In this case,Why is Wang Teng worried so much??

Not only that,Even in Wang Teng’s look,Such a thing,In fact,There is no chance of threatening Wang Teng at all。
But after watching for a while,At this moment,Wang Teng laughed suddenly。
“how about it,I said it,I’m great。”
at this point,Jiang Ya can be seen。
prior to,She is still worried about Wang Teng。
But after watching Wang Teng’s performance just now,Only then did Jiang Ya know,Wang Teng’s strength,So strong。
at this point,I’m not convinced。
“Wang Teng,you are great。”
Jiang Ya said,Wang Teng waved his hand,Don’t care。
Where is this?,Nothing at all。
And the next moment,Jiang Ya looks at Wang Teng,Just keep talking。
“but,Such strength,Actually, I can’t shake the Tan family。”
“You don’t know now,The strength of the Tan family,How strong will it be!”
When Jiang Ya said directly here,obviously,This is very surprising。
And this time,Wang Teng is very calm。