Ma Chuntao is delighted,She smiled and said:“You should have been a master。How about this!You wait,I’ll send someone some flowers for your girlfriend,Let’s welcome her too!”

Ma Chuntao finished,I really walked into the greenhouse while I was calling。Luo sitting in the car heard that Ma Chuntao wanted to send her flowers,Couldn’t help but smile:“The mountains here are bare and there is no grass,Can still grow flowers?” “Look down on people!Which is the white plastic greenhouse,It’s all flowers”Xia Jian pointed,Hehe said with […]

In this case,Why is Wang Teng worried so much??

Not only that,Even in Wang Teng’s look,Such a thing,In fact,There is no chance of threatening Wang Teng at all。 But after watching for a while,At this moment,Wang Teng laughed suddenly。 “how about it,I said it,I’m great。” at this point,Jiang Ya can be seen。 prior to,She is still worried about Wang Teng。 But after watching Wang […]


Get,Needless to say,Jingpu knew Lingju’s expression,I’m fucking slow again! Okay,This Lingju is powerful enough,Jingpu was a little surprised,I have the best《Army God》,Adding the identity of the red police chief,Not as good as Lingju。 but……After all,Since it is a racing game,Naturally, there are many details that must be perfect,To save time。 In the last life,Some big […]

A very small house,There are a few boards on the ground,Looks like this is the bed tonight,Xia Jian glanced at the few people standing at the door,Don’t care about the new suit I just wore,Lie on the board,To sleep。

“How can this person be the boss of a startup group?,Look at his sloppy look,Is simply a migrant worker“Among the people standing at the door,I don’t know who said such a sentence。 Xia Jian who hasn’t fallen asleep yet,Secretly cursed:“To your uncle,Lao Tzu was originally a migrant worker,You need to guess“ In a trance,Xia Jian […]

For Li Huihe smoking,She still saw it for the first time.。

Steam,It is much more calm than before。 “sister in law,I have already said with Yang Da Ge.,He will not be impulsive.,You let him go back with a daughter.,By the way, I want to see that youth。” “Row,Young,You take my brother to see that youth,I took Yang Li.。” Told,Song Ting took Yang Li to leave,But it […]

“Not oldABar?SZThe southern part of Shijiao is his strongest?”

“My grass!Old fairy?!” “……” Li Tianchou waved his hand,Stopped everyone’s discussion,“Don’t guess,I said,There must be an accurate spectrum,Some things are still being verified,It doesn’t make sense to guess。But everyone must be prepared for this,This is the first thing。” Although Peng Weihua feels extremely uncomfortable,,But Li Tianchou can’t fault it,And it matters,He understands what the other […]

The fifth level is comparable to the normal innate best spirit treasure。

The sixth level is the ultimate innate! Li Ming bestowed on Liu Xiang,Only the first four。 after all,This method cannot be given easily,Liu Xiang wants more,You have to give more credit。 of course,Just practice the fourth level,Will exhaust Liu Xiang’s wealth。After all《Nine Turns Xuan Gong》The ninth turn,Will make Daozu distressed。 After accepting this magical gift,Liu […]

Yu Shi looked at them with Yu Guang,Doesn’t take them seriously,These three gangsters look very young,Just eighteen or nineteen。From their eyes,Yu Shi guessed what they were going to do。

“Few of you,Step aside!”Yu Shi Li Se Dao。 “Little sister,Don’t worry!We have no other meaning,Just want to play with you!” “Miss sister is so pretty,Why are you alone?” “Yes,How boring one is,Let’s go to the bar together……” A few gangsters, you say me one sentence,Upset Yushi。 An exaggerated hairstyle、The punks with dyed blue hair are […]

“The work attitude of cadres in Pingyang Town,It’s all you,Otherwise, it’s hard to change。But then again,Our town is a benchmark town in Pingdu,Now many people want to transfer their work to our town。I said it before,If someone does not perform well,Just leave me immediately”When Secretary Wang said this,,Very vigorous。

Xia Jian looked at Secretary Wang,Smiled knowingly。 Less than nine o’clock,Qin Xiaomin’s taxi drove into the Pingyang Town Government compound。She hasn’t stood firm yet,Reporters headed by Bai Xiaoru came in the cars of each unit.。 Xia Jian greeted everyone separately,I started my own big run,Lead the way,Toward Hejiaping Village。Qin Xiaomin、Secretary Wang and Tong Jie also […]

“I know,I’ll come forward”Xia Jian said,Can’t help but yawn。

Guo Meili laughed and said:“You rest for a while!Turn on the air conditioner while sleeping,Not much electricity”Finished,Guo Meili closed the door and left。 Now that the air conditioner is installed,Where to use,Xia Jian turned on the air conditioner,Adjusted to the lowest,Fall asleep,I didn’t expect this to lie down,He actually fell asleep very quickly。 While dreaming,Suddenly […]