that’s enough。

“What do you want to get??” Yang Guang saw more people who want to get benefits from him.,I thought that this is the same.。 Just the reward of he can honor.。 Although there are not many,But it is also the price of the average person.。 He has never died。 If the Xuan Jie Taoist is […]

“Ah……”“Ah.……”Next second。

“噗噗……”The unclear blood is shot,Unclear screams are constantly。 Fluctuating 气 四 四,Blood instantly dyeing the ground,Blood mist in the void,Residual crush is everywhere。 Envoy,It is a terrible scene of the Ronaldrot.!Qiu Niu is looking at it。 Even。 Forget fear。 First2208Chapter You can not die Luxurious hall,Brilliant。 Just,Atmosphere in the hall is still suppressing the pole。 […]

I heard the Chu Deirers asked him to dinner.,Hong Qiong old face:“Of course, dinner、And the old south dragon hasn’t learned yet.,Can you cross the river!”

In fact, Hongzi is also learning almost.,Although not like Chu Deirers,Already a way to practice,But don’t need to continue teaching?,I can practice myself.。 But the two have a dark dragon in the South North Dragon.,Indeed in promoting understanding,Can also explore each other。 “That is,Chu Da Ge can don’t be so small,Hong Lao helped me,Let’s take […]

Han Yuxuan lows eating。

Muqi really didn’t recruit,Looking at his face in his face,Can only leave your own things silently left。 Han Yuxuan’s office,Mu Wei immediately went to the Lan Qi’s office。 Blue Qiqi is preparing for http://www.nmyikao.cnPoetry,At first glance coming in,Both people know that the other person is not good。 “Blue Qiqi,I warn you from Yuxuan Yuanyuan,He is […]

You come to me!

Zhou Yewu and Chen Riyuan two people look at two people quarrel and hit the porcelain。 33Old man,by“Continuous fever6sky”V.20200123Come to our hospital,The external temperature fluctuations in the hospital372-389℃,Chicken、Fatigue、dry cough,Academy Oral Coppler、Lingering、Acetaminophen、Ibuprofen, etc.,Poor effect。 Personal history:Long-term Wuhan residence history8year,At20200118Daily home。 Inside:body temperature379℃,Breathe22Second-rate/Minute,Double lung breathing sound,Unknown and dry and wet,No obvious abnormalities。 NS184chapter Antibody antibody Zhou Jixi […]

Zhou Looked at the time。

Nine o’clock。 According to the nearest job time of Nange,I should still sleep here.。 But also not to say。 For Nan Ge,The scheduled time is like a thoughtfulness.——She can go up to day and night yesterday.,I will get better early today.。 And the king of the king is limited,Not necessarily。 Have breakfast,Ten o’clock。 Zhou […]

And if the weather is not good today,The scenery of this place is really very fit.,She still wants to pull out everyone, tomorrow。In the new bridge is because the package master wants to shoot the cloud hole.,They have been staying for three days。

It is not a person who likes to take pictures.,Wasted a lot of time on the road to take pictures above,He is actually unacceptable。 But I saw the photo in the group that night.—— True incense! So now everyone will take pictures.,So now I will go to Tangtang。 Li Tang is a city of sky,Located […]

A pot of large plate chicken。

A pot of cold potato。 A pot of green peppers。 There is also a big pot of sweet potato dry rice。 Place a can and put a can of Springs on both sides。 Don’t say that it seems to be a few more。 Zhou Zhiyi believes that he is a step in step by […]

Wang Youcai was startled,Then I realized that I was talking too much,He has to take care of the client’s feelings anyway。So he paused and said:“Let’s stop going around,You just say,What to do about this?I do my best to cooperate with you”

“Ugh!That’s right, boss Wang,We have to be reasonable in doing things!Since you said so,My old woman can’t do anything wrong。I think,Now that Chunni has it,Let’s let her give birth to the baby”When Li Lanxiang said this,,Suppress the sound extremely low。Although the door is closed,She’s still afraid that the wall has ears。 Wang Youcai shook his […]