Zhao Shisan and Xia Jian have an age difference,Xia Jian scolded him,He can’t hold it on his face,He said with a cold smile:“You are too arrogant!Be careful one day I lost my teeth“

“up to you”Xia Jian left such a sentence,So he turned around and entered Baixing City,Zhao Shisan looked at the back of Xia Jian disappearing in the door,There was a terrible smile on his face。 I don’t know if spring is here,Wait for Xia Jian now,The earth has been covered with a layer of green,All kinds […]

“Hello!My name is Qiao Yu!”Fake Qiaoyu rerettrates the right hand to remember this person than yourself。

“Oh!?I am the universe!you too?” “Do not!I am Zhou Yu’s Yu!” “You are very strong!Nice to meet you!”Rui Rui, thumbs up, praise, Qiao Yu said in a modest:“And you are far more than you!I am fighting hard to get such a good grade.!” Qi Rui pretending to ask questions:“Joago!What organizations we join this revolutionary soldiers […]

moment,Li Ming’s many methods in the gods are used one after another,The effect of space-time suppression alone is comparable to the top-level domain category treasure,At the same time, an invisible void vortex suddenly appeared around the body,This void vortex is like a bright nebula converging on Li Ming’s right hand,Punch out。

“Burn out!”The Lord of Yuan Ao is not very strong at first,Otherwise, I won’t be enslaved by the soul。The dream domain alone allows him to play only 30-40% of his strength。And his realm treasure‘Fire Sand Cup’There is no time to show,Can only take out a strange black object with backhand。 As soon as the black […]

This is a rare opportunity。He always said to open a hospital,Talked for so long,But no action,This time he should think about it。

When I returned to the small clinic again,It’s twelve o’clock。He Jing and Julan went to the small restaurant across the road to eat,Only Doctor Lu is left in the shop。 Because it’s meal time,So there are no patients。When Wang Youcai went in,Doctor Lu just finished taking medicine for a patient。 “I thought you were gone,Why […]

“Mom understand,Don’t think about it anymore,sleep early!I’ll talk to your dad“Sun Yuejuan said,Got up and went back to the room,Looking at mom’s thin back under the light,Xia Jian was very sad。

Early next morning,Xia Jian went to the village committee without even having breakfast,Such anxious matter,How can he fall asleep。Actually, Zhao Hong came earlier than him,Cleaned up the office。 “how about it?“Xia Jian asked Zhao Hongdao straightforwardly。 Zhao Hong smiled and said:“The task you gave me is light,The couple said,Then they won’t say anything,I guess your […]

“When’s the matter?”

“Many years。” “But before in the hall,My teacher’s father told me to find him in the Holy Fire Hall after I was full,You were there,right?” “Yes。” “The Holy Fire Temple is destroyed……Where to find?” “So i don’t know。” The boy was completely confused,Stared at the fat man in front of him,I don’t know what to […]

“whatever。”Li Tianchou smiled,Reach out and pat your waist,“I have guys,Keep this thing for yourself。”

“Pull it down,Your one is imitation,Can’t compare with this guy。Hold。”Wu Fang couldn’t help but thrust the gun to Li Tianchou,And took out four spare magazines from the linoleum bag,Is also divided into two。 “what,Where’s your big revolver?”Li Tianchou is strange。 “That is a highly simulated toy,I did use it to scare many people,Unfortunately, it was […]

Why should Leo?

If you can’t find the right strong,Charles Rose vowed that he would kill Leo immediately。 Don’t think that Tianlong can do whatever it wants,Tianlong people sometimes refer to a whole,But it does not mean that all individuals of Tianlong people can represent the rights group of Tianlong people。 Charles Roth can’t,So I want to kill […]

Xia Jian was taken aback,So he hugged the clothes and went into the bathroom。Thinking of running the night car again at night,Xia Jian put a tank of hot water,Lie in it and feel comfortable。

Come out of the bathroom,Yao Junli has asked the waiter to deliver a bowl of Xia Jian’s favorite noodles on the coffee table。Looking at Yao Junli who is so considerate,Xia Jian was even a little touched,But he knew,Such a woman,Only suitable for his confidante。 Three under five divide two,A bowl of noodles entered Xia Jian’s […]