Blue Lu Jun said,Watch back to the computer,“I am three years old to contact self-learning software programming,Found your own website a month ago,But you can rest assured,I will not do illegal things.,I have an inch yourself。”

Lu Haocheng laughed:“Xiao Jun,Why do you want to tell me??”
Lan Jun Jun does not answer,“Dad, you follow me.,Don’t you want to know what I am doing??”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”In front of this son,Deep,It seems that it has become transparent.。
“But don’t tell your mother.,My mother will worry。”
Blue Lu Jun said,Look at him,Signature he can leave。
Lu Haocheng looked at his son to abandon his appearance.,Incomparable injury。
Heaven:“Xiao Jun,Dad sent you to learn abroad.,You talented,But can’t be buried。”
Blue Yu Jun shook his head:“Do not go,I want to stay with my mother.,domestic,I can also learn well.。”
Lu Haocheng listened to this,Low head:“Xiao Jun,Do you haven’t thought about staying around me??
I know that you are my son.,Do you know what Dad did?,Dad is excited to get around the company, there are no calories.。”
Lan Lu Jun said:“Why have you found our existence for a long time?,but me,See you for the first time,I have doubted your identity.。”
Lu Haocheng looked at the tender and handsome little face,There is a calm of unreasonable age,He is really happy,Xiao Jun is really different from the general child.。
“Wow,dad,You haven’t take a break yet.?”
Of course open the door。
Lu Haocheng looked at him,ask:“Is it finished??”
Blue and laugh:“Not so fast,But this kid,I am very listening to Qiqi’s words.,Kiki is very fierce,In a word, he is doing homework.,Don’t play toys。”
Blue somewhere is somewhat exhausted,Climb the bed,Hand pillow head,A leisurely laughing and looking at Dad。
“dad,You and my mother,When will I do a wedding??
I want to be a flower child。”
“I really,Your idea is good。”
Lu Haozheng is also sitting on the bed,“but,Your mother said,After waiting for the designer contest,Can hold a wedding,Maybe at the end of next year。”
Blue and blue,“what!Is there another time??
Too,Mom hard work for so long,Just want to prove your ability,Time to marry you,She will be more happy。”
NS759chapter:Her heart is going out
“Big brother,I will tell Haokai.,The possibility of this year is big.。”
Gu An’an laughed。
She doesn’t want to leave Gujia,And Lu Haokai lives together,She is not very comfortable,And Qin Ning live together,It’s very tired.。
Gu Yi Lin nodded slightly,Low head,Handsharing is hidden under the light。
Gu Anan saw that he had a bit more than just a soft in the face of his tampon.。
“Second brother,Do you have a heart??”
Gu An’an and I asked,Also test。
Different brothers and big brothers,Second brother has always been careful,He loves Shen Jiaqi,Shen Jiaqi happened,He will definitely check。
Gu Yi Lin nodded slightly,“I’m thinking,How to make Jiaqi and my new housing more beautiful,Make her stay more comfortable。”
Gu An An Sound, I can’t control some。