Guan Tingna is back ten minutes later,She threw the stack of bills in Xia Jian’s arms and said:“go with!Go to the first floor and go through the discharge procedures for me”

Things have reached this point,Xia Jian is useless anymore。She followed the prompt,Completed the discharge procedures for Guan Tingna。 Guan Tingna doesn’t have much,She only carried a small bag,The rest is a packet of medicine。Because they both drove,And all stopped at the hospital,So it became a problem for a while。 “such,Stop the car first,Let’s go out […]

slowly,When Wang Teng slowly raised his head and looked at these。

at this time,Lei Zhiting is struggling。 But not long,Lei Zhiting can’t struggle anymore。 Because Wang Teng has already shot,Solved Lei Zhiting directly。 Done these,Now,Wang Teng raised his head and looked at him。 When seeing here,At this moment, Wang Teng said directly。 “right now,Lei Zhiting has been solved,Next,It’s them。” slowly,When Wang Teng’s words are finished,The people […]

He seems very untalkative,Questions about poetry,Just a few sentences,Pass by。

Poetry,I’m afraid I offended this big guy the night before,Retaliate against her in this way now。 Faced with such interviewees,For the official recording one day later,Poetry has no bottom,Fortunately, her boyfriend Zhao Haiyi has always encouraged her。 Zhao Haiyi is a famous gold medal planner in the media industry,He is the planner of several brand […]

But it’s different at the moment,The huge crescent moon blade reached a hundred feet with blood,The same power as Skyrim,Then directly tear open the black sand barrier in front of you。

Want to rip off such power,How powerful is that,Middle level,The upper level asks the gods,Even in the concentrating state…… Xia Chenglong did it at this moment。 And after splitting the black kill of hundreds of meters apart, he finally revealed his original face,A black throne,It’s exactly the same as what I saw in Jianyuan。 But […]

How many days and nights can the Shouyue Pavilion exist in the rivers and lakes?,Naturally have their stuff,Before those guys start,They have completed the preparation。

A wall formed by moonlight,Separate Xia Chenglong from them,No matter how to attack,Just not moving。 “I said,Your opponent is us,Please let Mr. Xia leave。” “it is good,very good,Since you are strong,Then it’s all here!” ———— Chapter four hundred and ninety six Charisma Someone wants him to die,There are also people who don’t want him to […]

“This matter Fernandez·Does Mr. Chen know??”

———— First723chapter Teach? Countless questions hit Jack Welch again。 But this time,Jack Welch didn’t answer any more,He turned to look at his assistant。 The assistant immediately understood his ownbossthe meaning of,Stepped forward and stopped the reporters:“Everyone please let me,excuse me,Mr. Welch has another meeting to attend……” But how could the reporters let Jack Welch leave […]

Facts proved,George·Walker’s trade union chairman for more than ten years is not for nothing,Over the past ten years,He fights against the boss,Already have a wealth of experience,quickly,He sorted out the clues……

“in fact,I think we will win soon。”George·Walker smiled slightly,Said。 Ok?! We won soon?What do you say? I kept listening to George with my ears upright·Walker and Michelle··A group of union leaders in conversation with Apple,I suddenly became curious。 “First of all,Let me talk about it,”George·Walker held up the Chicago News》:“Gentlemen,I believe you have all read […]

“We really don’t have to worry about getting troubled?”

Half a day,Enough to make up for one year of hard work。 Mo Mo looked at Xiang Chen with some worry,After all, two talents just helped an old woman who sells tea eggs to drive away a group of city managers。 The old woman not far away is still worried,I don’t know how I will […]