Brother Long just glanced at his wife,No more words。Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“How to say this?As the saying goes!”

“Oh!Can you elaborate more?”Sister Cui asked very interested。actually not,She wants to help her husband。They took money from Xu Yiming,Xia Jian is now Brother Long’s benefactor again,Which head is light,Which head is heavy,She has to figure it out to make a conclusion。 This is the difference between a woman and a man,Long brother can speak big […]

The original meaning of Mountain King Liu Banshan,It’s for the members who joined the Flower Army two days ago,Means to reluctant to bear the old part of Heifengshan,Everyone reunited again……So sensational like him!

But I don’t know the reason,I thought‘Blackwind Mountain King’Is the veteran of the flower team,Go out and set up another portal to develop members,And brought100New people joined the flowers together,In addition, he was directly appointed as deputy head,Instead there is a“Triumphant home,Hometown of Ronggui!”a feeling of…… The most frightening thing about Chang Mao Ying Duan […]


The more so,Actually from the current point of view,Wang Teng doesn’t feel much at all。 “All right,Since this matter has been completely resolved。” “I won’t talk about other things for now,At least here,In fact, we still have to deal with this。” But Wang Teng just looked into the distance a little bit,At this time, Wang […]

He also rushed back from the company.。

Seeing Li Hui Hui is also a happy smile.。 After all, Li Hui Feng is in that a table, whether it is a style or an immersion, no wind.,Just this point, he is very satisfied with Li Hui’s performance.。 Plus Li Hui’s relationship with the Ri Wanqiang,Let him not help but think of a lot。 […]

“Not oldABar?SZThe southern part of Shijiao is his strongest?”

“My grass!Old fairy?!” “……” Li Tianchou waved his hand,Stopped everyone’s discussion,“Don’t guess,I said,There must be an accurate spectrum,Some things are still being verified,It doesn’t make sense to guess。But everyone must be prepared for this,This is the first thing。” Although Peng Weihua feels extremely uncomfortable,,But Li Tianchou can’t fault it,And it matters,He understands what the other […]

“The work attitude of cadres in Pingyang Town,It’s all you,Otherwise, it’s hard to change。But then again,Our town is a benchmark town in Pingdu,Now many people want to transfer their work to our town。I said it before,If someone does not perform well,Just leave me immediately”When Secretary Wang said this,,Very vigorous。

Xia Jian looked at Secretary Wang,Smiled knowingly。 Less than nine o’clock,Qin Xiaomin’s taxi drove into the Pingyang Town Government compound。She hasn’t stood firm yet,Reporters headed by Bai Xiaoru came in the cars of each unit.。 Xia Jian greeted everyone separately,I started my own big run,Lead the way,Toward Hejiaping Village。Qin Xiaomin、Secretary Wang and Tong Jie also […]

The few people sitting around suddenly became energetic,After Wu Fang greeted everyone with a big grin, he thumped the canvas bag on the table.,But not open。

Zhu Lei also put the bag on the table,Take out four pistols from inside,Brand new、The shiny gun body made everyone’s faces flushed,Even Wu Fang was surprised,I can get four of these first-class goods,Sure enough。In addition, there are three boxes of bullets。“It’s all here。” Li Tianchou nodded,I took a gun and fiddled with it skillfully a […]

While eating,Ji Yunfeng received a message from a friend。The stock Ma Wanqiu said has not been good in recent years,Let alone rise。

Ji Yunfeng thought,These two are full of lies,Yushi suspected it was right,Han Honglang’s death must be hidden。 He was not in a hurry to tell Yushi the result,After eating a few bites of the dish, I put the chopsticks aside,Thin lips slightly,Squinted:“Mr. Sun,I am a person from architecture,So very sensitive to the house。I just made […]

“Oh my god!This ice and snow,Let them do this,I’m afraid I can’t tell them both”Zhao Hong deliberately blinked at Xia Jian。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“You just said it was me,Let them finish right away,If the wind leaks,I can’t spare them”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke,Because he found it was time for dinner。 Ouyang Hong is not polite,Xia Jianyi called her,She pulled Zhao Hong,Went to Xia Jian’s house together。Sun Yuejuan saw that her son was […]