Beijing releases Diamond Index to promote the listing of science and technology enterprises

Beijing releases “Diamond Index” to promote the listing of science and technology enterprises
On April 16, the Beijing Financial Supervision Bureau released the “Diamond Index” of Beijing science and technology startups online.This is another important measure promoted by Beijing since the launch of the “Beijing Enterprise Listing Comprehensive Service Platform System” on March 13.It is reported that the “Diamond Index” will use technical methods such as data mining models and classification algorithms, combined with the design and scoring system of the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s science and technology board listing, integrate qualitative and quantitative methods, and determine the basic scoring of various variables that affect the ability of science and technology through structural equation models.Weights, and ultimately achieve a comprehensive research and judgment of the enterprise’s scientific and technological attributes.At present, the “Diamond Index” can already meet different angles in application scenarios.For government departments, the “Diamond Index” can complete the evaluation of the scientific and technological innovation capabilities of Beijing enterprises after cultivation and storage, the evaluation of the scientific and technological attributes of Beijing’s listed companies, and the tracking and risk prediction of the technological innovation replacement capabilities of listed companies in Beijing;, “Diamond Index” can objectively assess the enterprise’s science and technology attributes, help science and technology enterprises to improve the weak transformation of the index, improve the company’s sensitivity to national strategic policies, industry policies, and guide variables; for institutions, “Diamond Index” can help financial institutions, Investment institutions research and judge the attributes of enterprises ‘scientific and technological innovation, and solve the pain point of intermediaries’ lack of expertise in the field of science and technology.At the press conference, Zhu Yan, Dean of the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University, pointed out that the “Diamond Index” can be used as an auxiliary tool for capital market intermediary service organizations to evaluate enterprises, and has a guiding significance for business undertakings and enterprise analysis.Wang Changqing, chairman of CITIC Construction Investment, said that the release of the “Diamond Index” is of great help to the entire process of intermediary service companies, and its unique evaluation system and risk monitoring system effectively help the intermediary agencies in the early and late work.Huo Xuewen, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Beijing Financial Supervision Bureau, believes that the “Diamond Index” can more accurately judge and serve science and technology startups. Beijing will combine the functions of the listed service platform and focus on the intelligent platform system with the “Diamond Index” as its core.Do both supervision and service, follow up on issues, follow up on services, make good evaluations, accelerate the construction of a multi-level capital market in the capital, and ensure that Beijing ‘s listed companies are always at the forefront of the country.It is understood that the “Diamond Index” is coordinated and promoted by the Beijing Financial Supervision Bureau, supported by Qiyuan Capital, Tsinghua University, the National Finance and Development Laboratory, and head brokers.Mainly according to the requirements of listing supervision policies such as “Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Board Stock Listing Rules”, “Technology Attribute Evaluation Index (Trial)”, etc., relying on Zhongguancun Development Group’s 10 years of experience in serving science and technology companies and big data resources of science and technology companies, Starting from the six dimensions of “core technology, R & D capabilities, market recognition of R & D achievements, relative competitive advantage, transformation of technological achievements, and policy guidance”, through a systematic, quantifiable, and multi-dimensional approach, through 39 first-level indicators,183 secondary indicators, more than 1,000 basic indicators analysis and judgment, comprehensive evaluation of the technological innovation and sustainable development capabilities of technology companies.The reporter learned from the Beijing Financial Supervision Bureau that, until now, there have been 42 replacements, 41 inquiries, 17 listings, and a total initial financing of 304.8.1 billion yuan, these four main indicators rank first in the country.More than 50 guests including Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau, Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Municipal Economic Informatization Bureau, Zhongguancun Management Committee, Zhongguancun Development Group, Financial Offices of various districts, Shanghai Stock Exchange Capital Market Services North Base and intermediary institutions, and enterprise representatives participated onlineactivity.Sauna, Ye Wang Huang Xinyu Editor Li Weijia Proofreading Li Xiangling