“Humph!”Wright shook his head,“Unexpectedly, Xuelong Castle Lord is also a strong soul mutation,The breath seems to be water and destruction?Fortunately before he found out,I have found an organization selling intelligence。”

The most prosperous section of Xuelong Castle,There is a very large mansion,It is said to be the place where the main people of Xuelong Fort live。But Wright’s consciousness swept through and knew,There is also a very secret information business。 Just like other guests,Wright carried a black wooden stick in his hand,Walked into this mansion。 This […]

I will let them dare to revenge.。”

Jin Xijie does not conceal your emotions for Li Hui Feng.,There is no idea to conceal your own ideas.。 Anyway, he has already embarrassed.,These ideas are how to say。 He has made himself as a dead person.。 Just hope that Li will remember to agree to him.。 “Lee Boss,If I die,Remember to help me take […]

Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Eight Return to Fukuyama

An unremarkable Jinbei van parked there,There are local license plates in Fukuyama,Standing next to a tall man,Pretty girl,It turned out to be Shen Yingjie。 “You also go to the county?”Li Tianzhi asked quickly。 “Not going,Waiting for you here。”Shen Yingjie is as straightforward as ever,“Have something to tell you。” Zheng Xulai behind him patted Li Tianzhi […]

Wang San understands,Fang Na should have figured out a way,So asked,“Sister Na,You have a clever plan?”

———— 210 Undefended Zhao Qianqian Fang Na raised her head and vomited two smoke rings,Smiling,“Zhang Siwei,She has a child,You kidnapped the child,Just do that!” Wang San took a breath after listening,Let him kill,Kidnap him for a while,Will I go to hell in the future?。 “Sister Na,Sister Na,This……Look,I am a big man,And will not bring children,I […]

Show the dagger,Chen Xiu has seen,It’s just that they are too close,Chen Xiu is now fighting fiercely because of his sharper eyesight than ordinary people,But on-the-spot reaction ability is really inferior to Lianjiazi。

Facing the dagger braving the cold, Chen Xiu was stunned.,It wasn’t until the game that the muscle pain in his lower abdomen was sore that he reacted to it all at once.。 The phone in the right hand smashed towards Brother Dog’s head,Kick his left foot to his right wrist at the same time。 This […]

How can this be,For Xiao Fan,It is absolutely impossible。

and so,In Xiao Fan’s opinion,after,He and this Miss Shen family,I can still see one less,Then see one less,otherwise,If Lin Yuna knows that there is still such a period between him and this young lady of the Shen family“past”if,I don’t know how she will be angry with herself yet? For this kind of thing that may […]


The bullet returned to his subordinates in the next moment,Then came the involuntary cry of pain。 What kind of martial arts is this? The median male doesn’t understand,Just now,He was lost。 I knew that for a master,A momentary loss of consciousness represents the end of a battle,If the guy in the black robe made a […]

Tian Lu doesn’t want to trouble others because of his cousin’s job search,Especially for Ye Xingkong。But by oneself,Feel stressed again,Let’s take a step and take a look。

According to the agreed time,I met my cousin at the agreed intersection。My cousin is still childish,I feel that I have gone through a lot of vicissitudes,Can’t help but give birth to a bit of pity。 Can’t help but sigh:The reason why people run around,All for a way of survival。 Plan the first step to find […]