The fourth star,Like a dragon and a snake wandering in the void,Cut through time and space‘You Xu dominate’。

Fifth star,Countless light spots as tiny as mustard seeds,Special life form‘Wuyanzi’。
One bit master,All unselfish、Leave their heritage without reservation。
The endless wisdom and hard work contained in this heritage。
One way、Supernatural power、Occult,With the background of the Three Realms,Strength will usher in a surge。
“Among these supernatural powers,Than me‘Suspicion’owned《Five Cloud Lotus》The strong have three。And the occult,This door is a terrifying secret technique of the master level,Than I practiced before《Wanjie mixed cave sand》Too strong。”
“Like mine《Heart formation》The three-power-in-one method of the general art actually has twenty-three。really,Can follow the supreme master,By no means comparable to ordinary masters。”
Although these three forces are powerful,But it didn’t do much for Li Ming,After all, he has a complete heart,Reached the extreme of this method。
It’s supernatural power、Occult,May be of great help to his strength。
“Supernatural power,Although better than《Five Cloud Lotus》Strong only three,And strong and limited,but《Five Cloud Lotus》Limited by the five eternal fires,It’s hard to practice to the extreme,In contrast, the supernatural powers dominated by blue stars《Body of Star God》The cost of practice is smaller,The grasp of practicing to the extreme is also greater。”
“Occult,These three more than dominate,There is no expert in formation,However, there are more than twenty people who have reached the master level of the holy city in the formation.,The formations and secrets they created did not fit perfectly。But combined with my formation,Concurrently cultivates yin and yang《Cloud Nine Thunder Dragon》,And yang yin《Jinyang Hanmang》,Combine these two great secret techniques with the two yi formations,Should be able to burst out the power that matches my formation。”
“But before that,Let’s digest the 318 inheritance first,Magical Secret Art is only‘Technique’,And the most important thing is always‘Tao’!”
Almost at the same time,The Three Realms of Moyu,And in the Three Realm Palace,Li Ming’s two dharma bodies opened three eyes。
Although it is a deity(Second soul),It can only maintain a powerful law body,But Li Ming’s Law Bodies staying in the Three Realms,Just a very weak,Barely able to burst out the strength of Daojun against Heaven,But memory connection is not difficult。
“Clang clang~”
A crisp bell rang,This bell is also a treasure to aid in spiritual practice,But it only works for the weaker Taoists,For Li Ming,It’s just a tool for delivering messages。
“Sui Ren、Samcheong、Wind Demon!”Li Ming’s Law Bodies in the Palace of the Three Realms are even more sound transmission to contact these three Taoists。