If Li Ming really wants to pester the black armored swordsman,Can do it as early as three months ago。

now,He is polishing his defensive marksmanship with the swordsmanship of a black swordsman。 That’s a kind of tenacity,The marksmanship that breeds endless vitality。 The finger guns of the six arms are not exactly the same,Some like flowing water、Some like flames、Some seem to be Aoki,But the perfect combination。 After this combination,Marksmanship becomes one body。 Single state,Li […]

The two guards heard these words,Took a deep look at each other。

What this young man said,It really made their backs chill for a while! In fact these days,They do look at the door threshold intentionally or unintentionally,I thought it was the other person’s eyes at first,But after a few times,I realized something was wrong。 to be frank,For a few moments,They thought the other party was the […]

Wang Lin also thought this woman was a bit weird when she first started,Can think about it,She finally understood what Yao Junli meant,She is telling Wang Lin,The relationship between him and Xia Jian is also extraordinary,And there may be too many women who have an unusual relationship with Xia Jian,To let her know about it,And accept that this is the truth。

Wang Lin who understands Yao Junli,To be honest, she doesn’t feel very well in her heart,Which woman is not selfish,Give the man you like to another woman。But she had vaguely felt,The woman who is related to Xia Jian is not her,Like Zhou Li who disappeared,Which Zhao Hong。She knows these two women。 Unexpectedly, another Yao Junli […]

The puppet received the bow and arrow,Ignore Zhang Mugen and his son,Step by step, I walked back to the room that was crashed in half just now,Body is slowly shrinking,And disappeared in a blink of an eye。

The amazed Zhang family father and son ignored the mess in the courtyard,Lightly walked to the house where Li Tianzhen lived,Through the collapsed half of the wall,See that puppet clearly,Quietly standing beside the coffee table,Has been reduced to the size of a bench leg,No longer the majestic look just now。 Only one,In the morning,Zhang Mugen […]

But after what Wang Teng said,,Now,For those around,They feel,this matter,You can give it a try。

“Chairman,If so,I think,You can try it。” “That’s right,What’s the difficulty,In fact, it can be completely overcome,So what should we worry about??” “After all now,If we really plan to do this,Essentially,In fact, it should be necessary to speed up。” Now,With these people,I didn’t forget to say here。 After all, from here,Such a thing,How to deal with […]

Blue Lu Jun said,Watch back to the computer,“I am three years old to contact self-learning software programming,Found your own website a month ago,But you can rest assured,I will not do illegal things.,I have an inch yourself。”

Lu Haocheng laughed:“Xiao Jun,Why do you want to tell me??” Lan Jun Jun does not answer,“Dad, you follow me.,Don’t you want to know what I am doing??” Lu Hao Cheng:“”In front of this son,Deep,It seems that it has become transparent.。 “But don’t tell your mother.,My mother will worry。” Blue Lu Jun said,Look at him,Signature he […]

The fourth star,Like a dragon and a snake wandering in the void,Cut through time and space‘You Xu dominate’。

Fifth star,Countless light spots as tiny as mustard seeds,Special life form‘Wuyanzi’。 。。。 One bit master,All unselfish、Leave their heritage without reservation。 The endless wisdom and hard work contained in this heritage。 One way、Supernatural power、Occult,With the background of the Three Realms,Strength will usher in a surge。 “Among these supernatural powers,Than me‘Suspicion’owned《Five Cloud Lotus》The strong have three。And the […]

Secretary Lu glanced at Tong Jie,Took a long breath and said:“Let’s not care if this meeting is in compliance with the organizational procedures,But their starting point is good after all“

“The starting point is good?Good thing?“Tong Jie tries to restrain his emotions。It seems people are worried about,Just come。 Secretary Lu said with a slight smile:“Everyone knows,The position of the head of Xiping Village is very important。Ma Yan is injured now,I haven’t hosted the work in Xiping Village for several days.,This will definitely affect the work。So […]

This life is obvious,Jackson rejected Fang Yu last time,Now Fang Yu naturally has a reason to reject Jackson。

“how about it?” See Dean Chang return,Dr. Ke asked。 “That one……A bit difficult!Doctor Fang has things……Won’t come back for a while!”Dean Chang said seriously。 “No way……Did not you say……” Dr. Ke hesitated。 “How do you know this accident?Not as good as,Contact Doctor Fang yourself?” Dean Chang suggested。 “Forget it……I can wait!in the afternoon,Can you wait […]