One hundred people brought back from Tianjin have a plan,Take the curator of the Longchi Mansion,He will arrange twenty people to travel by Tang Ling。

“Tang Dado,These twenty people are allocated in Rongxiang and Shenghui,The yellow chassis is not enough to add some,I will let them report to the situation of speaking every day.,You will report to me a long time every morning.,If you really call me,You can also deal with themselves。” Some people who are given to the car […]

Brother Long just glanced at his wife,No more words。Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“How to say this?As the saying goes!”

“Oh!Can you elaborate more?”Sister Cui asked very interested。actually not,She wants to help her husband。They took money from Xu Yiming,Xia Jian is now Brother Long’s benefactor again,Which head is light,Which head is heavy,She has to figure it out to make a conclusion。 This is the difference between a woman and a man,Long brother can speak big […]

At this moment,Several police officers pushed open the door and rushed in,The leader first glanced at the entire box,Then asked Xiajian:“The waiter here called the police just now,Said someone in your box was fighting“

“misunderstanding!Just a few friends who came here,Want to pull me over for a drink。Maybe it was too much!Everyone’s voice is a bit loud,Moreover,Can i fight can i?”Chen Feng sitting on the sofa suddenly said。 When the police saw Chen Feng,His face changed slightly,Then smiled:“It turned out to be Director Chen!I still believe what you say,Since […]

“it is good!Guarantee completion tasks!when?”Xiao Wu heard the question of killing the devil officer,

“I am so like tomorrow.……”Jing Yun put the assassination plan and evacuation route, “clear!” “remember,You can only open a shot,And use the head to give you a special prepared sniper。”Jing Yun said, “Special prepared sniper!where?”Xiao Wu did not snipe,His rifle has always been officially official, Jing Yun took out from the cargo of the warehouse, […]

And this time, Xu Tianfei is open.。

“What is you?,You are also true today.,We all see you this big night from Qin Suya this small widow.,This can not be fake,And that small widow clothes are not like,How do you explain this??” Looking at Xu Tianci’s priest,Li Hui Feng is also completely laughing.。 soon,His face is straightforward。 “Xu Tianci,Today, you dare to bet […]

Actually just these things,It’s really important。

And looked in front of you for a while,Now,Zhang Yunfei even raised his head and looked in front of him。 See here,In Zhang Yunfei’s eyes,Even with a trace of unspeakable abuse。 “in fact,Even so,What does it matter,Is it Wang Teng,Can he still eat us??” With Zhang Yunfei speaking here,The people around looked around,It’s completely eager […]

Zhao Shisan and Xia Jian have an age difference,Xia Jian scolded him,He can’t hold it on his face,He said with a cold smile:“You are too arrogant!Be careful one day I lost my teeth“

“up to you”Xia Jian left such a sentence,So he turned around and entered Baixing City,Zhao Shisan looked at the back of Xia Jian disappearing in the door,There was a terrible smile on his face。 I don’t know if spring is here,Wait for Xia Jian now,The earth has been covered with a layer of green,All kinds […]

“I didn’t touch this road when I came in,But the scene is too similar。”

“Didn’t you come in from the valley??” “Yes。Is the valley of another mountain,Flow in the opposite direction。”Yuan Hua said,Reach out to a mountain not far away that is parallel to where everyone is.。 “so,More than one way into the mountain。” Yuan Hua nodded with a wry smile,Did not speak any more。Wu Fang also shook his […]