“Don’t talk nonsense here,You can use your brain even if you don’t guard,Why did we drive him away?Is he or not,Doesn’t affect our business at all,Because the things we sell are not the same,in contrast,He is yelling here,Invisibly http://www.shoujiwaike.cn increased our passenger flow,Why should we destroy such a good thing?”Xia Jian said patiently。

The fat woman’s eyes rolled,Speak insincerely:“that’s true!You really have no reason to drive him away,Who is this person?” “Come to the bottom,This matter will eventually show its true shape,You should sell your noodles!”Xia Jian smiled and said to the fat woman。He knew,Such a person’s IQ is just like this,Otherwise, why can she only sell noodles […]

Blue Xin’s face looked at her,I also saw my desk.,Empty。

She is angry when she instantly.,But she still endures the horror of the heart.,Laugh and ask:“Yuan Assistant,Is the information I have to meet today ready??” Yuan Yuan listened,Some dodges,“Blue Director,I got off work last night.,Forgot to bring your information back,so” “so,Not ready?”Blue Xin is still good to interrupt her.。 “Um!”Yuan Yuan nodded。 Blue Xin took […]

Many people’s brain reactions do not come over。

Splashing wine,How can I turn into a silver spear?? Is it a magic?? Immortal? Snare above the star……This special code is not a game equipment? Everyone’s mind is a blank。 Ambulous。 The long spear is inexpensive as a white light broken,Out of the straight wire。 After a few seconds,The slender water line is sorrowful.。 Black […]

The wide-area master is coming,Hugged him hard,Just a moment,‘Son of Metaverse’’S soul is bitten by ten thousand teeth、Thousand needles,The extremely painful shudder made him forget everything,Just want to escape here,Even if it is to give up everything,But can’t take it off。

So he went crazy again,The vigorous true essence still exists,But was enclosed in the body by invisible power,And chaos like before,As if cooperating with the purple fire to burn the soul,The unimaginable double pain finally makes‘Son of Metaverse’Throwing the longbow and Yuan Huang arrow and kneeling down,The once proud waist was bent like a water […]

“dare you laugh?you are dead,What should your family??”

“I don’t have a family。” The girl stunned,Immediately said: “What should your wife do??you are dead,She is going to find a wild man.。” “Ha ha ha ha!I but there is a solitary person.!” The girl didn’t know what to say at a time.,She probably didn’t expect people who have a sense of solitude。 “Let’s go […]

Maybe the other party has other secrets。

If you can,Liu Qingqing really wants to push this guy to the operating table to come to a gorgeous anatomy。 A deep breath,She decided to take the initiative,I immediately smiled。 “Ah,Summer grandfather,I don’t know why you have?” “Summer grandfather?” Narrate,Summer picking your eyebrows,The dark scorpion swepts in Liu Qingqing,From top to bottom,“What is messy。” “Pack,Continue […]


“Oh, you wake up.。” “Woke up。”Mian sound soft “Actually, we wake up the latest” “I have a strange drink too much.。”Thousands also try to cover up their lazy facts In fact, it will be more late in the bedroom.,If you have a holiday at home, you can’t sleep until noon.,“In fact, usually in the bedroom, […]

But Shen Xuan,How can I not see it?。

now,Shen Xuan put his hand。 “All right,Don’t tangled these,Come and take your hand.。” “today,Not you die, I die,I know how much you want to die is me.,But I want to tell you,Today’s death will be yourself!” After Sinking,Quick shot。 Zhao Mingguang has widened the whole person,Dead staring at Shenxuan。 “Humph,I want me to surrender to […]

at this time,They saw the scene of stunning。

Front,Summer does not have a stagnation at all。 After reaching the top of the mountain,Like a big bird,Jumping。 what!! “Don’t he live?。” Everyone’s face change,Heart jump。 They don’t stay in this place,How steep and steep know the cliff below。 Even if they also need to be careful。 If you accidentally fall,Such a high distance,Even if […]

First0985chapter it’s the same

Empty road,Deep night。 “Don’t be presumptuous, boss Wang!I have a husband,What do you want to do?”Ma Hongfang’s face changed,Whispered with a face。 Wang Youcai’s hand gently stroked Ma Hongfang’s waist up and down,He laughed and said:“What can i do?I want to treat you to a supper!” “not in the mood,Lost so much money,What supper”Ma Hongfang’s […]