Secretary Lu glanced at Tong Jie,Took a long breath and said:“Let’s not care if this meeting is in compliance with the organizational procedures,But their starting point is good after all“

“The starting point is good?Good thing?“Tong Jie tries to restrain his emotions。It seems people are worried about,Just come。
Secretary Lu said with a slight smile:“Everyone knows,The position of the head of Xiping Village is very important。Ma Yan is injured now,I haven’t hosted the work in Xiping Village for several days.,This will definitely affect the work。So it’s not impossible to let someone act for her temporarily“
“sure!But why is this person Song Fang??What work experience does she have?“Tong Jie asked coldly。
Secretary Lu sighed and said:“Several candidates in Xiping Village。The most experienced people are Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu,But the education of these two people is too low。Xiping Village is a modern management model,They can’t even open the computer,So the two of them couldn’t hold the position of village chief at all“
“Song Fang is different。She has worked in the Xiping Village Committee before,And she is highly educated,Be the factory manager,Managed thousands of workers。For computer operation,Among the existing personnel in Xiping Village,No one can compare to her。So she came to be the acting village head,Most suitable“
Tong Jie heard what Secretary Pin Pin said,Can’t help being surprised。She said silently:“Yes, Secretary Lu!You know Song Fang so clearly“
“Xiping Village is not only our model for Pingyang Town,It’s a benchmark for a flat city。It’s not just that I care about Xiping Village,Even the leaders of the city attach great importance。If you have no opinion on this matter,I think that’s it“Secretary Lu said,Stand up and go。
Tong Jie looked really anxious,She said hurriedly:“No need,Ma Yan was discharged in these two days“
“Didn’t you say you will live for a while??Moreover,She can’t go to work so soon after she leaves the hospital, right!I have to rest at home for a while“Secretary Lu tried his best to find excuses。I can see that he must let Song Fang be the head of Xiping Village。
“Don’t worry,I’ll talk about it after I’ve confirmed Ma Yan’s situation“Tong Jie saw that Secretary Lu was so anxious。She came to a roundabout way,Otherwise, it will be difficult to deal with it。
Book Master Lu hesitated and said:“Ok!You confirm as soon as possible,Tell me if you have news”
Secretary Lu left,Tong Jie was so angry that he almost smashed the water glass on the wall。Secretary Lu,When Xia Jian was here,I want to intervene for nothing,It’s a pity that he doesn’t understand,Always bumping nails in front of Xia Jian。
This is not,Xia Jian is away,He jumped out again。The last time that Xiping Village elected Song Fang as deputy village head,She thinks this is a bit weird,This is not,He used this opportunity to jump out again。What does he want to do?
Just when Tong Jie was worrying about this,Wei Xiaoming knocked on the door and walked in,He glanced at Tong Jie who was full of anger,Asked in a low voice:“What’s wrong with you?Did you quarrel with Secretary Lu just now??”