Zhu Lei is 30 years old anyway,Be so trained,I can’t hold on to face,Turned around and left。

“stop!Dare you be like Ahua,Don’t come back!” “What are you calling?I can hear your voice at the foot of the mountain,Are you recovering?,Still abuse oneself?”There was a rough voice outside the door,It is Wei Dahai,More than him,Left and right arms,Carrying one,On the left is Qi Baozhu,You Shilong,Wen Hui followed、Zhang Wen and many others。 “You two […]

This is the southwestern part of Xijiang Province,Four days have passed since Li Tianzhen chased Zhang Zhiqiang,After the match a day ago,‘Big earthworm’I only sensed the other party once,But in a short time he lost Zhang Zhiqiang’s whereabouts again。

The direction points to Wufeng Mountain in Xijiang Province,But finding someone in the mountains is not easy,Both Li Tianzhi and Zhang Zhiqiang are highly wanted criminals,Can’t walk the road,Can’t do all kinds of public transportation,Once it makes a move, it’s discovered,Will soon be surrounded by groups,A little carelessness is in danger of death。 Don’t talk […]

An angry Wang Lin looks terrible,She runs fast,When Xia Jian chases it out,She has run across the road。If Xia Jian pursues further,But we are at the gate of the venture group,So helpless Xia Jian shook his head,Had to go back again。

When Xia Jian went back,Lu Wanting is sulking alone,I saw Xia Jian came back,She couldn’t help but smile:“You’re back?I thought you wouldn’t be back?“ “Are you looking for me?Didn’t we just met last night??“Xia Jian sighed and asked。 Lu Wanting lowered her voice,Said like a child:“Does anyone want to see you??Not to mention that something […]

Chen Erniu shook his head and said:“What name do you sign?We contacted more than ten village heads in Pingyang Town,I think Xia Jian has done a lot of good things for Donglin Township,It shouldn’t be hard to find some people who are making trouble for him!“

“Your kid made a big circle,So it was for this!Easy to say,I will write you a list of several villages now,You sneak a lap,I believe they can go。I can only help you secretly,Can’t stand up and fight”Secretary Wang said,Took the paper and pen and started writing。 Chen Erniu laughed and said:“I don’t seem to be […]

When Lei Yuan’s words are finished,Other people around,Nodded again and again。

After all such a thing,Actually speaking accurately,It came very straightforward。 But then,Other things,There is nothing to say for the time being。 As for how to deal with these things,Actually speaking accurately,It’s really good。 And looking at all of this,at this time,Lei Yuan whole person,Suddenly laughed。 “But now,Let’s not talk about other things for now。” “But […]

As for waiting for the opponent to be strong enough to trouble him?

Qin Feng is really not worried at all now。The reason is simple,The ancestor Roshir has the dark power through his own exploration.。Didn’t even really master the use of dark energy。How can the other party’s surviving fish really do better than their ancestors?? If you really have such strength and resources,According to the urine sex of […]

“Ok!”Lu Menglin nodded blankly,Pick up this man’s collar,Threw him out of the cabin。

Under this one,Power Dodge,The general was thrown out of the cabin,Like an outburst shell,Blasted into another helicopter in mid-air。 boom!The general was smashed into the cabin,And that cobra helicopter was hit hard by this,Black smoke immediately,Hovering and falling,With a crash,Into a fireball。 Wherever you look,The last cobra left in the sky,And the Cobra helicopter finally […]

Because it’s just for testing,Lu Menglin quit the game interface after only playing for a while,And turned to look at other people。

The other three are having a great time,All are immersed in the upgrade,Found in the game fun that never existed in reality。 Lu Menglin stretched out his finger,Knock on the desktop,Smiled:“Just testing,Data will be deleted。Everyone, stop for a while,Have a few words。” Heard what Lu Menglin said,Fatty and the child raised their heads immediately,Only Wang […]

however,His idea was scolded by his wife,Yangliu has other people’s children,How can I rekindle my old relationship with Huo Yun and?Think too much!

Also right,The second child didn’t want to leave,It’s Yangliu’s trouble in his heart,Forcing her to divorce,The second child’s plan is to pass this time,After peace of mind with each other,Back together,Who knew she was pregnant with another man’s child。 No man with a big heart can stand this,Besides, the second child doesn’t rub the sand […]

The two great alchemy warriors of the world joined forces for a battle,It means that even she is not optimistic about Lu Menglin。

Under prestige,Actually difficult,Chen Qingyun, the ninth-tier powerhouse is too powerful!Before,There has never been a rank 9 powerhouse on earth。 Maybe ever,It just exists in the legend,Never really showed up。 Qi and blood like a rainbow,Soaring! Chen Qingyun is standing in this red pillar,With an aura of disdain for the world,Stare at Landing Dreamlin。 “you,Should know […]