Slovakia announced that "ban" is implemented for uncharged vaccineers

November 18, November 18th, Slovak Premier Hegel announced that the Slovak government decided to implement a vaccination of unmatched new crown vaccine from November 22nd Blocking measures. After the new regulations take effect, the unprotected vaccine can only go to the store to sell the store, not accessing the service agency, a cultural casual entertainment […]

The first batch of volunteers in the Zhangjiakou District of Beijing Winter Olympics have been in place

The first batch of volunteers in Zhangjiakou District, Beijing Winter Olympics have been in place: Time: On December 09, 202, I learned from the Communist Youth League Hebei Provincial Party Committee that according to the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee and the Hebei Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government’s Work Arrangement Deployment, Zhangjiakou Venue volunteers planned […]

Top Ten Science and Technology Innovation Project of Lanzhou Started Declaration

Original title: "Top Ten Science and Technology Project", "Top Ten Science and Technology Innovation Project", began to declare on May 8, the reporter learned from the Lanzhou Science and Technology Bureau, 2020 "Lanzhou City 10 Science and Technology Project", "10 Science and Technology Innovation Project "starts from now on. It is understood that the project […]

Par Hami Shiyi: Plug in the industry in the industry "wings"

    Tianshan Net – Xinjiang Daily reporter Wei Yonggui Internship reporter Chen Xinlin said to Palhami, 馕 馕 is not only food, but also research objects.   The research is broad, including various 馕 馕 原 原 配, fermentation time, nutritional value determination, and packaging technology. Parhat said that these research involves the market competitiveness of Xinjiang […]

Sharing technical talents boost industrial upgrading (new viewpoint)

  Enter into the brain operation center of Shaoxing, Zhejiang, Zhejiang Province, a huge LED display. Simply open the screen, you can quickly accurately match the engineers that provide technical services in the talent durse in the talent demand. "The key to the transformation and upgrading of Shaoxing special industries is the breakthrough in talents. "Shaoxing […]

The World Preliminaries 12 Strong Saunched the National Football Fight

The World Preliminaries 12 Strong Satarded Wusi, Wusi, which was sold in the United Arab Emirates and team closing technical consultants to help the country and the state, and prepare for the Morning News reporter. Gan Hui Beijing time on November 11th, the national football team will be in the world. . Affected by the […]