the Beijing […]

Shangrao Zhukai grassroots community epidemic prevention and control line

  At 7 o’clock on November 10, the nucleic acid detection and sampling point of the outer street of Beimen Street, Xinzhou District, Shangrao City, Dai Daipeng, member of the Sanqishan Airport Public Security Bureau, was prepared for the upcoming new round of nucleic acid detection sampling. As a member of the Shangrao Municipal Party, Dai […]

Shenzhen disease control reminder: do three things after returning

Original title: Shenzhen disease control: three things after returning to the depth ▲ October 7, Shenzhen 85 nucleic acid sampling points are free. The picture shows the depth of the public to receive nucleic acid sampling in the Futian street nucleic acid sampling point. Shenzhen Evening News reporter Zhang Wei took on October 7th, Shenzhen […]

Strive for the cultivation of the Chinese national community consciousness demonstration

The villagers danced the dance and welcoming the harvest. People’s Daily Network Li Zixing photo People’s Network: Dali is the first batch of "National National Unity Progress Demonstration Demonstration", Dali Prefecture In the process of creating a demonstration, what initiatives have maintained?Yang Guozong: Dali is the only white autonomous state in China, with the land […]