Chengdu two electric cars collided with the driver first confirmed the green code to remove the hood of Chengdu electric vehicle – News

Recently, Chengdu epidemic, let Chengdu people engrave the anti-epidemic awareness into DNA. So, this appearance appears: It is wrong, Chengdu people now quarryed a single frame to show the green code. On November 8, Near the Digital Plaza, Chengdu, collided with two electric cars. Two masters took out the phone brightly, and confirmed that they […]

5G application integration development will enter the new stage in the potential application of thousands of business

5G commercial two years, under the joint efforts of all parties in the industry, the development has achieved remarkable, emerged in a large number of outstanding cases, and 5G applications achieved breakthroughs from 0 to 1. However, how can 5G development next how to advance the recently conclusion, integration with a 5G industry application online […]

Beautiful Xining Weihe Green Mountain

Civilized driving, safe travel. In response to the "National Civilized City Evaluation System" "Evaluation System Operation Manual", the taxi company emphasizes the car appearance of the vehicle, there is no abnormation, whether the seat cover is clean, whether the vehicle equipment is in a safe state, the driver’s instrument, etc.At the same time, the whole […]

Chengdu Provident Fund Center reminder: Extraction agreement will be cautious

How did many pay workers in the previous month how to apply? Can I recover after the decimal decline? Can not. Since October 8, 2021, no additional signing of the annual extraction agreement, the newly signed extraction agreement, can only sign a monthly extraction agreement. How many years of extraction agreements have existed in employees? […]

Starting winter training with physical recovery and physical reserves

Original title: Strong Body Recovery and Physical Reserve Safe Shanghai Harbor Team began to prepare for winter training Shanghai Harbor this week to resize, in the Pudong Century Park, the first-line training base started to prepare for the 2021 season. Although it rains in Shanghai yesterday, the weather is cold, but the players are still […]

The 21st Youth Fair will hold talent project fair

  During this Youth Fair, the Talent Project Fair, "Zhihui Sanjiangyuan, Helps New Qinghai" will be held, and the negotiation is organized by the Office of the Organization Department of Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Talent Work Leading Group, Provincial Expert Talent Association, Combining the 10th anniversary of the tune, taking the project, part-time, migratory, alliance, […]

Top Ten Science and Technology Innovation Project of Lanzhou Started Declaration

Original title: "Top Ten Science and Technology Project", "Top Ten Science and Technology Innovation Project", began to declare on May 8, the reporter learned from the Lanzhou Science and Technology Bureau, 2020 "Lanzhou City 10 Science and Technology Project", "10 Science and Technology Innovation Project "starts from now on. It is understood that the project […]

Released by electricity in Hefei area in the first three quarters of 2021

The electricity consumption is the "barometer" of urban economic development. In the first three quarters of this year, the total electricity consumption of the whole society in Hefei is more than 100 million, which is more than a year-on-year increase, higher than the average growth rate of the province. It is about the total amount […]