20 september, Guizhou Province, geen nieuwe nieuwe coronavirus bevestigde en vermoedde gevallen van longontsteking

2021 0-24 20, Guizhou Province, de nieuwe kroon Geen nieuwe bevestigde gevallen van pneumonie, geen nieuwe vermoedelijke gevallen. Op 24 september 20 meldde Guizhou Province in totaal 146 gevallen van binnenlandse bevestigde gevallen, één geval van bevestigde gevallen buiten input, de cumulatieve gevallen werden genezen van 145 gevallen, 2 dodencusies. Er zijn 0 gevallen van […]

2021 slow-running business league is smooth

The game site. China Softball Association is a map in Zhongshan, Guangdong, and the East High School Race is the first slow base competition this year. It is undoubtedly a big event for sticks and softball enthusiasts; In the game, the scene has been raining, cooling the weather, but the players do not reduce the […]

Centraal Comité heeft een sessie van de partijgeschiedenis gehouden

  In de middag van 8 mei werd de centrale overheid voltooid om een ??zitting van de partijgeschiedenis en het onderwijs te conventeren, Zhou Zuyi-kameraden woonden de bijeenkomst bij, luisterde naar het jonge kaders ‘leren en suggesties en voerde diepgaande ontwikkeling met jonge kaders uit. Combade Cui Shapeng organiseerde een vergadering en sommige jonge kaders spraken. […]

Daxing Airport, the emergency area is realized to start

Original title: Daxing Airport, the emergence area is realized, and the reporter Chen Qiang will take a place to start construction, how long does it take? Two days! This speed has occurred in Beijing Daxing International Airport. With the construction of the construction project, Zhang Jisen, the head of SF Company, "In the past, the […]

Autumn eat radish competition! What is it? What? What is taboo?

Editor Press: Radish has a hysteresis, chemical heat, low gas width, detoxification and other effects. Modern studies have also found that a variety of trace elements contained in radishes can enhance the body’s immunity. As the saying goes, "Autumn and Winter Radish Seasons", the season is the season of "small ginseng" listed, the Chinese disease […]

2021 Anhui Provincial Political Consultative Association Monthly Consultation – Promoting the Construction of Rural Security Prevention and Control System

[Today, the Provincial Public Security Department, Zouhe] Today, the Provincial Political Consultative Conference held "promoting the construction of rural public security prevention and control system" monthly special consultation, Chairman Changl personally attended, fully reflecting the treatment of rural governance, building a safe village Politics and ardent hope. Vice-Chair, members, and all walks of life, are […]

Beautiful Xining Weihe Green Mountain

Civilized driving, safe travel. In response to the "National Civilized City Evaluation System" "Evaluation System Operation Manual", the taxi company emphasizes the car appearance of the vehicle, there is no abnormation, whether the seat cover is clean, whether the vehicle equipment is in a safe state, the driver’s instrument, etc.At the same time, the whole […]

Chengdu High-tech Cooperation Street: Take a good supervision "combination punch" compact pressure special equipment safety subject responsibility

Professional institutions carry out special equipment safety management capabilities for elevator usage units and maintenance units. Cooperative street for the map of the People’s Network, November 19, electricity (Wang Jun) as a basic mechanical and electrical equipment essential in social production and public life, the elevator is spread all over commercial complex, building, community, school, […]