The few people sitting around suddenly became energetic,After Wu Fang greeted everyone with a big grin, he thumped the canvas bag on the table.,But not open。

Zhu Lei also put the bag on the table,Take out four pistols from inside,Brand new、The shiny gun body made everyone’s faces flushed,Even Wu Fang was surprised,I can get four of these first-class goods,Sure enough。In addition, there are three boxes of bullets。“It’s all here。” Li Tianchou nodded,I took a gun and fiddled with it skillfully a […]

While eating,Ji Yunfeng received a message from a friend。The stock Ma Wanqiu said has not been good in recent years,Let alone rise。

Ji Yunfeng thought,These two are full of lies,Yushi suspected it was right,Han Honglang’s death must be hidden。 He was not in a hurry to tell Yushi the result,After eating a few bites of the dish, I put the chopsticks aside,Thin lips slightly,Squinted:“Mr. Sun,I am a person from architecture,So very sensitive to the house。I just made […]

“Oh my god!This ice and snow,Let them do this,I’m afraid I can’t tell them both”Zhao Hong deliberately blinked at Xia Jian。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“You just said it was me,Let them finish right away,If the wind leaks,I can’t spare them”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke,Because he found it was time for dinner。 Ouyang Hong is not polite,Xia Jianyi called her,She pulled Zhao Hong,Went to Xia Jian’s house together。Sun Yuejuan saw that her son was […]

This cat action not only has agile speed,Also has a pair of special short and thick saber teeth,Can bite open the neck of primates without hindrance,Even the skull。

Archaeologists have discovered several skull fossils of distant human ancestors,There are terrible tooth marks left by cats。 but,The fear of cats became extinct millions of years ago,That’s why Lu Menglin felt very surprised,Because he suddenly felt that he might have discovered,The real function of this crystal ore。 Able to retain the cat fearful breath of […]

Jinglian Demon Sage saw Xia Chenglong,I was not too surprised to escape my own attack this time.,After all, it was the one who killed the Demon King,If the strength is really bad,,That’s not justified!

And at this time, the Demon Sage of Thick Earth also caught the opportunity,When Xia Chenglong bent down like this,He transported the Houtu sword directly towards him and slashed it。 At this time, Xia Chenglong wants to dodge again, it is a little impossible,And the Demon Saint of Thick Earth,There is quite a posture that […]

People come and go in the vegetable market,Crowded,So as not to crowd the monitor,So Lu Menglin took the opportunity to hold Su Xuehen’s little hand。

Holding the soft, boneless hand,An indescribable delicateness and tenderness,This wonderful touch,It seems to be sweet in people’s hearts。 The moment Su Xuehen was held by him,I can’t help but shrink my neck,Pretty face blushing。 She also couldn’t resist this instinctive attraction,I can only tell myself,It’s not the first time anyway,It’s not a school anyway,No one […]

PS:on Saturday,Bring two babies,Today is almost……Please forgive me brothers。

———— First745chapter Alms is coming Kelly·Hicks came to Chen Geng’s side,Yelled lowly:“boss……” “Ok?Something?” “Yes,”Kelly·Hicks whispered:“Just now,The secretary of Mr. He Kai, general manager of XAC found me,Said that Mr. He Kai hopes to have an interview with you tonight。” Xifei’s boss wants to visit him? Chen Geng frowned,Then I watched Kelly·Hicks glance。 Know what my […]

After a while,Huang Shaotian is here,A little uneasily sat beside them,Then there are Liu Wenzhang and Tu Shanming,Also sit down next to each other。

The two of them really didn’t expect,This princess is so close to the people,And invited them to have breakfast。 Tu Shanming is not stingy,Liu Wenzhang was so excited,I thought Liu’s ancestor’s grave was smoking。 The breakfast on the table is more than sumptuous,It’s just too rich。 On the long table,Set up a whole eighteen dishes,All […]