But no matter how Luo Yi shouted,Grandma Luo’s closed eyes didn’t open again。Xia Jian pulled the silver needle on Grandma Luo’s belly,Gently put back the dart bag。

When Xia Jian goes to give Grandma Luo’s pulse,,I found that her hands were slowly getting cold。Where is the pulse,This is just Xia Jian’s fluke。 “Luo Yi!All right,You come down。Grandma is gone,Don’t bother her anymore,Let her go with peace of mind!”Xia Jian said,Took Luo Yi abruptly from the bed。 Luo Yi cried and didn’t want […]

At this time, no one really wants to see a Huaxia company that can really catch up with their research on the cutting-edge technology of quantum computers.。

“not only that。According to my discussions with some old friends,If Huaxia has really solved these equations,Will be able to design a powerful general-purpose quantum computer in a very short time。And can have a very rich algorithm that can beat classic computers。Because the participants on the scene today are not all professionals,So I try to use […]

Zhao Haiyi’s passion、Outgoing,Cui Ronghao is mature、Restrained。In terms of chasing girls,Often the former is more dominant。

Cui Ronghao’s love hasn’t had time to express,Zhao Haiyi snatched his sweetheart away。 《Elite interview》The column is divided into several sections,The first section invites the elites of the corporate world。Yushi decided to finish the first section of the program,I officially left Yatton Media。Before,She would often follow her mother to the company,Listen more learn more think,Familiar […]

Normal peak Daoist,Its will is easy to immerse in it,General effect,And it consumes a lot,Therefore, the Dao League Immortal Palace will not allow the normal peak Dao Jun to enter this heart hall。

But for the spiritual practitioner,But it can resist with effort,Moreover, the Taoist heart of the spiritual practitioner is stronger than the average eternal emperor。 Nowadays, the three peak Taoists of the current era except Li Ming,Wine Saint is a practitioner of the dark kingdom,Naturally, I haven’t entered this hall of heart。 Sui Meng’s leader has […]

Zhu Lei is 30 years old anyway,Be so trained,I can’t hold on to face,Turned around and left。

“stop!Dare you be like Ahua,Don’t come back!” “What are you calling?I can hear your voice at the foot of the mountain,Are you recovering?,Still abuse oneself?”There was a rough voice outside the door,It is Wei Dahai,More than him,Left and right arms,Carrying one,On the left is Qi Baozhu,You Shilong,Wen Hui followed、Zhang Wen and many others。 “You two […]

This is the southwestern part of Xijiang Province,Four days have passed since Li Tianzhen chased Zhang Zhiqiang,After the match a day ago,‘Big earthworm’I only sensed the other party once,But in a short time he lost Zhang Zhiqiang’s whereabouts again。

The direction points to Wufeng Mountain in Xijiang Province,But finding someone in the mountains is not easy,Both Li Tianzhi and Zhang Zhiqiang are highly wanted criminals,Can’t walk the road,Can’t do all kinds of public transportation,Once it makes a move, it’s discovered,Will soon be surrounded by groups,A little carelessness is in danger of death。 Don’t talk […]

An angry Wang Lin looks terrible,She runs fast,When Xia Jian chases it out,She has run across the road。If Xia Jian pursues further,But we are at the gate of the venture group,So helpless Xia Jian shook his head,Had to go back again。

When Xia Jian went back,Lu Wanting is sulking alone,I saw Xia Jian came back,She couldn’t help but smile:“You’re back?I thought you wouldn’t be back?“ “Are you looking for me?Didn’t we just met last night??“Xia Jian sighed and asked。 Lu Wanting lowered her voice,Said like a child:“Does anyone want to see you??Not to mention that something […]

Chen Erniu shook his head and said:“What name do you sign?We contacted more than ten village heads in Pingyang Town,I think Xia Jian has done a lot of good things for Donglin Township,It shouldn’t be hard to find some people who are making trouble for him!“

“Your kid made a big circle,So it was for this!Easy to say,I will write you a list of several villages now,You sneak a lap,I believe they can go。I can only help you secretly,Can’t stand up and fight”Secretary Wang said,Took the paper and pen and started writing。 Chen Erniu laughed and said:“I don’t seem to be […]

When Lei Yuan’s words are finished,Other people around,Nodded again and again。

After all such a thing,Actually speaking accurately,It came very straightforward。 But then,Other things,There is nothing to say for the time being。 As for how to deal with these things,Actually speaking accurately,It’s really good。 And looking at all of this,at this time,Lei Yuan whole person,Suddenly laughed。 “But now,Let’s not talk about other things for now。” “But […]