China Wine Industry Association and Shanxi Xinjin Business Alcohol Group cooperates to build a white wine winery demonstration enterprise

Sang Shuyu, the Chairman of the Chinese Wine Industry Association, Shanxi Xinghua Village Liquor Group Co., Ltd. Party Committee Secretary, Chairman, Chairman, Chairman, Shanxi New Jinchamber, Hou Qingquan, attended the signing ceremony. At the signing ceremony, the Secretary-General of the China Wine Industry Association and the Secretary-General of the Alcohol Management Committee Du Xiaowei jointly […]

Daxing Airport, the emergency area is realized to start

Original title: Daxing Airport, the emergence area is realized, and the reporter Chen Qiang will take a place to start construction, how long does it take? Two days! This speed has occurred in Beijing Daxing International Airport. With the construction of the construction project, Zhang Jisen, the head of SF Company, "In the past, the […]

Beijing: Helded the guide dogs to take public transportation

Original title: Helded the guide dogs to take public transportation yesterday afternoon, the thirty-third meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fifteenth National People’s Congress of Beijing has passed the "Regulations on the Construction of the Napoe Environment", "Regulations" from November 2021. It will be implemented on the 1st. The "Regulations" requires the city to […]

All people in Anhui Province will hang the signboard within two years.

The underground garage in the community is a people’s anti-car space. This type of parking space is only for sale. Many owners don’t know how to distinguish between people’s anti-car seats and property rights parking spaces. Recently, the Provincial Natural Resource Department and the Provincial Civil Defense Office will reveal when the Provincial People’s Congress […]

Sichuan Guang’an: Honey Pear Industry Helps Rural Revitalization

  Guang’an Huayu City, Sichuan Province, in accordance with the development concept of "agriculture, rural beauty, farmers", using townships such as Lu City, Hualong, etc. Planted more than 40,000 mu, Guang’an honeyp pear, and adopted the model of "rented rendering, borrowing the land, cooperative management, and interests", turning farmers into a honey pear family farmer. At […]

The first batch of volunteers in the Zhangjiakou District of Beijing Winter Olympics have been in place

The first batch of volunteers in Zhangjiakou District, Beijing Winter Olympics have been in place: Time: On December 09, 202, I learned from the Communist Youth League Hebei Provincial Party Committee that according to the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee and the Hebei Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government’s Work Arrangement Deployment, Zhangjiakou Venue volunteers planned […]

Tibet Million Ruple Liberation Memorial Hall

Tibet Million Ruple Liberation Memorial is the only memorial to the waste slave movement. It is a large-scale syndrome exhibition hall that concentrates on leading the Chinese Communist Party to lead Tibetan people to carry out the great democratic reform and millions of serfs. It is the important carrier of the patriotism, collectivism, socialist education […]