Three days from zero increase: Qi "Xin" guards this city

  Great Wall Network · 冀 云 网 November 18 (Reporter Liu Xiaotian Fuxing Di) November 18th, Xinji City’s new coronary pneumonia has increased three consecutive days.According to the 13th epidemic prevention and control press conference in Xinji City, after the epidemic situation, Xinji City took a steady trend by adopting a number of prevention and […]

US Goldman Sachs executives call Trump: I don’t want to pick up Blackli

  Informed people said on the 11th that the US Goldman Sachs Group’s senior management personnel, the former national security affairs deputy resisher Dina Powell told the White House, and she was not interested in the representative of the United Nations in the United Nations. He is currently in the United Nations representative Niki Blackli will […]

Shanxi Provincial Meteorological Station change release Blizzard orange warning

  Shanxi Meteorological Observatory on November 7, 2021, changed Blizzard Orange early warning, early warning area: Dongzhong, Yangquan, Jinzhong East, Changzhi Mountain, Jincheng Mountain Area.The snowfall has reached 10mm over the 8 hours of the warning area, and the snow is continuous.Please prepare for the relevant units and people.Defense Guide: 1. The government and related departments […]

Shandong Longkou: 1 + 1> 2 Joint law enforcement is more convenient

A few days ago, Longkou Customs United Longkou Market Supervision Administration jointly launched a joint enforcement inspection of Longkou City Yuxi Bird Products Co., Ltd. This is the first time in the city to complete customs verification operations in the way "joint law enforcement + double random". Customs law enforcement personnel investigated the 21 jobs […]