“It seems a bit difficult to plant,Unless someone with special fruit ability is found!”

Such as lush fruit。
Leo can’t help it for now,Take a bite of the meal,The scourge of the Tianlong people can’t be solved in three days。
“OK then,My country does not allow men to enter,Are you all women??”
“Correct,I specially arranged for women,You have to keep them safe,After all, those islands have strong monsters!”
“rest assured,I am here,No problem,It’s what you promised me, I hope to see results soon!”
Leo nodded:“Just be ready,Our actions can start。”
“Right,And one more thing!”Hancock’s voice suddenly became serious。
Leo looked at the phone bug strangely,I don’t know why this woman’s expression changed。
“The good show you told me just now,Can’t you tell me in advance??”
this one?
“It’s boring to say it now,I have to find a chance,Up to three months,As short as one month,I will let you see!”
“Does it take so long??I thought I could see tomorrow!”
“Cough,You think too much!”
Leo can’t stand this woman.,After a few perfunctory sentences, I hung up。
“Time is too late!”Leo rubbed his head。