Adhere to governance digitalization to drive urban governance modernization

Create more vitality, more competitive digital ecosystems ■ Implement urban management by human intensive to human machine interaction, transition from experience judgment type to data analysis, by passive disposition to active discovery transition. Strive to paint the number twins are everywhere, the vital signs are ignorant, the intelligent supervision is no longer, the precision service […]

A mobile phone tour of Shanxi

On November 26, "Zhiyun Pilot · Hui Tuan Sanjin" Shanxi Text Brigade launching ceremony was held in Taiyuan. Wen Jingyun is a platform for Shanxi Provincial Government Clouds, which is undertaken by Shanxi Provincial Wenxi, Shanxi Provincial Cultural Travel Group, is the exploration of digital economic innovation and landing practice model in accordance with the […]

After the United States and Indian Army Plateau combined, the two officers "shot"

According to the US "Army Times" website reported on October 30, the US Army and the Indian Army codenamed "Prepare Competition" bilaterally entered the end of October 29. This two-week exercise was held in Alaska, USA, including cold weather combat training and simulation of United Nations actions.   According to reports, approximately 350 Indian soldiers from […]

Angyang spirit riveted "Niu Jin" (People’s Forum)

Original title: Angyang spirit riveted "Niu Jin" (People Forum) time is the most meaningful variable, and the most impartial friend, full of magic and witness vicissitudes. A person’s understanding of time, refracts its mental temperament; a nation understands the time, showing its forward gesture. When the time of the passer, the Chinese calamation was bullish, […]

Anhui 歙 歙 县: 火 日 日 红 红 日 日

At the moment, the ripe season of positive persimmons. In the past few days, in Shangfeng Village, Feng Township in Anhui Province, Ji Pedian, the local villagers were sunny, tightened the matter, planer, tannedane, and the front of the house is golden after the house, everywhere is everywhere. It has been more than 400 years […]

Border inspection alarm baby into the national door colorful six one show smile

"We are communist successors, along the glory of the revolutionary ancestors, love the motherland, love the people …" On the morning of May 31, Manzhouli National Gate Scenic Area floating the "Chinese Junior Pioneer Team", the police camp Laughing laughter of the children. In a happy and peaceful atmosphere, JSI parent-child activities in Manzhouli entry […]

Chengdu two electric cars collided with the driver first confirmed the green code to remove the hood of Chengdu electric vehicle – News

Recently, Chengdu epidemic, let Chengdu people engrave the anti-epidemic awareness into DNA. So, this appearance appears: It is wrong, Chengdu people now quarryed a single frame to show the green code. On November 8, Near the Digital Plaza, Chengdu, collided with two electric cars. Two masters took out the phone brightly, and confirmed that they […]

China · Chengdu 2nd Tianfu Dadi Art Season started

  The market in the rapeseed flower yesterday, China · Chengdu, the second Tianfu Dadi Art Season of "Tianfu Dadi, Spring Symphony Symphony", kicked off in Donglin Art Village, Deyuan Street, Dugu District, tourists stepping on the spring, appreciation From the art of famous artists at home and abroad, I will stay in the new park […]

Dazu Gas Damin leads the villagers to increase the income

Gutan is in the greenhouse to see the growing vegetables. The Dazu District Committee Propaganda Department is awarded by the People’s Network. Hungiang to develop greenhouse fruits and vegetables and ecological agriculture, he also created a famous rural tourism resort in colorful rice fields while driving the folks, and he was also ranked as a […]