Secretary Lu glanced at Tong Jie,Took a long breath and said:“Let’s not care if this meeting is in compliance with the organizational procedures,But their starting point is good after all“

“The starting point is good?Good thing?“Tong Jie tries to restrain his emotions。It seems people are worried about,Just come。 Secretary Lu said with a slight smile:“Everyone knows,The position of the head of Xiping Village is very important。Ma Yan is injured now,I haven’t hosted the work in Xiping Village for several days.,This will definitely affect the work。So […]

Chen Xiuwei,But still stiffened his neck:“Since you saved people, why don’t you know how to call me,I think you are doing bad things!”

“The kid who doesn’t know good or bad,Zi Lin is a peerless seedling who inherited my peach blossom gate。I naturally do my best to give her what I have learned throughout my life,How can I tell you kid,Let you break her Dao Xin!” “Look……Look,You still have a bad heart,For the inheritance of your own school,Actually […]

He seems very untalkative,Questions about poetry,Just a few sentences,Pass by。

Poetry,I’m afraid I offended this big guy the night before,Retaliate against her in this way now。 Faced with such interviewees,For the official recording one day later,Poetry has no bottom,Fortunately, her boyfriend Zhao Haiyi has always encouraged her。 Zhao Haiyi is a famous gold medal planner in the media industry,He is the planner of several brand […]

Xia Jian was taken aback,So he hugged the clothes and went into the bathroom。Thinking of running the night car again at night,Xia Jian put a tank of hot water,Lie in it and feel comfortable。

Come out of the bathroom,Yao Junli has asked the waiter to deliver a bowl of Xia Jian’s favorite noodles on the coffee table。Looking at Yao Junli who is so considerate,Xia Jian was even a little touched,But he knew,Such a woman,Only suitable for his confidante。 Three under five divide two,A bowl of noodles entered Xia Jian’s […]

I’m so happy,Dogs are really man’s most loyal friends!But he is a bunch of data after all,Someday i won’t play,It doesn’t exist。And don’t you think it’s ridiculous to have feelings for a bunch of data??Because they have no emotions,It’s you yourself。

I touched Basque’s head,Asked:Basque,Have you seen human players come here recently?Just a few days ago。 Basque seems to recall,Said:what,I remember,A young man did come three days ago,I can smell the water of Lorraine Creek from it,It should come from Luolanxi Village。By the way, the crocodiles in Lorraine Creek are so happy,Can eat human flesh every […]

Such a thing,It’s easy to do it by itself。

and so,See here in Zhang Yunfei,Zhang Yunfei said directly:“If our two join hands to resolve Wang Teng。” “Let’s do whatever it takes,Take up more。” When Zhang Yunfei finished speaking,The people around see here,obviously,In fact, in their hearts,Did not expect。 But think about it carefully,These people think,If you do,Actually there are still many benefits。 So now,In […]

Xia Jian wants to say something,But after thinking,So he made a call gesture to Wang Lin,And got into the car。Xi Zhen started the car,Through the car window glass,Xia Jian saw where Wang Lin was still standing。

Hours of running,When the car arrives in the city,It’s past ten o’clock at night。When passing by Ouyang Hong’s community,Xia Jian asked Xi Zhen to stop the car。 He jumped out of the car,So I called Ouyang Hong,Just a call,Just listen to Ouyang Hong asked:“Where are you?”Xia Jian has changed his phone number,So a hit,Ouyang Hong […]


Fang Yu pondered。 “You still care about that?” Jiang Wan’er sigh lightly。 She knows too,Father is so excessive,Fang Yu didn’t let go so easily。 “Is not!I have to go back……Is your driver nearby?!Thank you for your help just now……but,Stop here!” Fang Yu looked at Jiang Wan’er,Sternly。 “you……Why can’t you be a friend with me!” Jiang […]

Show the dagger,Chen Xiu has seen,It’s just that they are too close,Chen Xiu is now fighting fiercely because of his sharper eyesight than ordinary people,But on-the-spot reaction ability is really inferior to Lianjiazi。

Facing the dagger braving the cold, Chen Xiu was stunned.,It wasn’t until the game that the muscle pain in his lower abdomen was sore that he reacted to it all at once.。 The phone in the right hand smashed towards Brother Dog’s head,Kick his left foot to his right wrist at the same time。 This […]

“Oh my god!This ice and snow,Let them do this,I’m afraid I can’t tell them both”Zhao Hong deliberately blinked at Xia Jian。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“You just said it was me,Let them finish right away,If the wind leaks,I can’t spare them”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke,Because he found it was time for dinner。 Ouyang Hong is not polite,Xia Jianyi called her,She pulled Zhao Hong,Went to Xia Jian’s house together。Sun Yuejuan saw that her son was […]