About Gansu Bound Epidemics, the latest research judgment of the State Council

  On the afternoon of October 27, the reporter had related issues such as the characteristics of new coronal pneumonia, the characteristics of new coronary pneumonia, and the difficulty of epidemic, and the difficulty of epidemic. The State Council Working Group Experts, China Disease Prevention and Control Center Virus CEO Dong Xiaoping.   Reporter: What is the […]

China Countryside in the eyes of foreigners

Screenshot of "Austrian Xiaohu" submission. Recently, the 3rd Global Chinese Life Space hosted by the People’s Daily has collected entry into the global netizens. Baidu company "Hundreds of" Baijia & Good View Video "as one of the competitions, collecting more than 7,500 short video works, more than 3,800 content creators actively participate in activities. In […]

Tourism Chinese Training in South Africa

People’s Daily Online Johannesburg, December 12 (Reporter Wang Lei) On December 11, the local time, the South African Tourism Industry Association and Johannesburg University (referred to as "Yuebao University") jointly hosted the Sino-South African Tourism Industry Tourism Chinese and Chinese Cultural Training Successfully held Farming ceremony. This training was co-organized by the University of Cape […]

The World Preliminaries 12 Strong Saunched the National Football Fight

The World Preliminaries 12 Strong Satarded Wusi, Wusi, which was sold in the United Arab Emirates and team closing technical consultants to help the country and the state, and prepare for the Morning News reporter. Gan Hui Beijing time on November 11th, the national football team will be in the world. . Affected by the […]

Sen seven dishes will be starred in the first starring "World Wonderful Symphony" and the Open, and the warehouse is played together.

People’s Daily Network Tokyo October 18th, Japan Channel Comprehensive Japanese Fashion Entertainment Website ModelPress Sen seven dishes in the drama will be starred in the play. "World Wonderful Syndrome 2021 Autumn Special Article" is the latest season of the series of episodes, the familiar story of the audience, Tamallo, will lead the audience to enter […]