It makes no sense for the third raid,The suggestion was made by Li Tianzhen,Use again and again,I don’t have a heart over and over again,Decided to kill a carbine,Dayan actually laughed and didn’t object,Both seem to be marked as hidden,It’s really miserable,If you don’t keep on harassing like this,Once the Holy Blood Array is found by the blood clan,They won’t have any chance。

This is from Dayan’s judgment,In his prediction,It’s amazing that the blood clan can gather three to four elders at a time,Unexpectedly, six people came,This attitude shows that the opponent will use the power of the clan to open the holy blood array,Six elders gathered,It means how many ways they have to find a big battle […]

“Quick fix,Use your best!”Unicorn beast drink,It deals with five or six ghosts at the same time,Immediately seemed busy,But the whole room is fierce,Like it had seen tens of thousands of years ago‘Demon Disillusionment Array’,Although it used the primordial soul to shake the outer space,But the whole formation was fully stimulated,Their situation is already at the extreme of crisis。

“Big toad save my friend!”Li Tianzhen yelled in divine consciousness,Followed by a thought,The short knife in the hand disappears,It was replaced by a very dazzling green light,Bang,Li Tianzhen stomped,Started‘God’s Footprints’,Buzz,The leaf knife has flown out,Several heads of the statue have been cut off with a click。 “Not hey!”Qilin Beast’s complexion changed,Li Tianzhen is obviously not […]

“Hahahaha!President Xia had this idea at a young age,It seems that I am tired of the life of fighting and fighting in the mall,But since you are already on the road,I can only go on well,Like this cup of tea poured with boiling water,Soaked delicious,We will taste it,If you can’t make it,Can only dump“Sister Wang said,Two talking eyes,Gently glanced at Xia Jian。

This is very meaningful,How can he not understand the truth,He just smiled:“Thanks for your advice“ Talking room,Dishes have come,What surprised Xia Jian,Everything here is exquisite,Doesn’t seem to be for eating,But look at,There is a feeling that makes people unable to put chopsticks。 “Eat!No matter how good,It’s also enjoyable,If you lose this value,It’s not a good […]

Ma Chuntao is delighted,She smiled and said:“You should have been a master。How about this!You wait,I’ll send someone some flowers for your girlfriend,Let’s welcome her too!”

Ma Chuntao finished,I really walked into the greenhouse while I was calling。Luo sitting in the car heard that Ma Chuntao wanted to send her flowers,Couldn’t help but smile:“The mountains here are bare and there is no grass,Can still grow flowers?” “Look down on people!Which is the white plastic greenhouse,It’s all flowers”Xia Jian pointed,Hehe said with […]

But now,As the people around Li Kangjie finished,Let everyone,For these,Know clearly。

Such a thing,It’s indeed completely out of their expectations。 What about Li Kangjie,Is frowning slightly:“this matter,It’s really unexpected。” “Just from now on,Such a problem,It’s actually quite tricky。” When Li Kangjie saw this,At this moment,Li Kangjie never forgets to speak directly here。 “So next,Their main purpose,Should still be us!” When Li Kangjie’s words are finished,Those around,They […]

Guan Tingna is back ten minutes later,She threw the stack of bills in Xia Jian’s arms and said:“go with!Go to the first floor and go through the discharge procedures for me”

Things have reached this point,Xia Jian is useless anymore。She followed the prompt,Completed the discharge procedures for Guan Tingna。 Guan Tingna doesn’t have much,She only carried a small bag,The rest is a packet of medicine。Because they both drove,And all stopped at the hospital,So it became a problem for a while。 “such,Stop the car first,Let’s go out […]

slowly,When Wang Teng slowly raised his head and looked at these。

at this time,Lei Zhiting is struggling。 But not long,Lei Zhiting can’t struggle anymore。 Because Wang Teng has already shot,Solved Lei Zhiting directly。 Done these,Now,Wang Teng raised his head and looked at him。 When seeing here,At this moment, Wang Teng said directly。 “right now,Lei Zhiting has been solved,Next,It’s them。” slowly,When Wang Teng’s words are finished,The people […]

He seems very untalkative,Questions about poetry,Just a few sentences,Pass by。

Poetry,I’m afraid I offended this big guy the night before,Retaliate against her in this way now。 Faced with such interviewees,For the official recording one day later,Poetry has no bottom,Fortunately, her boyfriend Zhao Haiyi has always encouraged her。 Zhao Haiyi is a famous gold medal planner in the media industry,He is the planner of several brand […]