Tricks of Mom Coaxing Baby to Sleep

Tricks of Mom Coaxing Baby to Sleep

Your baby’s sleep is generally related to the sleeping environment and genetic factors.

To create a quiet and comfortable environment for the baby, the baby’s central nervous system is not yet fully developed, and most of the sleep is shallow sleep. Partial movements of the trunk and limbs and soft sobbing can occur multiple times during light sleep, which only occurs during the sleep cycleNormal physiological phenomenon, don’t happen the phenomenon is mistakenly thought that the child sleeps poorly or sleeps stably, and there is no need to hug or feed, you can not touch the child for a while, if you cry, you can pat gently,A few moments later your baby will enter the next quiet sleep cycle.

  Common mistakes to coax a baby to sleep
Why do children cry at night? Baby cry, please try psychotherapy. When the baby is crying or sleep is disturbed, some young mothers hold the baby in their arms or shake it in the cradle. The more the baby cry, the more fierce the mother will be.The more violent, until the baby falls asleep.

  As everyone knows, this method is very harmful to the baby, because the shaking motion causes the baby’s brain to constantly sway in the skull cavity. The immature brain will collide with the harder skull, causing the small blood vessels in the brain to rupture, which will cause a “brain tremor.Symptoms “, concussion, intracranial hemorrhage.

  Wrong practice two: prone sleep . prone sleep will increase the risk of sudden infant death Foreign experts have found that sudden infant death syndrome is related to sleeping posture, especially the potential danger of prone face down.

The reason is that small babies generally do not turn over on their own and cannot actively avoid obstacles in front of the nose. Therefore, when the respiratory tract is blocked, they can only absorb very little air and lack oxygen; coupled with incomplete development of digestive organs, when the stomach movesWhen the gastric pressure increases, the food will flow back, and the double already very narrow respiratory tract will cause sudden death of the baby.

  The third wrong way: light sleep.
Turning on the lights to sleep is not good for children’s health. Some young mothers often turn on the lights in the bedroom all night to change diapers in order to facilitate breastfeeding at night, which has a negative impact on the baby.

Infants sleep in an environment where the lights are turned on all night, which can lead to poor sleep, shortened sleep time, and slow development.

Because the baby’s nervous system is still in the developmental stage, and the adjustment function to adapt to environmental changes is poor, the bedroom lights up at night, which will inevitably change the natural law of the day and night darkness of the human body, which will affect the baby’s normal metabolism and endanger growth and development.

  The fourth wrong way: doze off.
Looking at the health from the baby’s sleep Many mothers are worried that the baby may have an accident during sleep, and often fall asleep.

In fact, doing so just increases the chance of accidents; drowsiness makes it difficult for the baby to breathe fresh air, and it absorbs mostly the dirty air in the quilt, which is easy to get sick; restricting the baby’s free movement during sleep, it is difficult to stretch the body and affect normalBlood circulation, if the mother sleeps too much, and the baby’s nostrils are accidentally blocked by the nipple, it can also cause severe consequences such as suffocation.

  Wrong practice five: The reason why the sleeping baby sweats a lot?

  It is mainly seen in the season when the temperature is rising in winter and spring. In order to keep the baby warm, the mother often covers the baby’s head under the quilt, which has two major hazards: the increased humidity of the quilt and the strong metabolism of the baby can easily induce “smoldering syndrome””Can cause your baby to sweat and even collapse.

May cause breathing difficulties or suffocation.

Your baby should keep his head out of the quilt when he / she sleeps to prevent accidents.

  Wrong practice six: hot sleep.
Why can’t newborns sleep with electric mattresses? In order to keep babies warm, quite a few families have bought electric blankets.

As everyone knows, the heating speed of electric blankets is faster and the temperature is higher, which will increase the baby’s insignificant water loss, causing mild dehydration and affecting health.

  Seventh wrong way: naked in the summer, the temperature is high, some mothers will take off their baby’s clothes and pants, leaving the baby naked on the bed in order to cool.

However, the baby’s body temperature regulation function is poor, and it is easy to cool the body, especially if the abdomen is cooled, it will increase intestinal motility and cause diarrhea.

To prevent this, you should not sleep naked even in the hot summer. It is best to cover your chest and abdomen with a thin coat or bring a small bellyband.

  Mom’s cooting tricks 1.

Pat the baby to sleep, if his mood is still not stable, the mother can pat the baby to give him a sense of security, so that the baby will be quiet for a while.


You can choose to play soft music to help your baby sleep. Don’t doubt the baby’s hearing ability, they will respond to the sound after birth, so let your baby listen to music is a good way to coax.


Let the baby sleep in the backlight. When the baby stayed in the mother’s belly, he adapted to the dark sleeping environment.

After birth, some babies will not adapt to a bright sleeping environment, so the mother can let the baby sleep in the direction of the backlight, or block the light source for the baby and let him adapt slowly.


Picking up the baby and shaking it gently is also a good way to coax the baby to sleep. Many mothers will use it.

Obviously, the mother’s holding position must be correct, and the amplitude of shaking must not be too large.


Give your baby a hug. Moms do n’t want to hug your hugs, because babies need a sense of security, and their hugs are a good way to soothe their emotions.

So, giving your child a hug before going to bed is a good way to coax.

  After the full moon, cod liver oil can be added appropriately to promote calcium absorption.