If Li Ming really wants to pester the black armored swordsman,Can do it as early as three months ago。

now,He is polishing his defensive marksmanship with the swordsmanship of a black swordsman。
That’s a kind of tenacity,The marksmanship that breeds endless vitality。
The finger guns of the six arms are not exactly the same,Some like flowing water、Some like flames、Some seem to be Aoki,But the perfect combination。
After this combination,Marksmanship becomes one body。
Single state,Li Ming’s finger gun is naturally far inferior to the sword of a black armored swordsman。
but,Li Ming’s magical power has a huge advantage,Nature can rival the black armored swordsman。
Fight this time,Li Ming and the black armored swordsman fought for more than 300 breaths,Finger and gun,So that the sword light of the black armored swordsman can’t invade Li Ming at all。
even,Li Ming takes the initiative to launch a big battle,Forced the black armored swordsman away。
The black armored swordsman did not take the initiative to attack the big formation—He can see it too,Li Ming seems to be in a process of enlightenment。
In the chaos,Li Ming only points out some mana to control the big formation,Most consciousness is immersed in the right‘life’In the feeling。
Gradually,In Li Ming’s sea of knowledge,Countless perceptions of life collide with each other。
Understanding of the Way of Life in the Three Realms、In many worlds,And even other insights related to life,And the uninterrupted perception of life in the fight。
On the right‘life’The amount of enlightenment,In fact, he has surpassed the way of life in the Three Realms。
But until now,His perception of life,Finally become one。
A trace of life insights gather together,Form a complete way of life。
This is different from the Three Realms,But a real and complete way of life。