This cat action not only has agile speed,Also has a pair of special short and thick saber teeth,Can bite open the neck of primates without hindrance,Even the skull。

Archaeologists have discovered several skull fossils of distant human ancestors,There are terrible tooth marks left by cats。 but,The fear of cats became extinct millions of years ago,That’s why Lu Menglin felt very surprised,Because he suddenly felt that he might have discovered,The real function of this crystal ore。 Able to retain the cat fearful breath of […]

“Impossible,Isn’t my brother staying in Riyadh now?,Why did he come to the British Virgin Islands??”

“wrong!wrong!He is not Harita!”Prince Shahid, a cousin and stepfather, quickly discovered the problem,Pointing to the neck of the young man in the photo and said。 “I remember Harita learned horsemanship when she was a child and fell off a horse,There is a scar on his neck,Nothing on this person’s neck,So he is definitely not Harita […]

But this one“Aunt Chen”Doesn’t seem to be angry,See Ding Ruoyan,She immediately greeted Ding Ruoyan happily:“Ruoyan, you are here?My dad just said,I haven’t seen Ruoyan girl for a while……These are?”

Until this time,This Miss Chen seems to notice Chen Geng next to Ding Ruoyan and the two foreigners behind him,And the few people behind them who seem to be working in the government,Can’t help but be a little surprised,When she saw a few familiar faces of the street office from the crowd,My face suddenly changed。 […]

As for waiting for the opponent to be strong enough to trouble him?

Qin Feng is really not worried at all now。The reason is simple,The ancestor Roshir has the dark power through his own exploration.。Didn’t even really master the use of dark energy。How can the other party’s surviving fish really do better than their ancestors?? If you really have such strength and resources,According to the urine sex of […]

This remark,There was an uproar all around。

Who can think of,Leng Yuexue, the proud girl of heaven in the guild,When he opened his mouth, he asked the overlord Aotian news。 Niu Qiuye quickly shook his head wryly,One finger,Smiled:“Met a real person,I’m afraid you will be disappointed。” Follow his fingertips,Leng Yuexue saw Lu Menglin who was already excited。 “You are the Tyrant God […]

But it’s different at the moment,The huge crescent moon blade reached a hundred feet with blood,The same power as Skyrim,Then directly tear open the black sand barrier in front of you。

Want to rip off such power,How powerful is that,Middle level,The upper level asks the gods,Even in the concentrating state…… Xia Chenglong did it at this moment。 And after splitting the black kill of hundreds of meters apart, he finally revealed his original face,A black throne,It’s exactly the same as what I saw in Jianyuan。 But […]

XtNetwork Technology Company Industrial Park Studio,Orderly,Work is basically on track。 morning,Just arrived at the company,Drop the bag,Mobile seat,Turn on the power and turn on the computer。 While the computer display is still starting,Tian Lu takes the electric blow pot,Go to the pantry to fetch water,Well prepared“Water and food”,Women are made of water,Why don’t you drink […]

It’s just a short while,Not only this cinema totals6Tickets for the midnight show in this hall are all sold out,Even tomorrow morning、Tickets for noon are also sold out?

Chen Geng and Kelly·Hicks glanced at each other quickly,All a little surprised。 …………………… In order to help you understand the situation,Chen Geng chose the third row from the bottom,Wait for the ticket check,Chen Geng found out that the seat in front had been seated 50 or 60%,And at the moment,There is a steady stream of […]

While on the road,Qin Feng also probably learned some basic information。

“it is good。”Old Chen is not nonsense,He slowly walked to Qin Feng’s side。 Qin Feng took out his backpack,Next second,That old man is a little excited,Because he found that he smelled these things,So energetic。 Is this something good? “This is hundreds of years of ginseng,My requirements are not high,I just hope to have some money,5 […]