China · Chengdu 2nd Tianfu Dadi Art Season started

  The market in the rapeseed flower yesterday, China · Chengdu, the second Tianfu Dadi Art Season of "Tianfu Dadi, Spring Symphony Symphony", kicked off in Donglin Art Village, Deyuan Street, Dugu District, tourists stepping on the spring, appreciation From the art of famous artists at home and abroad, I will stay in the new park […]

20 september, Guizhou Province, geen nieuwe nieuwe coronavirus bevestigde en vermoedde gevallen van longontsteking

2021 0-24 20, Guizhou Province, de nieuwe kroon Geen nieuwe bevestigde gevallen van pneumonie, geen nieuwe vermoedelijke gevallen. Op 24 september 20 meldde Guizhou Province in totaal 146 gevallen van binnenlandse bevestigde gevallen, één geval van bevestigde gevallen buiten input, de cumulatieve gevallen werden genezen van 145 gevallen, 2 dodencusies. Er zijn 0 gevallen van […]

De nettobeoordeling van mensen: Educatieve evaluatiegids voor onthulzaamheid

Het ministerie van Onderwijs heeft onlangs de "Guide to the Quality Evaluation Guide" (hierna "Evaluation Guide"), het ministerie van Onderwijs (hierna de "Evaluation Guide") genoemd. High School Education staat in de belangrijkste positie in het kader van het nationale onderwijssysteem, en het kind kan een goede middelbare school lezen, die duizenden gezinnen treft. Er moet […]

All localities across the Shandong have quickly set off the General Secretary of Xi Jinping at the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China.

  "Conducting China’s things, the key in the party" "China Communist Party leaders is the most essential characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the biggest advantage of socialism with Chinese characteristics" "New journey, we must adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership, constantly Improve the party’s leadership "… General Secretary Xi Jinping at celebrating the Important Speech […]

Artwork "cloud" release vitality

Original title: Art "The cloud" release vitality "can closely appreciate beautiful artworks, it is clear than the eyes," "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" […]

Picture Story: "Innovation" Life of High-speed Railway Expert [6]

"All my research projects are for innovation, but to find those most urgent needs to study, the most critical bottlenecks breakthrough, the offshore problem to follow up." Wang Qichang, a professor of the Civil Engineering School of Southwest Jiaotong University. Professor Wang Qichang, 88, is a famous high-speed rail expert in my country. For more […]

The deer in Nara Park in Japan has a sharp reduction in only one-third?

People’s Daily Network Tokyo September 28th, the Japanese ancient capital Nara, people will definitely think of "Nara deer". Committed to protecting the Japanese "Nara Deer Love Association" recently released that the number of "Nara deer" habitat in Nara Park is only 1105, which has been reduced by 181 years over last year. Since the number […]

People’s Daily ? Jiangsu: Technical Research on the small claws

Figure 1: Changzhou Xiangyang riding enthusiasts carried out Hidden riding activities in the colorful Cao Mountain Rainbow Highway. Take a look (Visual) Figure 2: Yangzhou China Grand Canal Museum. Information Picture 3: Lianyungang Port Aerial. Data Picture Original: Tag – The small claw is extremely in the world’s global fuel cars, and there is a […]