The face of the lame old man is withered,It looks like a rotten orange that has been roasted and shed water,But the piercing eyes are extremely disproportionate to the face,At this time, intentionally or unintentionally, I looked towards Zhangshu,Just like a glimpse of surprise, Wu Zhang was surprised,Almost threw away the telescope in hand。

What kind of look is this,As cold as a knife,Such a long distance is breathtakingly lethal。at this point,Wu Fang wakes up even if he has a fever again,My whereabouts have long been exposed,It can be said that every move is under the other’s eyelids。Reminiscent of the situation last night,It really made the other party laugh,Wu […]

Ma Xiaofeng wanted to kill the chicken to show the monkey,Show her power as mayor。She stood up suddenly,Two steps to the balcony,Shouted and asked downstairs:“Who is yelling below?“

“It’s me!Zhang Er!Villager Zhang Er of Xiping Village,Which god are you?Can you introduce“Zhang Er with a smirk,He smiled and said。 Ma Xiaofeng suppressed the anger in his heart,Look back,See Zhao Hong and Chen Erniu are busy with each other,He didn’t come to help her at all。The anger in her heart is even greater。But she still […]

I’m so happy,Dogs are really man’s most loyal friends!But he is a bunch of data after all,Someday i won’t play,It doesn’t exist。And don’t you think it’s ridiculous to have feelings for a bunch of data??Because they have no emotions,It’s you yourself。

I touched Basque’s head,Asked:Basque,Have you seen human players come here recently?Just a few days ago。 Basque seems to recall,Said:what,I remember,A young man did come three days ago,I can smell the water of Lorraine Creek from it,It should come from Luolanxi Village。By the way, the crocodiles in Lorraine Creek are so happy,Can eat human flesh every […]

Four o’clock in the afternoon,Xia Jian has rushed to the foot of Southeast Mountain on a motorcycle。

Southeast Mountain belongs to the boundary of Xiping Village。Mountain is not very big,To be exact, a lonely mountain。Because the hillside rises more fiercely,So the whole mountain is mixed with vegetation,Almost no one goes up。 Xia Jian came here many years ago,Unexpectedly, after returning home, I was almost beaten by my mother Sun Yuejuan。The reason is […]

This remark,There was an uproar all around。

Who can think of,Leng Yuexue, the proud girl of heaven in the guild,When he opened his mouth, he asked the overlord Aotian news。 Niu Qiuye quickly shook his head wryly,One finger,Smiled:“Met a real person,I’m afraid you will be disappointed。” Follow his fingertips,Leng Yuexue saw Lu Menglin who was already excited。 “You are the Tyrant God […]

That hand just turned into ice,Gather ice into a hurdle,Successfully tripped Wu Yi half a step,In fact, the use of power is second,The key is Wei Xiaoxing’s judgment quasi-,It just so happens that the other party’s old strength is exhausted,When the new force was not born, it made a trip,To receive the miraculous effect。

This is because he is naturally timid,Dare not expose yourself,If he is not afraid of being discovered,Go all out,I guess it can trip Wu Yi to a big one。 Among all the students in Class 16,,On potential,Naturally He Bu is the strongest,But on fighting talent,Wei Xiaoxing is doing my part,This is why Lu Menglin picked […]

And once they can do it,The result will be favored by the total rudder,Maybe he still has a chance to become the top leader of the black hand group。Thought of here,He got fever,I always feel that the road ahead is full of light。

“Ha ha,Okay,It’s up to you to fight,After the fight, we will receive some forces and manpower。That’s good!”Qin Feng nodded。 of course,He can also see that the Black Hand also needs a shield,Once the official has something else to stir,Their Feng Meng will definitely be the first to be attacked。 But it’s not important,It’s a game […]

Only Xia Chenglong did it,So he is still alive,The Great Elder hasn’t taken any action yet。

If Xia Chenglong was the black robe man before,Time and place meet the corresponding requirements,But one thing is missing,That’s the source。 This face is not the original face or the discomfort is originally physical,Otherwise impossible。 Eight-Rank Wen Shenjing in his early twenties,This is a very abstract concept,Impossible because it is abstract。 Even if everyone is […]

“You can prove Fermat’s last theorem to me!When did you prove Fermat’s last theorem,When will i go with you!”

I’ll wipe it! Fermat’s Last Theorem,you sure? Playing dead does not pay for life! To know,Fermat’s Last Theorem is not a general mathematical problem. ———— First0075chapter Incorporating mathematical geniuses Fermat’s Last Theorem,Has become“Fermat’s final theorem”,And four-color conjecture、Goldbach conjecture is collectively known as the three major problems of human mathematics。 The reason is that the French […]

Beneficiary is not a little drug god, but more romantic

“Beneficiary” is not a “little drug god”, but more romantic Liu Yan’s performance refers to “Feng Yue Qiao Jia Ren”. Dapeng’s performance learned “Fighting Gold”.  Produced by Ning Hao and directed by the Olympic Games, the movie “Beneficiaries” starring Dapeng, Liu Yan and Zhang Zixian has been released nationwide on November 8, and the box office […]