There is something in Zhao Wuyi’s words,Xia Jian didn’t answer this topic,Anyway, the lice on the bald head,Clearly,People in Wuying Town probably know this。This is called yellow mud falling into the crotch,Not shit or shit,Since Xia Jian’s body smells like a show,Why don’t you eat mutton for nothing?。

“Hey!Don’t be troublesome, you kid!Jia Lina is a flower in our Wuying Town,You are not satisfied,Go to bed with Doctor Ho,She has a husband,It’s not easy to get caught”Zhao Wuyi suddenly lowered his voice and said。
Xia Jian glanced at him,Whispered:“How did you know?”
“Jia Lina will run here to find you some night,I thought about it after she left。You have no acquaintances in Wuying Town,Except Jia Lina is me,But when you go to the common people clinic,Too much affection with Ho Huasheng,Where did it remind me,So i went to you”Zhao Wuyi said,Glanced outside,His voice is extremely soft。
Xia Jian asked in surprise:“Some night you went to the people’s clinic?”
“Yes!But I just went to the back window,Doctor Jing knocked at the door,When I heard Dr. He agreed,I guess you should have left early,I ran back to the store in a hurry”Zhao Wuyi said,I couldn’t help but breathe out,It seems that he is concerned about what night,Still have lingering fears。
Xia Jian just remembered what Qin Dongsheng said to Doctor Jing that night,The shadow of the emotional back window turned out to belong to Zhao Wuyi,If not for him,When Dr. Jing goes mad, he will probably look around in the room,Wouldn’t I show my stuff when I find myself,What happened later is really unpredictable。
“Thank you Uncle Zhao for caring about me”Xia Jian said this from the bottom of his heart。
Zhao Wu smiled and said:“Do you want to open a clinic for people?,Keep the door closed these days?”
Xia Jian thought for a while,So he took what happened that night,Tell Zhao Wu from beginning to end,Zhao Wuyi’s eyes widened,This honest person may never have thought,Wuying Town turned out to be so complicated。
First0557chapter Public revenge
Where did Zhao Wuyi come out,Xia Jian stepped quickly,It’s been more than a day since he came out,Although everything in the city is getting mature,Don’t need him to take care of it,But he is still Jia Lina’s employee after all。EightOne?Chinese website =≠≈.≈8=1≠Z=≥.≥COM
at this time,Gusty wind roar,Blow the garbage on both sides of the street into the sky,Passers-by couldn’t help but speed up,Just listen to an old man sighing:“Guilty!There will be heavy rain this spring,Could it be that the people in Wuying Town did something wrong?!”
High shops on both sides of the street,Some people put things at the door,Good now,The lighter goods were blown across the street by this strong wind,Watching these people chasing goods funny,Xia Jian smiled secretly。
Even with such a strong wind,But there are still many people in front of the city,Everyone stretched their necks and looked inside,It feels like something happened。
Xia Jian sees it,Ran over in a hurry,He separated the crowd and squeezed in。The scene before him startled him,Just see Jia Lina beaten up,Was talking with the police officers from two police stations,Song Sanping stood on the side with a smirk,Behind him is Director Gao。
“stop!”Xia Jian shouted。
Jia Lina saw that Xia Jian was here,She slammed,Scolded:“Don’t pull my old mother’s hand”