“it is good!Guarantee completion tasks!when?”Xiao Wu heard the question of killing the devil officer,

“I am so like tomorrow.……”Jing Yun put the assassination plan and evacuation route, “clear!” “remember,You can only open a shot,And use the head to give you a special prepared sniper。”Jing Yun said, “Special prepared sniper!where?”Xiao Wu did not snipe,His rifle has always been officially official, Jing Yun took out from the cargo of the warehouse, […]

then,Gan Yifan disappeared out of thin air。

A while,Gan Yifan appeared again。 “I just come here。”He explained。  ———— First183chapter:On the way back “Only one person at a time。”Gan Yifan continues to explain,“There is a tripod over there,I don’t know why,I can’t tell if you ask me。Just stand in my position,I’ll be there after a while,Then you can come from inside the […]

A very small house,There are a few boards on the ground,Looks like this is the bed tonight,Xia Jian glanced at the few people standing at the door,Don’t care about the new suit I just wore,Lie on the board,To sleep。

“How can this person be the boss of a startup group?,Look at his sloppy look,Is simply a migrant worker“Among the people standing at the door,I don’t know who said such a sentence。 Xia Jian who hasn’t fallen asleep yet,Secretly cursed:“To your uncle,Lao Tzu was originally a migrant worker,You need to guess“ In a trance,Xia Jian […]

For Li Huihe smoking,She still saw it for the first time.。

Steam,It is much more calm than before。 “sister in law,I have already said with Yang Da Ge.,He will not be impulsive.,You let him go back with a daughter.,By the way, I want to see that youth。” “Row,Young,You take my brother to see that youth,I took Yang Li.。” Told,Song Ting took Yang Li to leave,But it […]

“No need,Anyway, these secrets are only useful for soul mutants。”Purple blood demon waved,“You watch。”

A purple divine power appeared in the right hand of the purple blood demon。 The breath is full of destruction and edge。 “Fusion power!”Lai nodded,“It’s a fusion of destruction power and wind power”At the same time, a gray divine power erupted in his palm。 Purple Blood Demon took a look,Smiled:“Not over yet。”At this moment, there […]

Yao opened the door Oujing,Just look at her moan and groan。

he asks:“Do not commute?” Ning Feifei did not expect him to come back,Station quickly,Looking at him smiling:“Just go。” European:“That。” Finish,He turned to go out。 Ning Feifei,together? Where they lived in a different direction,You can do together? Ning Feifei slightly lips,Follow up。 Oujing Yao has come to the elevator。 Ning Feifei went,Standing beside him。 European also […]

Just now,But he couldn’t seal Li Ming。

At that moment,Li Ming’s avatar guided the force of the formation to bombard himself,Under that devastating energy,Even the ancestor god whose body protection supernatural power is comparable to the innate best spirit treasure will have to die。 “Actually committed suicide,I have promised not to kill him。。。”Lu Ge Chaos Fairy waved his hand,But the doubts get […]


Fang Yu pondered。 “You still care about that?” Jiang Wan’er sigh lightly。 She knows too,Father is so excessive,Fang Yu didn’t let go so easily。 “Is not!I have to go back……Is your driver nearby?!Thank you for your help just now……but,Stop here!” Fang Yu looked at Jiang Wan’er,Sternly。 “you……Why can’t you be a friend with me!” Jiang […]

“You bastard”Ni Xiaoli turned around fiercely,Throwing into Wang Youcai’s arms and crying。This woman cried,It shocked Wang Youcai,He doesn’t know what is going on?

Make the people in the passage look straight at them,Wang Youcai said in a low voice:“Stop crying,Everyone is watching us,I’ll talk about it later” Ni Xiaoli wiped away her tears,Throw a stack of checklists into Wang Youcai’s hands and say:“look by youself,Eyes widened”Ni Xiaoli finished,Then turned and left。 Wang Youcai took these lists and read […]