Angyang spirit riveted "Niu Jin" (People’s Forum)

Original title: Angyang spirit riveted "Niu Jin" (People Forum) time is the most meaningful variable, and the most impartial friend, full of magic and witness vicissitudes. A person’s understanding of time, refracts its mental temperament; a nation understands the time, showing its forward gesture. When the time of the passer, the Chinese calamation was bullish, […]

2021 slow-running business league is smooth

The game site. China Softball Association is a map in Zhongshan, Guangdong, and the East High School Race is the first slow base competition this year. It is undoubtedly a big event for sticks and softball enthusiasts; In the game, the scene has been raining, cooling the weather, but the players do not reduce the […]

Academician of Zhang Bo, promoted Chinese medicine to play an important role in the global cultural affection

China · Australian New Crown Pneumonia Treatment International Academic Exchange Meet People’s Network Tianjin April 4 (Reporter Zhu Hong) Today, China · Australian New Crown Pneumonia treatment international academic exchange will be held in a video conference. Zhang Boli, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the principal of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese […]

2020 National Labor Model Duofeng

Dai Zifeng, male, Han nationality, born in April 1974, the masses, high school education, is now the project manager of Anhui and County Sanjian Co., Ltd. Comrade Dezi Feng has participated in the construction of Beijing Xiaoju Mountain SARS Hospital, Metegou Take a Smooth Shanto District Safe Housing Project, Lugou Bridge Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall […]

OLED war ignited TCL Hua Xingchi new technology route

Chinese panel manufacturers have finally won in the LCD battlefield for many years. But the next generation of warfares have been ignited.On November 16th, TCL Huaxing launched the world’s first 65-inch 8K inkjet print OLED (iJPoled) screen on the world’s first 65-inch 8K inkjet printing OLED (IJPOLED) screen on the 2021TCL Huaxing global display ecological […]

The civil official can see the official in court

Tianjin Second Middle School publicly opened a trial confirmed that he had not yet levied his housing behavior illegal case, and Beichen District District is the head of the administrative organ to appear in court. Yuan Bo promoted the essence of administrative controversy, "like a roller coaster", the head of a pharmacy in Tianjin Binhai […]

Sharing technical talents boost industrial upgrading (new viewpoint)

  Enter into the brain operation center of Shaoxing, Zhejiang, Zhejiang Province, a huge LED display. Simply open the screen, you can quickly accurately match the engineers that provide technical services in the talent durse in the talent demand. "The key to the transformation and upgrading of Shaoxing special industries is the breakthrough in talents. "Shaoxing […]

Supporting kindergarten must be delivered in synchronization with residential

  On November 8, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education issued a public asking for the "Guidance Opinions of the Construction and Management of Residential Community Supporting Kindergarten" (Revised Draft) "(hereinafter referred to as" Opinions "), and" Guangdong Province Pu Hui Private Kindergarten Identification, Support and Management Measures (Revised Draft) "(hereinafter referred to as" Measures "), […]