“Brother Geng is taboo again,Doesn’t seem to dispel your doubts,I’m afraid I can’t sit still。”Li Tianzhen hit haha。“I have been working in the field,And the instructor are not the same department,Just transferred together recently,And what you are talking about is‘Sirius’Bar?”

Ok?Uncle Geng is dumbfounded this time,I’ve clicked all the codes of the backup contacts,Then there will be no more fakes,Is a friend of the instructor,Can’t go wrong,But how can this person talk so casually?Not at all like the number of secrets department,What has changed in this,He can’t understand,But I was too worried just now。 “Geng […]

Qin Xiaomin closed the door with a snap,She said loudly:“Xia Jian!If you are a man, just sit down for me,It is him who is leaving, not you“Qin Xiaomin put his hands on his shoulders,Murderous look。This is the first time Xia Jian saw her having such a big temper。

Xia Jian has a look,I had to sit back again。He didn’t want to let Sun Yao lose face in front of Qin Xiaomin,But this guy doesn’t take him seriously,Take his kindness as donkey liver and lungs。 “Xia Jian!You said you, a migrant worker, how can He De chase Qin Xiaomin?On family background,On academic qualifications,On your […]

The two guards heard these words,Took a deep look at each other。

What this young man said,It really made their backs chill for a while! In fact these days,They do look at the door threshold intentionally or unintentionally,I thought it was the other person’s eyes at first,But after a few times,I realized something was wrong。 to be frank,For a few moments,They thought the other party was the […]

Insult,Harmful,Qingha and the lion will suspect that he has been poisoned.,It’s hard to get out of dizziness.,Sandy sarda in the back of the sarda,Take a blood circulation on the spot。

“Hear!!” Androen,The surprise of the sand and scared the pig’s eight ring secretly。 at this time,One side of the big white wall,Qing Qi lounged to take it off,Seeing is your own second brother,Running to pick up。 With a grief,Green white second demon falls to roll the gourd,The yellow teeth is good.,Qingqi lion is pressed and […]

moment,Li Ming’s many methods in the gods are used one after another,The effect of space-time suppression alone is comparable to the top-level domain category treasure,At the same time, an invisible void vortex suddenly appeared around the body,This void vortex is like a bright nebula converging on Li Ming’s right hand,Punch out。

“Burn out!”The Lord of Yuan Ao is not very strong at first,Otherwise, I won’t be enslaved by the soul。The dream domain alone allows him to play only 30-40% of his strength。And his realm treasure‘Fire Sand Cup’There is no time to show,Can only take out a strange black object with backhand。 As soon as the black […]

“Don’t say,Your gathelicin is hung by chloramphenicol,My whole person is really……Shuangfei!”

Li Heyun pointed to the antibiotics,I feel like looking for savings.,The eyes are full of Mingguang。 Zhou Ye We In order to cancel all doubts about Li He Yun,Continue:“Now the antibiotic replacement is improved,Then the inspection company also found the sequence of tsutsugami pathogenics.,Diagnosis of tsutsugamushi is a staples on the plate,Old black, you only […]

Wang Lin also thought this woman was a bit weird when she first started,Can think about it,She finally understood what Yao Junli meant,She is telling Wang Lin,The relationship between him and Xia Jian is also extraordinary,And there may be too many women who have an unusual relationship with Xia Jian,To let her know about it,And accept that this is the truth。

Wang Lin who understands Yao Junli,To be honest, she doesn’t feel very well in her heart,Which woman is not selfish,Give the man you like to another woman。But she had vaguely felt,The woman who is related to Xia Jian is not her,Like Zhou Li who disappeared,Which Zhao Hong。She knows these two women。 Unexpectedly, another Yao Junli […]

At this time, no one really wants to see a Huaxia company that can really catch up with their research on the cutting-edge technology of quantum computers.。

“not only that。According to my discussions with some old friends,If Huaxia has really solved these equations,Will be able to design a powerful general-purpose quantum computer in a very short time。And can have a very rich algorithm that can beat classic computers。Because the participants on the scene today are not all professionals,So I try to use […]

People are brought back to Longchi Mansion,Qi Rui first called Wu Zhiji:“Wu Zuo Consulate,I tried it.,Although Xiao Tong said in the mouth,But I have seen his opponent Han and Shenzhen from his eyes.,Fang Hanzhu wants to commit suicide,Just I didn’t expect that I gave it to Xiao Tu’s gun.。”

“Ha ha,well,Long Pool Hall is good,Then I will help me find out what people in this way.!” “Hayi!” Everything is in your own hands,Is that still sacrifice with someone?,Rui sharp heart,Because of your appearance,Many of this parallel world don’t have to die.,And the most happy is a lot of war criminals can be executed in […]