If Li Ming really wants to pester the black armored swordsman,Can do it as early as three months ago。

now,He is polishing his defensive marksmanship with the swordsmanship of a black swordsman。 That’s a kind of tenacity,The marksmanship that breeds endless vitality。 The finger guns of the six arms are not exactly the same,Some like flowing water、Some like flames、Some seem to be Aoki,But the perfect combination。 After this combination,Marksmanship becomes one body。 Single state,Li […]

It makes no sense for the third raid,The suggestion was made by Li Tianzhen,Use again and again,I don’t have a heart over and over again,Decided to kill a carbine,Dayan actually laughed and didn’t object,Both seem to be marked as hidden,It’s really miserable,If you don’t keep on harassing like this,Once the Holy Blood Array is found by the blood clan,They won’t have any chance。

This is from Dayan’s judgment,In his prediction,It’s amazing that the blood clan can gather three to four elders at a time,Unexpectedly, six people came,This attitude shows that the opponent will use the power of the clan to open the holy blood array,Six elders gathered,It means how many ways they have to find a big battle […]

There is something in Zhao Wuyi’s words,Xia Jian didn’t answer this topic,Anyway, the lice on the bald head,Clearly,People in Wuying Town probably know this。This is called yellow mud falling into the crotch,Not shit or shit,Since Xia Jian’s body smells like a show,Why don’t you eat mutton for nothing?。

“Hey!Don’t be troublesome, you kid!Jia Lina is a flower in our Wuying Town,You are not satisfied,Go to bed with Doctor Ho,She has a husband,It’s not easy to get caught”Zhao Wuyi suddenly lowered his voice and said。 Xia Jian glanced at him,Whispered:“How did you know?” “Jia Lina will run here to find you some night,I thought […]

But no matter how Luo Yi shouted,Grandma Luo’s closed eyes didn’t open again。Xia Jian pulled the silver needle on Grandma Luo’s belly,Gently put back the dart bag。

When Xia Jian goes to give Grandma Luo’s pulse,,I found that her hands were slowly getting cold。Where is the pulse,This is just Xia Jian’s fluke。 “Luo Yi!All right,You come down。Grandma is gone,Don’t bother her anymore,Let her go with peace of mind!”Xia Jian said,Took Luo Yi abruptly from the bed。 Luo Yi cried and didn’t want […]

one person,It is the little girl Bai Zhilan who was accepted by the Bai family back then,It’s Junior Sister。

And brother,It’s Shu Qiuteng of Lei Yuan Small World。 strictly speaking,The talents of these two disciples,Baizhilan is higher,Practice is more stable,To this day is still an immortal,I didn’t even plan to cross the catastrophe in a short time。 Follow Li Ming to learn the formation,The formation is also a top figure in the heavens,Its strength […]

“Don’t want to lie to me,I’m going to treat!Hurry up and let me assemble my baby!it’s OK?”Zhang Song shouted。

In the contempt of everyone,Guo Yinzhe reluctantly agreed to bring him food。 The account data was cancelled due to the suspension of the closed beta version limited by 100 people last night,5month1Early morning0Point will start the global10Ten thousand people’s test without deleting files,So for countless looking forward to entering“Battle of Glory”For players who have a […]

Happily greeted me and asked:“how about it?Anxious”

Xia Jian walked over,Reached out and patted Yao Junli’s shoulder twice and said:“never mind,Don’t worry,We can go back” “You go!I’ll be with my kids for the last time tonight”Ouyang Hong said sadly。 ? ———— First1944chapter Fear of marriage A marriage,I didn’t expect to get to this point,Ended up in this way。This made Xia Jian who […]

The original meaning of Mountain King Liu Banshan,It’s for the members who joined the Flower Army two days ago,Means to reluctant to bear the old part of Heifengshan,Everyone reunited again……So sensational like him!

But I don’t know the reason,I thought‘Blackwind Mountain King’Is the veteran of the flower team,Go out and set up another portal to develop members,And brought100New people joined the flowers together,In addition, he was directly appointed as deputy head,Instead there is a“Triumphant home,Hometown of Ronggui!”a feeling of…… The most frightening thing about Chang Mao Ying Duan […]

“Hello!My name is Qiao Yu!”Fake Qiaoyu rerettrates the right hand to remember this person than yourself。

“Oh!?I am the universe!you too?” “Do not!I am Zhou Yu’s Yu!” “You are very strong!Nice to meet you!”Rui Rui, thumbs up, praise, Qiao Yu said in a modest:“And you are far more than you!I am fighting hard to get such a good grade.!” Qi Rui pretending to ask questions:“Joago!What organizations we join this revolutionary soldiers […]