China · Chengdu 2nd Tianfu Dadi Art Season started

  The market in the rapeseed flower yesterday, China · Chengdu, the second Tianfu Dadi Art Season of "Tianfu Dadi, Spring Symphony Symphony", kicked off in Donglin Art Village, Deyuan Street, Dugu District, tourists stepping on the spring, appreciation From the art of famous artists at home and abroad, I will stay in the new park city of the park city.

  At 8 o’clock that night, an immersive real scene with "broken" "Break" "Flying" three chapters, let tourists feel the ancient farming civilization in nature and art, and understand the innovation of Tianfu culture, generating genes and villages. The strong era of revitalization. Entering the village of Donglin Art Village with art, and the artistic atmosphere of the face is intoxicated. At the entrance of the village, a three-meter straw "cattle" brings a strong visual impact, which is a work of Yan Yongming, a vice chairman of the Chinese Contemporary Art Association. He used the most simple straw as a material, and met the most farming culture. The image of a representative cattle. Along the green garlic land and the yellow garrow rapeseed field go to the depth, one piece is different, and the artwork of the artwork of the idea is a hand.

Korean public artist Zhao Xing Tai is designed with "well of life", uses anti-light mirror, mirror, etc., creating unlimited illusion, expressing endless life.

Bulgaria International Famous Public Artist Peter Rov Designed the "Seed Glory", with an abstract seed as a creative element, showing the life pulsation of the seed, meaning that the seeds of the country’s revitalizing roots in the Tianfu Earth. The national first-class artist Zhao Li uses the on-site abandoned electric pole, integrates the hoe, the hoe, ands three most commonly used farms, the poems, lets nature, farm cultivation and art. It is not just the event main venue Donglin Art Village. In the Guangfu Village, the art device – "Fisherman farming", using the Han Dynasty brick painting in the district, combined with the novel stone carving technique, combining the art and the earth art, ancient and modern dialogue, reflecting the fishery farming in the West Changes in the earth.

In Anlong Village, "Welcome" is designed with bonsai elements – loose background design, which shows the bonsai characteristics of Anlong Village, and welcomes the meaning of the eight-party visitors.

  Sitting with a child, smelling flowers, looking at the beauty, in the beauty of the earth, naturally and art, the citizen Zhou, said: "Bright country, beautiful village There is a charm, taste, attractive.

"Use value to activate the countryside, in addition to watching the art, in the main venue Donglin Art Village, you can also play like this: Visiting the field in the field, listen to the singularity of the non-renewal plate, watch the bonsai and 蜀 embroidery, experience the naked eye 3D, Yuan Longping Hybrid Rice Exhibition Hall understands the growth story of the seed. "Donglin Village has a super IP – Yuan Longping seed industry silicon, now there is a blessing of the earth, and the advertising effect is very good.

"Chengdu is a long manager, General Manager, said that as a rural revitalization of the overall plan to solve the provider, Tuanyuan Station does not hesitate to choose Donglin Village, which is to look at the electronic information industry ribbon and Jingcong double Create a small town, located in the "National Urban and Rural Integration Development Test Area" Demonstration Corridor.

In her eyes, the agricultural heritage is deep, and the forest dish resources are rich. "We have confidence will create a flagship store here, and confidently bring the reputation of Donglin Art Village to the country, even the world." "The city held ‘Tianfu Earth Art Season, to meet the wisdom of the broad masses of the people’s good life, not only to accelerate the importance of the city ‘Sancheng Sanbu’ construction, but also accelerate the modernization of agricultural rural, promote the integration of agricultural and cultural experience Important paths are important windows that showcases in Damei, Chengdu, to achieve an important window of ecological value conversion benefits.

"The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Agricultural Rural Bureau said that through the" Tianfu Dadi Art Season "activity, the city will continue to create a rural art base and the new scene of farm travel, and further promote the development of agricultural and cultural experience. From this year, The city will hold two Tianfang Di Art Season each year. (Chengdu Daily reporter Zhao Yi photography Hu Daota) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Luo Wei).