Just now,But he couldn’t seal Li Ming。

At that moment,Li Ming’s avatar guided the force of the formation to bombard himself,Under that devastating energy,Even the ancestor god whose body protection supernatural power is comparable to the innate best spirit treasure will have to die。 “Actually committed suicide,I have promised not to kill him。。。”Lu Ge Chaos Fairy waved his hand,But the doubts get […]


Fang Yu pondered。 “You still care about that?” Jiang Wan’er sigh lightly。 She knows too,Father is so excessive,Fang Yu didn’t let go so easily。 “Is not!I have to go back……Is your driver nearby?!Thank you for your help just now……but,Stop here!” Fang Yu looked at Jiang Wan’er,Sternly。 “you……Why can’t you be a friend with me!” Jiang […]

“You bastard”Ni Xiaoli turned around fiercely,Throwing into Wang Youcai’s arms and crying。This woman cried,It shocked Wang Youcai,He doesn’t know what is going on?

Make the people in the passage look straight at them,Wang Youcai said in a low voice:“Stop crying,Everyone is watching us,I’ll talk about it later” Ni Xiaoli wiped away her tears,Throw a stack of checklists into Wang Youcai’s hands and say:“look by youself,Eyes widened”Ni Xiaoli finished,Then turned and left。 Wang Youcai took these lists and read […]

It’s just a short while,Not only this cinema totals6Tickets for the midnight show in this hall are all sold out,Even tomorrow morning、Tickets for noon are also sold out?

Chen Geng and Kelly·Hicks glanced at each other quickly,All a little surprised。 …………………… In order to help you understand the situation,Chen Geng chose the third row from the bottom,Wait for the ticket check,Chen Geng found out that the seat in front had been seated 50 or 60%,And at the moment,There is a steady stream of […]

“Bully these ordinary people,It’s really no fun!”Lu Menglin occasionally thinks of Jiang Jinghong who paid him to teach the King of Fighters,That silly girl has big bright eyes,And those long, white legs,Tut!Hard to recall。

“Hey,You two,what happened?I haven’t played for so long!What’s up!”The leftmost position of the game hall,Someone yelled,Suddenly attracted the attention of many people。 “I have coins,How long do you want to play!Can you control?”Someone holding their head up,Very arrogant reply。 A noise here,Immediately caught their attention,A few people quietly gathered around。 “The two of them have […]

“Not bad!Is a piece of porcelain pendant,It may be hung around the waist,It may also be hung on the hilt,Can’t tell,But it’s almost like that。

and so,Everyone can’t treat it as fragments。This is a complete Ru Kiln work,Although small,But very rare,Worth around five million。” this time,Even the show crew was shocked。 This gadget,Actually worth so much money?Isn’t it one of the most important treasures in this Quanzhou special??So far,I haven’t found anything more valuable than this Ru kiln pendant。 Then,You […]

More confused,What is it that makes the opponent lose the strength to resist,It seems that their situation is more severe than expected。

“what……it,They are coming!” “They are coming,Over,We’re fucked!” “I’m going to die,I want to commit suicide!” Those guys who followed Pei Tianhammer showed terrifying expressions,And then act wildly。 Some guys choose more perverted behavior directly,After sighing, he directly pierced the back of his hand into his chest。 This extreme method…… “Hahaha,No chance,very sorry,I wanted to die […]

After arranging these warlords,,Tu Chuan brought Lu Menglin back to the city to rest。

Two hours later,There was a knock on the door of Lu Menglin’s room。 Lu Menglin opened the door,as expected,The person who came in is Tu Qinqin。 “Well recovered!”Lu Menglin glanced,Said with a smile。 Tu Qin shook his head,Lightly:“It’s OK!I’m leaving,Before leaving,I have something to tell you。” Lu Menglin nodded,True color:“it is good,You said。” Tu Qinqin […]

Captain Marvel supports Mulan: every trailer makes me cry

“Captain Marvel” supports “Mulan”: every trailer makes me cry On March 6, there are more than 20 days before the live-action Disney version of “Mulan” is released in North America. The actor Brie Larson, who played the captain of Marvel in the Marvel series of movies, today reposted “Mulan” North America first week”The box office […]