“When’s the matter?”

“Many years。” “But before in the hall,My teacher’s father told me to find him in the Holy Fire Hall after I was full,You were there,right?” “Yes。” “The Holy Fire Temple is destroyed……Where to find?” “So i don’t know。” The boy was completely confused,Stared at the fat man in front of him,I don’t know what to […]

“whatever。”Li Tianchou smiled,Reach out and pat your waist,“I have guys,Keep this thing for yourself。”

“Pull it down,Your one is imitation,Can’t compare with this guy。Hold。”Wu Fang couldn’t help but thrust the gun to Li Tianchou,And took out four spare magazines from the linoleum bag,Is also divided into two。 “what,Where’s your big revolver?”Li Tianchou is strange。 “That is a highly simulated toy,I did use it to scare many people,Unfortunately, it was […]

Why should Leo?

If you can’t find the right strong,Charles Rose vowed that he would kill Leo immediately。 Don’t think that Tianlong can do whatever it wants,Tianlong people sometimes refer to a whole,But it does not mean that all individuals of Tianlong people can represent the rights group of Tianlong people。 Charles Roth can’t,So I want to kill […]

Xia Jian was taken aback,So he hugged the clothes and went into the bathroom。Thinking of running the night car again at night,Xia Jian put a tank of hot water,Lie in it and feel comfortable。

Come out of the bathroom,Yao Junli has asked the waiter to deliver a bowl of Xia Jian’s favorite noodles on the coffee table。Looking at Yao Junli who is so considerate,Xia Jian was even a little touched,But he knew,Such a woman,Only suitable for his confidante。 Three under five divide two,A bowl of noodles entered Xia Jian’s […]

But this one“Aunt Chen”Doesn’t seem to be angry,See Ding Ruoyan,She immediately greeted Ding Ruoyan happily:“Ruoyan, you are here?My dad just said,I haven’t seen Ruoyan girl for a while……These are?”

Until this time,This Miss Chen seems to notice Chen Geng next to Ding Ruoyan and the two foreigners behind him,And the few people behind them who seem to be working in the government,Can’t help but be a little surprised,When she saw a few familiar faces of the street office from the crowd,My face suddenly changed。 […]

The man took a half step back calmly,Calmly avoided her vomit。

Hu Lin suddenly felt feverish,I grew up,Have never been so embarrassed,It’s really hard to say,I can’t wait to find a place to sew in。 “The monster is still chasing after,You better deal with it quickly。We must leave here immediately。”Lu Menglin said blankly。 Actually, there are no monsters?The worm-headed guy at the gate of the Taishan […]

Just pick up the phone,I really want to call Su Xuehen’s family,But after thinking about it,Suffering from gains and losses,After all。

At last,Lu Menglin simply called Wang Shaoxiao。 “Hey,Fat man,where are you?” “I’m busy!I’m hereCCity!A lot of things,Who is so leisurely like you!Come to help when you have time!You are the boss,My brother!”Wang Shaoxiao complained repeatedly on the phone。 “It seems that this fat man is not someone who can share his thoughts!He can’t even handle […]

So many things。Xiao Fan will be more cautious,As long as they can get out,Then the rest,Xiao Fan must have the ability to let them tell the true truth behind,Then Xiao Fan didn’t send any other brothers over。

Then Shen Lin and Su Ran took some of the remaining brothers and left. She wanted to stay here to investigate the truth.,Xiao Fan has the power to let them leave silently,They were able to use some insidious tricks。 Come and put all these people here,Then I want to threaten Xiao Fan,Then they should think […]

right now,Add directly to 15 million。If it is an investment,It’s definitely a big loss。Wait for it to rise to 15 million,Don’t know how long to wait。

Zhao Qi is strange,Can make Lao Cui be irrational,It seems that the Ru kiln pendant is not as simple as it seems! He couldn’t help but look at Populus:“Xiao Hu,The Ru Kiln pendant has other special features?” Can Xin Zhao ask me,Only Populus,I can trust Populus euphratica。 Populus is confused,Slightly shook his head:“do not know,Estimated […]