Adhere to governance digitalization to drive urban governance modernization

Create more vitality, more competitive digital ecosystems ■ Implement urban management by human intensive to human machine interaction, transition from experience judgment type to data analysis, by passive disposition to active discovery transition. Strive to paint the number twins are everywhere, the vital signs are ignorant, the intelligent supervision is no longer, the precision service […]

2021 Cross-Strait Entrepreneur Zikinshan Summit

Xinhua News Agency, Nanjing, 7 december 2021, 2021, Ondernemer, Zikinshan Summit, wordt gehouden in Nanjing en Taipei. Het Permanent Comité van het Politiek Bureau van het CPC Central Committee, Wang Yang, voorzitter van het Nationaal Comité van de Chinese Volksconsequentiesconferentie, stuurde een felicitatie naar het Board of Engineering Summit, vertegenwoordigde het Centraal Comité van de […]

Centraal Comité heeft een sessie van de partijgeschiedenis gehouden

  In de middag van 8 mei werd de centrale overheid voltooid om een ??zitting van de partijgeschiedenis en het onderwijs te conventeren, Zhou Zuyi-kameraden woonden de bijeenkomst bij, luisterde naar het jonge kaders ‘leren en suggesties en voerde diepgaande ontwikkeling met jonge kaders uit. Combade Cui Shapeng organiseerde een vergadering en sommige jonge kaders spraken. […]

Chinese medicine, everyone gathered to see the diagnosis, the seventh famous medical treatment forum for the Shengai Chinese Medicine, successfully held

In order to improve the level of clinical diagnosis and treatment technology in Chinese medicine and the effective application of research results such as the preparation drugs in the hospital. At the same time, in order to strengthen the research confidence in Chinese medicine, the young doctors have motivated the clinical study of Chinese medicine, […]

Southwest Guizhen: Treatment of "Steering Pans" Strictly Prevent "Corruption on Wheels"

"Hello, please provide the billing list and bill of publication in January 2019 …" Recently, the Sino-South China Discipline Inspection Commission was stationed in the Thirteenth Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team came to the Nanzhou Intermediate People’s Court. , State judicial bureaus, state strong ring and other units, special inspections in violation of regulations and […]

Preferred manufacturing comprehensive strength into the first part of the country, how can Sichuan catch up?

    ● First mention "3 + 4 + 4 + N" modern manufacturing new system, the specific presented form is to create a group of international competitive advanced manufacturing clusters ● Focus on the future development direction of manufacturing, and put forward 9 main tasks , Comprehensive improvement of the quality of manufacturing development and core […]

Shanxi provincial digital coupons come from 3 rounds

  Original title: Provincial digital coupons come from 3 rounds, can be used in retail consumption and catering spending September 19, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Commerce that provincial figures " The second phase of the coupon is determined, a total of 40 million yuan of consumer coupons began to put the market […]

Relying on the integration of the network, focus on calculation of the scene, China Unicom cloud launches seven major scene cloud products!

Under the double-wheel drive of scene and technology, integration with networks into new trends in cloud computing.On the one hand, the new scene of new scenes is continuously emerging to make a more urgent need for the integration network integration; on the other hand, the integration of network, integration, accounting management, account network joint dispatch, […]

The Central Political and Legal Committee reported 6 intervention judicial activities, intervened in specific cases to handle typical cases

This newspaper Beijing October 16 (Reporter Ni Wei) Recently, the Central Political and Legal Committee publicly announced six leading cadres intervene judicial activities, intervene specific cases, and internal personnel of the judiciary and the trial cases that the judicial personnel did not record according to the regulations. . 1. The case of the police Wang […]