A mobile phone tour of Shanxi

On November 26, "Zhiyun Pilot · Hui Tuan Sanjin" Shanxi Text Brigade launching ceremony was held in Taiyuan. Wen Jingyun is a platform for Shanxi Provincial Government Clouds, which is undertaken by Shanxi Provincial Wenxi, Shanxi Provincial Cultural Travel Group, is the exploration of digital economic innovation and landing practice model in accordance with the characteristics of all provinces, and is committed to service. Travel industry management and industrial development, service Welfare companies online business activities, serving tourists, mobile phones to visit Shanxi.

Through convenient, efficient, unified smart tourism cloud service model, "government scientific decision making, enterprises mutual benefit, tourists to visit Shanxi".

The launch of the Shanxi Wen Brigade, marking the project by the construction of the application, deepening and operational racemation. "As a beneficial exploration of the construction model of political and enterprises, the current Shanxi Text Travel Cloud has built a unified tourism public service, supervision service, marketing service, big data service platform, and a series of smart tourism support applications, and portrait Unicom Municipal Sub-center , Formation of provincial, municipal, county three-level joint supervision system, service government supervision department industrial monitoring, comprehensive law enforcement, multi-channel complaints, warning management, etc., to promote public management capabilities. "Shanxi Wenbao Party Committee deputy secretary, deputy directors Long, general manager Wang Lin introduced that Shanxi Wen Brigade has a tourism trading platform built by the trace company, the scenic area reservation management system (Jinshi code) has strongly enhances the level of service service level, and the "tour Shanxi" app for tourists. The program, enriching the wisdom tourism experience of tourists "one mobile phone tour Shanxi", and the total number of registered users has exceeded 5.36 million.

Zhao Shuguang, deputy director of the Provincial Wenke Hall, said that Shanxi Text Travel Platform is an ecological platform for the provincial government specializes in ecological significance for the all-round system of Shanxi Culture and Tourism.

The Provincial Text Board and the Shanxi Wenbao Group deepened the integration of cultural tourism state, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the literature industry, through the training experience of advanced provinces, combined with the characteristics of our province, introduced Huawei cloud technology architecture, and built the base layer, Platform layers and application layers have established a solid Wen Cloudy Cloud pedestal from Shanxi.

"Tour Shanxi" App has become a comprehensive supervision platform for the government, enterprises and society to carry out comprehensive supervision platforms to government, enterprises and society, and tourists travel online. Up to now, the platform has built 6 urban sub-center, one in the municipal standard construction county center, 200 access to the scenic spot, and the plan will be achieved in March 2022.

At present, Wen Travel Cloud’s construction has achieved positive results, and it is listed as a key project in Shanxi Province for two consecutive years, and the typical case of cultural and tourism informationization development is selected, and the technology innovation project. Based on the unified data management of Wen Travel Cloud, the Shanxi Wenbao Group received the rating of DCMM’s stable level. It is the only three-level certified literary company.

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