One hundred people brought back from Tianjin have a plan,Take the curator of the Longchi Mansion,He will arrange twenty people to travel by Tang Ling。

“Tang Dado,These twenty people are allocated in Rongxiang and Shenghui,The yellow chassis is not enough to add some,I will let them report to the situation of speaking every day.,You will report to me a long time every morning.,If you really call me,You can also deal with themselves。” Some people who are given to the car […]

Qin Xiaomin closed the door with a snap,She said loudly:“Xia Jian!If you are a man, just sit down for me,It is him who is leaving, not you“Qin Xiaomin put his hands on his shoulders,Murderous look。This is the first time Xia Jian saw her having such a big temper。

Xia Jian has a look,I had to sit back again。He didn’t want to let Sun Yao lose face in front of Qin Xiaomin,But this guy doesn’t take him seriously,Take his kindness as donkey liver and lungs。 “Xia Jian!You said you, a migrant worker, how can He De chase Qin Xiaomin?On family background,On academic qualifications,On your […]

“Don’t say,Your gathelicin is hung by chloramphenicol,My whole person is really……Shuangfei!”

Li Heyun pointed to the antibiotics,I feel like looking for savings.,The eyes are full of Mingguang。 Zhou Ye We In order to cancel all doubts about Li He Yun,Continue:“Now the antibiotic replacement is improved,Then the inspection company also found the sequence of tsutsugami pathogenics.,Diagnosis of tsutsugamushi is a staples on the plate,Old black, you only […]

Four Soul Voice。

“boom~”Patriarch Pauline splits his body in two,The body of the light god clone also burst out with the powerful power of the light god。 Full of the fighting power of the five major palace masters,Surrounded by Wright’s own physical skills。 【Sacred Spear of Destiny】The spear containing the rules of fate appears strangely near Wright’s head。 […]


Get,Needless to say,Jingpu knew Lingju’s expression,I’m fucking slow again! Okay,This Lingju is powerful enough,Jingpu was a little surprised,I have the best《Army God》,Adding the identity of the red police chief,Not as good as Lingju。 but……After all,Since it is a racing game,Naturally, there are many details that must be perfect,To save time。 In the last life,Some big […]

“I guess,Could it be the essence of the golden horn beast egg?,Then what mutation happened!?”Li Ming thought for a while,Guess。

“Can’t say it’s impossible,But the golden horn itself,Compared to humans of the same level, it is no more than several times stronger。。You are a hundred times stronger。”Babata thought about it:“Your physical strength is a hundred times stronger than the same level,Means that the genes themselves have evolved,Although I have never heard of this evolution,But it […]

The face of the lame old man is withered,It looks like a rotten orange that has been roasted and shed water,But the piercing eyes are extremely disproportionate to the face,At this time, intentionally or unintentionally, I looked towards Zhangshu,Just like a glimpse of surprise, Wu Zhang was surprised,Almost threw away the telescope in hand。

What kind of look is this,As cold as a knife,Such a long distance is breathtakingly lethal。at this point,Wu Fang wakes up even if he has a fever again,My whereabouts have long been exposed,It can be said that every move is under the other’s eyelids。Reminiscent of the situation last night,It really made the other party laugh,Wu […]

Ma Xiaofeng wanted to kill the chicken to show the monkey,Show her power as mayor。She stood up suddenly,Two steps to the balcony,Shouted and asked downstairs:“Who is yelling below?“

“It’s me!Zhang Er!Villager Zhang Er of Xiping Village,Which god are you?Can you introduce“Zhang Er with a smirk,He smiled and said。 Ma Xiaofeng suppressed the anger in his heart,Look back,See Zhao Hong and Chen Erniu are busy with each other,He didn’t come to help her at all。The anger in her heart is even greater。But she still […]

I’m so happy,Dogs are really man’s most loyal friends!But he is a bunch of data after all,Someday i won’t play,It doesn’t exist。And don’t you think it’s ridiculous to have feelings for a bunch of data??Because they have no emotions,It’s you yourself。

I touched Basque’s head,Asked:Basque,Have you seen human players come here recently?Just a few days ago。 Basque seems to recall,Said:what,I remember,A young man did come three days ago,I can smell the water of Lorraine Creek from it,It should come from Luolanxi Village。By the way, the crocodiles in Lorraine Creek are so happy,Can eat human flesh every […]

Four o’clock in the afternoon,Xia Jian has rushed to the foot of Southeast Mountain on a motorcycle。

Southeast Mountain belongs to the boundary of Xiping Village。Mountain is not very big,To be exact, a lonely mountain。Because the hillside rises more fiercely,So the whole mountain is mixed with vegetation,Almost no one goes up。 Xia Jian came here many years ago,Unexpectedly, after returning home, I was almost beaten by my mother Sun Yuejuan。The reason is […]