“Impossible,Isn’t my brother staying in Riyadh now?,Why did he come to the British Virgin Islands??”

“wrong!wrong!He is not Harita!”Prince Shahid, a cousin and stepfather, quickly discovered the problem,Pointing to the neck of the young man in the photo and said。
“I remember Harita learned horsemanship when she was a child and fell off a horse,There is a scar on his neck,Nothing on this person’s neck,So he is definitely not Harita herself!”
“what?Not Harita herself?”Andre’s head turned extremely fast,“Is he the fake Harita we sent to Mahmoud??”
“Eh?”Palizovsky on the side also found it in the photo“New World”,He looked at Qiao Tianyu in surprise。
“Brother Joe,Why does this woman look so familiar from the back,This is not the little fat face by your side,no no,Cui Keying??”
Because of the shooting angle,The woman in the photo only caught one back,But familiar people can recognize it at a glance,The woman in the photo is definitely Cui Keying!
“Yes,She is indeed Cui Keying by my side!”Qiao Tianyu nodded vigorously,“But like the fake Prince Harita,This Cui Keying is also a fake!”
“I go,Also counterfeit?”Everyone couldn’t help taking a breath,It seems that counterfeiting is indeed popular in the world today!
“Who is this middle-aged man?”Andre pointed to the last middle-aged man in the photo and asked。
The middle-aged man in the photo caught his face clearly,So it’s easy to distinguish his appearance。
“Yes indeed,Who is he?”Everyone present cast doubtful glances at Qiao Tianyu。
Seeing that everyone has found the problem,Qiao Tianyu nodded in relief,He won’t sell it,Solved the mystery directly。