However, the Chu Deirers also see him more.,Hearing him“I am so angry”I know that he is going to go,So outside this、Take a hand……

Chapter 92 Qiao Feng past event Longhe big,Chu Deirers are not long ago,In the past“Dragon”and“Control crane”,A set of tends to be integrated“Technique”,At the same time“gas”The effect of the effect。 in“Dragon”Is tendency to internal practice、That is“gas”Martial arts,It is characterized by repairing the internal force. It is easy to stack.,After reaching a certain realm,Can be stacked,Further, a […]

I saw Xia Jian got into the water,Hu Huiru got in too。Two people put their heads outside,The body is completely submerged in the water。This feeling is really very comfortable。

“I spend every day busy,Since I have a chance today,Then let’s have fun,Call two technicians in a while,Let them give us a good pinch”Hu Huiru smiled and said to Xia Jian。 Xia Jian shook his head and said:“What’s the technician called!My craftsmanship is very good” “Hey!You want to take advantage of me,Still something is asking […]

Xia Jian wants to say something,But after thinking,So he made a call gesture to Wang Lin,And got into the car。Xi Zhen started the car,Through the car window glass,Xia Jian saw where Wang Lin was still standing。

Hours of running,When the car arrives in the city,It’s past ten o’clock at night。When passing by Ouyang Hong’s community,Xia Jian asked Xi Zhen to stop the car。 He jumped out of the car,So I called Ouyang Hong,Just a call,Just listen to Ouyang Hong asked:“Where are you?”Xia Jian has changed his phone number,So a hit,Ouyang Hong […]

What’s the situation?

The previous one was pretending,Now this,Is it a renewal?? Forget it,do not care,Anyway by the way。 “it is good,I happen to want to see,What kind of person is your dad,Walking。” Ye Xuan waved his hand,Talking to Gao Hong。 Bang,The box door opened。 Look at this box,Ye Xuan just thought,this place,How come I feel more familiar。 […]

This rascal。”Jiang Yan pushed hard,Pushed Qin Feng aside,I opened the door and walked out of the bedroom。

Jiang Yan knows,I can’t help Qin Feng die without admitting himself,Stalemate again,You must be the one who suffers,I don’t know what advantage Qin Feng will take。 “Wife,Where are you going?”Qin Feng looked at Jiang Yan who went out,I was finally relieved,But to prevent Jiang Yan from seeing her guilty conscience,Qin Feng still asked。 “go to […]

“Life-saving means?”

After Nezha heard Jingtian’s words,I lower my head and think for a breath,He is only the third-tier peak,Not a strong one,He wants to have life-saving means too,just,Since the words have been said,Nezha is not embarrassed to break his promise。 Nezha raised his head and glanced at the confused new group member Sanqi,Wry smile,I put a […]

“brother~look at you,Can you be more gentle,Originally the store is not very popular,How will you do business after being so troubled by you?。”

The formerly majestic leopard eldest brother unexpectedly did not talk back,Just scratched his head,Smile:“Go away,I have your brother,I’m afraid I have no food?” “Humph~If it weren’t for the face of Brother Chuanzi,,I ignore you。” obviously,They are already very familiar,Chuanzi stepped forward and put his arm directly on the girl’s shoulder:“I’ll just say,Yingzi,It’s best for you,Or […]

Beijing releases Diamond Index to promote the listing of science and technology enterprises

Beijing releases “Diamond Index” to promote the listing of science and technology enterprises On April 16, the Beijing Financial Supervision Bureau released the “Diamond Index” of Beijing science and technology startups online.This is another important measure promoted by Beijing since the launch of the “Beijing Enterprise Listing Comprehensive Service Platform System” on March 13.It is […]