However, the Chu Deirers also see him more.,Hearing him“I am so angry”I know that he is going to go,So outside this、Take a hand……

Chapter 92 Qiao Feng past event
Longhe big,Chu Deirers are not long ago,In the past“Dragon”and“Control crane”,A set of tends to be integrated“Technique”,At the same time“gas”The effect of the effect。
in“Dragon”Is tendency to internal practice、That is“gas”Martial arts,It is characterized by repairing the internal force. It is easy to stack.,After reaching a certain realm,Can be stacked,Further, a detailed detail of condensation。
The reason why the extensive is inert,Similar“Dragon scale”External,It is the pleats caused by the true gas stack……
“gas”Part of the part is to cultivate an easily stacked internal force,“Technique”Part of the part is to stack the internal force,In cooperation, there is also a magical of dragon power.。
But there is a biggest defect——Slow cultivation!
This is why Qiao Feng is called it.“Gratitude”,Need to have a water grinding work、Compression internal force,Dressing of the meridians during exercise,I have seen in Qiao Feng.、I have heard of martial arts is the most comparable。
The reason why Qiao Feng can practice so into the country.,In addition to its own qualifications,It is also because of another adventure,So Qiao Feng also persuaded that the Chu Deirers don’t have to renovate this merit.。
As for Qiao Feng’s training,Can’t help but ask the curiosity of the Chu Deirers at the time of the road.,Qiao Feng has not hidden。
Initially Wang Jiantong learned Qiaofeng cultivation“Dragon”Rear,Very supported him to continue to work hard,And I want to give up on him several times.、Repair other internal power,Also encourage。
But then Qiao Feng only when Wang Jiantong hopes that he doesn’t make a halfway.、Hertil,Now……Deceased,Qiao Feng Si is not willing to think more。
At that time, Qiao Feng’s internal work was indeed slowly.,But in Wang Jiantong’s encouragement,Unremitting、Night succession,more importantly,Qiaofeng has passed by Shaolin Temple“Dragon claw function”、And the mysterious special request“Demele”,At this time!
Original Qiao Feng,Not very smooth,Internal strength is too“stupid”、Slowly,“Dragon claw function”and“Demele”Because of a soft,And more practice and more dead……
Qiaofeng may not think too much,Duan Yu listened to Qiao Feng,Nothing,However, the Dulu people who knows the day of martial arts mechanism,But doubtful to Shaolin monk’s intentions。
Normally,External disciple of Shaolin Temple,Will be passed on a seventy-two skill,And Qiao Feng has passed more than one?
I want to come now.,Qiaofeng started his own dragon claw skills,In line with his own sex,As a big kill in the inside and outside,It can be said that Shaolin Kung Fu is a model。
Although Qiao Feng did not blow,But Chu Deirers estimate,The initial Qiao Feng practiced is also in the country.——After all, now Qiao Feng is just thirty and standing.,During the period, I got a seven contributions.、Completed the three tests of Wang Jiantong……
Calculated that it should be twenty,Already“Take a teacher”Shaolin?
Shaolin’s appraisal of the people of the vulgar disciples,Although there is no such disciple to walk so strict,But it is not easy。
Joe Peak is to leave the small room mountain,Teaching by mysterious“Demele”,Disciples than others,It is a seventy-two skillful。
Chu Deirers also understand,Why is the original Qiao Feng learning a mysterious drop?,However, but also shows the dragon claw function.——This does not match the setting of a small businery disciple.!
It seems that there is an exception.……
Just know,This“exception”,It is necessary to take the first seat of Tuaard.、Even alarmed the abbot。
Mysterious is Qiao Feng’s,Maybe it’s really good for Qiao Feng.,Chu Deirers don’t know him,Not speculative,but……
That Xu Chi,This is the most least trust of Qiao Feng.!
Even before Qiao Feng wants to take over the helper,Still special to write a letter,Direct fuses of Apricot Forest Incident,Why is this kind of person allow Qiao Feng to learn a seventy-two stunt??
Think about the back of Qiaofeng because of these two martial arts,Just a soft,Falling into a martial arts bottleneck……
Chu Deirers have to be small people’s heart!
Just as Qiao Feng said,It’s really a blessing,Just in Qiaofeng、External work is not smooth,Because of the rest,Be taught to the top six palms of the Dragon Eighteen——Originally, it is three palms、Brotherhood,However, he is standing for a few times.,The top six palms were taught together。
Reason,I am fully guess now.,Shided eight nine is Wang Jiantong intends to suppress!
It’s just a gang after all.,Martial artist compared to the teacher’s relationship,To be more fined。
Master doesn’t reward the apprentice and score,But the leader does not reward the younger brother,Unmanaged……
Wang Jiantong is just pressing pressure,After Qiaofeng has repeatedly finished success,I can only teach one breath.,Otherwise, it is afraid that it is always the old man.。
Qiaofeng after the 12th palm of the dragon,Finally from this door“To Yang to just”In the palm,Understandable“Just softly”Change,So Qiaofeng、Demon,Put the dragon six palm“Superior”One side,But just softly,Hereed……Qiaofeng has a thousand miles in three doors.。