Dazu Gas Damin leads the villagers to increase the income

Gutan is in the greenhouse to see the growing vegetables. The Dazu District Committee Propaganda Department is awarded by the People’s Network. Hungiang to develop greenhouse fruits and vegetables and ecological agriculture, he also created a famous rural tourism resort in colorful rice fields while driving the folks, and he was also ranked as a […]

Changchun New District launches green approval action to make government service more temperature

Raise awareness and efficient service. Combined with the "business big compassion" arrangement, carry out the government approval service self-test activities, through the problem, digging root, insufficient, repair the short board, firmly establish the business environment "a game" concept in the administrative examination and approval department in the district , Strengthen "approval, service" consciousness, transformation "Whoever […]

Continuously combined with new era conditions to promote the spirit of Yogong

The red land of Yimeng has born countless heroes, and people always remember that the revolutionary war age can be sorrowful. General Secretary Xi Jinping, profoundly, "Shandong is the revolutionary old area," has a glorious tradition, military and civilian watermast, life and death, and co-castings, "We will still have a very important enlightenment to wear […]

2021 Shanghai City Digital Transition Practice Program Competition

This competition is one of the main competition units of Shanghai’s urban digital transformation "smart craftsman" selection tree, "leading pioneer" selection activities. The competition is the theme of "comprehensive promotion of urban digital transformation, accelerating the international digital transformation of world influence", and collecting 103 contest programs for participating in Shanghai urban digital transformation. Players […]

The second batch of national rural governance demonstration villages announced, Qingpu this village

The Central Rural Work Leading Group Office, the Agricultural Rural Department, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the National Rural Revitalization Bureau recently issued the "Notice on the announcement of the second batch of national rural governance demonstration villages", create and recommend the basis for the reportAt the […]

Qujing Maron: List the quality of learning and promotion of learning

Qujing Municipal Ma Long District took the lead in launching the theoretical learning center group in February this year, and listening to the listening of 10 townships (streets) and 61 zones in the whole district, and better play the theory The role of the "faucet" in the center group, comprehensively promoted the party committee (Party […]

People’s comments: Let data security to make a beautiful digital life

Original title: Let data security to make a beautiful digital life (people’s comment) With the accelerated development of digital economy, data has become important production factors. Strengthen data governance, protect data security, build a safe barrier for the continuous health development of digital economy, which is the objective need of the development of the times. […]

Three days from zero increase: Qi "Xin" guards this city

  Great Wall Network · 冀 云 网 November 18 (Reporter Liu Xiaotian Fuxing Di) November 18th, Xinji City’s new coronary pneumonia has increased three consecutive days.According to the 13th epidemic prevention and control press conference in Xinji City, after the epidemic situation, Xinji City took a steady trend by adopting a number of prevention and […]