Actually just these things,It’s really important。

And looked in front of you for a while,Now,Zhang Yunfei even raised his head and looked in front of him。 See here,In Zhang Yunfei’s eyes,Even with a trace of unspeakable abuse。 “in fact,Even so,What does it matter,Is it Wang Teng,Can he still eat us??” With Zhang Yunfei speaking here,The people around looked around,It’s completely eager […]

one person,It is the little girl Bai Zhilan who was accepted by the Bai family back then,It’s Junior Sister。

And brother,It’s Shu Qiuteng of Lei Yuan Small World。 strictly speaking,The talents of these two disciples,Baizhilan is higher,Practice is more stable,To this day is still an immortal,I didn’t even plan to cross the catastrophe in a short time。 Follow Li Ming to learn the formation,The formation is also a top figure in the heavens,Its strength […]

Ran more than ten kilometers。

Ok at first,Calm all the way。 Out of three、Four kilometers later,Some hares and other small animals attack from time to time in the surrounding woods,Walk another kilometer or two,Jackals, tigers and leopards are also appearing,And actively attack。 But these beasts in the forest have their own territory,Usually they are all on their own sites、Rush。 When […]

Feng Yanbai glanced at Wang Youcai,Said quietly:“Remember,Be sure to notify me next time you ship。I have to ship a truck yesterday,If Mr. Hu asks,Just say that I came to supervise your shipment。Do you understand the truth??Other people give you a smile,I don’t know the sky is high“

“it is good!I wrote down everything you said“Wang Youcai said,So I stood up straight。 Feng Yan nodded at Wang Youcai,The white car drove towards the gate with a whimper。Wang Youcai ran over,And opened the big iron gate for Feng Yan。 Looking at the car disappearing from his sight,Wang Youcai couldn’t help being secretly proud。This was […]

The fifth level is comparable to the normal innate best spirit treasure。

The sixth level is the ultimate innate! Li Ming bestowed on Liu Xiang,Only the first four。 after all,This method cannot be given easily,Liu Xiang wants more,You have to give more credit。 of course,Just practice the fourth level,Will exhaust Liu Xiang’s wealth。After all《Nine Turns Xuan Gong》The ninth turn,Will make Daozu distressed。 After accepting this magical gift,Liu […]

Although it is a working meal,However, the dazzling array of self-selected dishes with good color and fragrance still made the filming team come this time laughed and said that they would just make this meal,It’s worth it。

indeed,There is nothing to say about Yuxin Technology’s food。 Especially western food,Chef can make the feeling of three Michelin stars,How does it feel to see molecular cuisine just put it on Western food to enjoy yourself??It’s not that Wang Yufei deliberately wasted,Different from other foreigners who came to China and were conquered by Chinese cuisine,Old […]

“There is some truth in what the gods say,But the nobles also entered the mortal world,Does it mean that the God Realm no longer exists??”Green shirt woman Shura takes advance as retreat,Although it is a test,But sharp。

“Not bad!There are also relics of the gods in the endless void。”Li Tianchou’s calmness surprised all Shura,Looking at each other,I don’t know if it’s happy or worried,The excitement of destroying the feud is not at all。 “But the ancient gods still exist,The Divine Realm still exists!” Li Tianchou’s later words immediately shocked all the Shura […]

“Boy,The boss behind me is not you can get.,乖 人 错。”

Ma Xiao, just finished,Li speaks directly to the wind.。 Snapped! Crisp loud voice makes the owner of the house also shocked。 He originally thought that Ma Xiao came.,This youth will recognize,Will be directly driven out。 But I didn’t expect it to be such a thing.。 “I asked you or you asked me.?” “Um?” Why didn’t […]

Jia Chou can sense the existence of supernatural powers,same,The other party can also feel Jia Chou,But they did not take further action,It means that Gu Changfeng is undoubtedly,But everything must be cautious,No hostility for the time being,Does not mean a group of harmony。

The point is that Li Tianzhen does not agree with the demon in the underground palace now.,Because I’m not sure,If Old Man Dong couldn’t help himself,It’s another matter,If the old man’s confidence swells or he has other ideas,He has to stop,At the worst, I have to find a way to seriously warn these dizzy guys。 […]


Chapter One Hundred Seventy Four Foothold “Hey,Who?”Hoarse voice on the phone,The tone is also very aggressive,Probably the good dream was interrupted。 But Li Tianchou was very happy,This is the long-lost voice of Luo Jun,“Ha ha,I。Xiao Li。” “WTF?I’m still old,Oh shit,Neuropathy!”I’m going to hang up after a curse。Li Tianchou looked at the driver next to him,Obviously […]