A mobile phone tour of Shanxi

On November 26, "Zhiyun Pilot · Hui Tuan Sanjin" Shanxi Text Brigade launching ceremony was held in Taiyuan. Wen Jingyun is a platform for Shanxi Provincial Government Clouds, which is undertaken by Shanxi Provincial Wenxi, Shanxi Provincial Cultural Travel Group, is the exploration of digital economic innovation and landing practice model in accordance with the […]

Autumn eat radish competition! What is it? What? What is taboo?

Editor Press: Radish has a hysteresis, chemical heat, low gas width, detoxification and other effects. Modern studies have also found that a variety of trace elements contained in radishes can enhance the body’s immunity. As the saying goes, "Autumn and Winter Radish Seasons", the season is the season of "small ginseng" listed, the Chinese disease […]

Beijing Public Security Bureau: Thoroughly, Fu Zhenghua, China, Purifying the Capital Public Security Political Ecology

People’s Network Beijing October 3, the Beijing Public Security Bureau official website news, on October 2, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau held a special party committee, informing Fu Zhenghua suspected of serious violations of law and discipline, accepting the discipline of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision investigation . The deputy mayor […]

Adviseer de verlossing! Kwantitatieve Giants Suggereer de klant "Alle Redemption" -kwantisatie Giants Suggereert "Alle Redemption" – gerelateerde dynamiek

[Abstract] "Alle aanbevolen verlossing! Quotes and Strategic Views zijn aanbevolen Redemption!" "Alle aanbevolen verlossing! Quotes and Strategy Points zijn aanbevolen Redemption!" 4 maart, directeur Square Quantization Market Director in Kanaalgroep Het nieuws "Advies" is op grote schaal gecirculeerd in sociale media, waardoor de markt aandacht wordt gehouden. De directeur van Quasi-CIVA, is van mening dat […]

The value of the delivery value is 20 times fines! Nanjing Madge unlicensed sales corneal plastic mirror is punished

The reporter has recently learned from the Qinhuai District Market Supervision Bureau of Nanjing, in addition to no test funds, they also found the illegal act of unlicensed corneal plastic mirrors in Nanjing Madge Vision Center. Law enforcement officers introduced that corneal plastic mirrors belong to three types of medical devices. In October 2020, they […]

The annual root will go to the calendar to look at the big bookstore C.

2022 new year’s footsteps are getting closer, every year is also the most beautiful scenery of the calendar, poetry, health, museum, art, architecture, cultural relics, health and other calendars have been in the major bookstore C, these calendars It is even more worth exploring every day, every week is worth looking forward to a good […]

The line show limited performance "online customized version" into a new trend

Original title: Performance "line of customized version" as a new trend in the epidemic struck, the line performance is limited, many theater troupes and performances organizers try to move on the line, but the line with the market recovery, online entertainment slightly "cool." Recently, held in the Performing Arts 2021 World Development Summit online entertainment […]

The former deputy secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee Zhang Jinghua, the Standing Committee of the March, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee

At 8 o’clock on the evening of December 1st, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection The National Supervision Committee of the Central Commission was released: Zhang Jinghua, former deputy secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, is suspected of serious violations of law and discipline, and is currently accepting discipline review and monitoring of the […]

US Goldman Sachs executives call Trump: I don’t want to pick up Blackli

  Informed people said on the 11th that the US Goldman Sachs Group’s senior management personnel, the former national security affairs deputy resisher Dina Powell told the White House, and she was not interested in the representative of the United Nations in the United Nations. He is currently in the United Nations representative Niki Blackli will […]